Zayn Malik Haircuts 2019

Zayn Malik Hairstyles

Zayn Malik is one zany dude when it comes to hair. He is constantly switching up his look, which is great because we gain so much inspiration from his rockin’ styles! Over years he has dyed his hair, cut his hair, kept it long, and we can’t help but wonder what he’s going to do next. So, that’s why we compiled a list of some of our favorite Zayn Malik hairstyles that you’ll definitely want to copy.


1Blue And Pink

This blue and pink look is perfect in every way. Why can Zayn pull off colors like nobody else? The short look with the faded sides makes the dye less drastic yet still totally eye-catching.

2Long Frosted Tips With Fade

This look is dynamite! The frosted tips add height to his already thick lengthy top while the faded sides pull the attention upward. This is a casual fun look perfect for any rocker.

3Messy Blue Tips

This guy just loves color! The blue tips offset the black color of the base of his hair very nicely. And, the undercut allows the pop of color to be accentuated.

4Back-Twist Look

If you have a lot of hair, why not play with it? That must be Zayn’s mentality when looking at this low-twist that’s keeping the hair tame and away from his face.

5Sleek Man-Bun With Undercut Fade

This sleek man-bun has been a popular look for a while, and obviously our boy Zayn was one of the first to try it out. It’s paired with an undercut to accentuate the top of the head.

6Buzzed Blonde And Squared

This buzzed look is obviously easy to manage and super simple. The squared front allows the look to be more conscious and rigid, but the mismatched eyebrows give it a more playful Zayn-like touch.

7Messy Curly Locks

The natural curls shown above are to die for. If you’ve got it- flaunt it! This Zayn look is definitely one of our favorites. Paired with a drastic undercut, this look makes his curls absolutely flawless and the center of attention.

8Piecey Pompadour

This piecey pompadour look is really driving us crazy…in the best way possible. It’s a chic polished look with a little bit of lax and chill that makes us want to go to a business meeting and then out for drinks.

9Vibrant Pink Tips

Nobody can rock a pink ‘do like Zayn. And, these vibrant pink tips are absolutely killer. If you have the guts to copy this bold look- then all the luck to you!

10Blonde Front With Faded Sides

This blonde front look with faded sides is a fun look to rock. The blonde front adds the extra flair that you need to standout and be different, while also showing off your thick locks.

11Blonde Natural Spiked With Squared Front

This blonde-dyed ‘do comes complete with natural spikes and an undercut fade that allows them to pop. The squared front does a good job of shaping the face and making the look more stylized.

12Messy Top With Drastic Undercut

This medium-length messy top look with an undercut is a great choice for someone looking to copy Zayn without messing around with crazy colors. This is a look that will look good on all men…but especially, Zayn.

13European-Style Cut

This European-style inspired cut is one to lust after. If you have the gorgeous locks to pull this off- then what are you waiting for? Get to that salon!

14Green Top With Undercut

This cut and dye will have you green with envy. Its style is relaxed and confident and the undercut fade allows the color to standout and take center stage. Also, why is there a monkey on Zayn’s shoulder?

15The Headband Look

Reminiscent of a European soccer player, this headband look can be pulled off best if you have naturally long wavy hair. Zayn makes this style look manly, chic, and fashionable all at once.

16Faded Blonde Tips With Drastic Undercut

The blonde tips showcased in this Zayn look are faded and piecey. Either he hadn’t been to the salon in a while, or this was conscious; either way Zayn did it, so we love it.

17Messy Top With Half-Fade

This messy top look is super relaxed as it piles over onto the fade. This is a style that looks overgrown in the best way possible. No doubt, Zayn was the one to pull it off first.

18Sleek Combover Fade

This sleek combover fade is one of the more tame looks Zayn has had in the past. It is a look that is easily worn by any guy. And, it has a way of looking business-professional while still remaining fun.

19Light Pink Top

This baby doll pink is a signature color. And, when placed on Zayn’s head it becomes a signature look fit for any star. We love the way his outfit clashes with the color of his hair.

20Piecey Combover With Undercut

This piecey combover with an undercut is a good choice for anyone wanting to try something new without going too big. The piecey look makes the style more casual and perfect for a night out on the town.

21Purple Top Cut

22Short Blue Fade

23Long Spiked Top With Buzzed Sides

24Blonde To Buzzed

25Thick Top With Gentle Fade


We all know Zayn Malik rocks the stage, but truth is, he also rocks the salon chair. He is a hair icon in our modern world. And, that’s why we compiled this list of all the drastic ‘dos he’s done over the past few years.

Some of these looks are styles that could work for any man. There are sleek combovers with deep parts that are perfect for a day in the office or a night out on the town with the boys. These are professional looks with the ability to make them more relaxed and chill.

Then there are looks on this list that are crazy and out-there…and involve a lot of dye! Zayn’s done pink, purple, green, blue, blonde…we are exhausted just thinking about it. But, somehow he keeps his hair looking happy and healthy.

There there are styles that are long and luscious and totally European-inspired. To get these looks you need healthy hair that can grow long and strong. If you can do that- then these are the looks you want to try!