Haircuts for Balding Men

Hairstyles for Balding Men

For some men, balding is inevitable. But, that doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice their style to accommodate their genes. It’s all about working with what you’ve got and making the most out of what you have. That’s why we compiled a list of hairstyles for men who are balding. There is no shame in your receding hairlines. Seriously, just take a look at these beautiful haircuts for balding men.


1Short Top with Undercut

This short-topped look with an undercut is the perfect look for a balding male. If you have a receding hairline, it will gently blend into this classic look.

2Gentle Faded Cut

This cut features a longer top with shorter sides. However, the sides aren’t too short and they gently and subtly blend their way into the rest of the hair, hiding any imperfections.

3Balded Top haircut for balding crown

Sometimes, when you’re bald, you just have to own it! And this look definitely does the job. The short buzzed sides emphasize the bald top, but it’s done in a crisp look that makes age look damn beautiful.

4Short Side Part

This short faded buzzcut comes complete with a side part. The side part adds some dimension to balding hair. And the buzzed look seems natural and conscious.

5Pushed Back Natural Look

This pushed-back natural look is for the men who are balding but still have a great deal of their hair. The pushed-back hair will highlight the length you do have and detract from any flaws.

6Buzzed Bald Haircut

If you are balding and you simply don’t want to mess with changing your hairstyle to accommodate your gene pool, then a basic buzzed look will always have you feeling fresh and clean.

7Buzzed haircut for balding crown

The bald on top look with the length kept around the sides and the back is a classic balding look and when trimmed right, can look pretty sexy and appealing! Most men don’t opt for this, at first, but it’s easy to manage as long as you keep it short enough.

8Cut Short

If your hair is thinning, then it might be best to cut it short to hide the imperfections. It’s a clean and put-together look that is perfect for business professionals and athletes.

9Center Spiked Top

This center spiked top cut adds emphasis to the length you still have. The narrow focus on the front of the face detracts attention from receding hairlines.

10Short and Clean

If you’re at a loss at what to do with your receding hairline, then this may be the answer for you. Simply trim it short so you can easily manage it. There is no use worrying about combovers if you’re a simple guy.

11Spikey haircut for balding crown

To distract from your balding head, a cut that is longer in the front center of your head is best. This particular look is one that any guy no matter what age would love to rock.

12Short with Beard

This clean balding man look comes complete with a beard that’s the same length as the top of the head. It allows for the look to flow and makes it seem more intentional.

13Hair On End

This hair on end look is a version of a centered spike. And, though, there may not be too much length on the top of the head, when a full beard is added, it becomes the central focus.

14Side Part Combover

This side part look comes complete with a slick combover that is guaranteed to hide every and all imperfections. It also is a super chic look that many men, even those who are not balding, love to rock.

15Dyed Pushed-Back Front

If you are feeling creative and you still have some length in the front to work with, then this dyed front look may be the perfect choice for you. It’s bold, fun, and super unique. Plus no one will even know you’re losing your hair!

16Squared Lines

Squared lines when you are balding is a great trick to hide a receding hairline. It looks fresh, clean, and super intentional. No one will ever know you’re about to lose your hair.

17Pushed-Back Pompadour

If you are just starting to bald, then one of the best looks you can copy is this pushed-back pompadour. By pushing back the hair with a little gel, it shows off your length and hides anything worth hiding.

18Middle Combover

By focusing center in the middle of the crown, no one will notice the visible receding hairlines. Simply push it to the side with some gel for a different look or spike it up straight. It’s totally up to you!

19Short Crew Cut

This short crew cut is classic for all men, balding or not! It’s clean and simple making it the ideal cut for any work environment. And, as a bonus, it’s super easy to maintain on an everyday basis.

20Short Top with Drastic Undercut

This short top isn’t the lengthiest, but when paired with a very drastic undercut, nobody will ever be able to tell you are balding! The top will look longer because the sides are buzzed so short. Talk about an illusion!

21Slick Side Part with Fade

22Natural Waves of Gray

23Sleek Combover with Squared Edges

24The ‘M’

25Balding in Back Cut

26Lengthy Top

27Rounded Shape Up Bald Haircut

28Natural Messy Crown

29Asymmetrical Short Combover

30The Slow Fade

31Fade Beard Bald Haircut

32Piecey Top with Deep Undercut

33Short and Squared

34Pronounced Lines and Lengthy Top

35Slicked-Down with Side Part

36Wave with Buzzed Sides


Going bald or having receding hairlines does not have to be a terrible experience. Actually, it can be a lot of fun to find new ways to either accentuate it or try to hide it. Either way, we guarantee there is a way to look stylish while losing your hair.

There are some styles on this list that work with the length of the hair that you have, making your locks last as long as they can. These styles, oftentimes, involve spiked looks, faux-hawks, and combovers to hide imperfections.

Then there are more basic styles on here that speed up the inevitable. These styles are short, basic, but have a way of looking fresh and clean on any male- as long as they keep it trim!

Hopefully, this helped you find the balding style for you.