Korean Hairstyles Male Trends

South Korea, particularly Seoul, has long been known as innovators in the world of beauty with Korean cosmetics and skincare booming in popularity amongst women in the Western world. Korea is also known for being at the cutting edge or the hair industry, stimulating new hairstyle trends each year. Heavily influenced by the world of K-Pop, there are some new emerging men’s Korean hairstyles that are so fresh and contemporary. So guys, if you are looking for a fresh new style, check out some of the hottest Korean hairstyle trends for men.


1Two-Block Haircut with Long Fringe

The two-block haircut is easily the biggest men’s Korean hair trend, coming in a wide variety of styles. Essentially an updated version of the undercut, with the two-block cut the hair at the lower back and sides are cut short or shaves, whilst the hair on the crown forward is left long. This version of the two-block cut features choppy layers through the front and an eyelash-skimming fringe.

2Face-Framing Crew Cut

This Korean hairstyle has been kept short all over but left a little longer at the fringe and sideburns to frame the face. The hair has been given a little lift but has been kept sleek and neat.

3Tousled White Blonde Two-Block Cut

When it comes to Korean men’s hairstyles, it has to be super sleek, or tousled and textured, there is no in-between. This white-blond hair has a great matte texture, which really gives the two-block cut a cool vibe.

4Asymmetric Bangs and Deep Tramlines

Korean hairstyles are known for their innovation as evidenced in this asymmetric cut, which has long side-swept bangs and deep razor tramlines creating a step effect on one side.

5Mid-length Hair with Soft Layers

If you had thick hair adding some soft layers around the ears and through the crown will take out some of the weight, whilst also giving the Korean hairstyle a great shape.

6Long Wavy Hair Two-Block Cut

The two-block cut is super versatile, suiting most hair lengths and textures. This Korean hairstyle has been left a little longer throughout the crown and tapered towards the nape of the neck to make the most of the natural waves.

7Cool Asymmetric Two Tone Hairstyle

Interesting color plays a key part in the men’s Korean hair trend. They are not afraid to experiment with contrasting colors that draw the eye like in this sleek asymmetric style which features side-swept chocolate bangs and a platinum blonde super short side.

8Two-Block Cut with V-Shaped Fringe

An extra dimension has been given to this short two-block cut with the addition of a V-shaped fringe. The angular detail of this sharp cut is super contemporary but will require regular trims to keep the style looking fresh.

9Centre-Parted Style with Purple Ombre

The 90s-inspired centre-parting style is extremely popular at the moment and is often given a contemporary twist. This classic centre parting has been given an awesome white blonde to violet ombre, which lifts the whole style and emphasises the minimal layers.

10Two-Block Style with Long Front and Back

There is an unbelievable amount of versatility to the Korean two-block hairstyle. This youthful style features the trademark short back and side, but instead of the same length on the top, the hair is longer at the front and back. This style will work for men with thick hair as a lot of the weight is taken out.

11Platinum Blonde Mini Mohawk

This platinum blonde mohawk style is super cool and contemporary and could be worn in a number of ways. Style up unto the relaxed mohawk for some edge, or leave flat and tousled for a softer look.

12Long Asymmetric Waves and Shaved Side

The long, asymmetric waves of this hairstyle have been given great texture and movement in the styling. Rub a small amount of hair clay through the palms and roughly rub it through the lengths and tease out the strands to emphasise a natural wave.

13Faux Hawk with Shaved Sides

If you want more rock than K-Pop then this faux hawk style is fresh, cool, and has plenty of edgy. The area around the temples has been shaved short and from the nape of the neck through to the front of the head, the hair gradually gets longer to create a unique faux hawk effect.

14Mid-Length Layered Cut

This mid-length cut has so much definition and depth thanks to numerous layering through the crown. The bangs have been left long, just skimming the eyebrows and have been cut to frame the face. If you have thick hair, a lot of the weight can be cut out with the layering, but if you have thin hair stick with minimal layers.

15Sleek Side-Parted Two-Block Cut

This version of the two-block cut is incredibly polished, with the lengths being styled into a sharp side-parting with a modern pompadour quiff in the front. This is a good hairstyle for thinner hair as it relies on sleekness as opposed to texture.

16Mid-Length Cut with Volume and Texture

Create texture and lift in thick hair by rubbing a hair wax through the fingertips and combing the fingers through the hair for relaxed styling. Sweeping hair back and away from the face to help define a strong jaw and cheekbone

17Pastel Rounded Cut with Dark Undertones

This classic rounded Korean cut is given a twist with multiple shades of icy blue and a black undertone, which highlights the individual layers and makes for a completely individual hairstyle

18Two-Block Cut with Choppy White Blonde Spikes

For a two-block cut that is edgy and rebellious, add some choppy layers and work into a messy, textured, and spiked. The white blonde shade, clashing with the black hair of the roots and shaved side, adds to the tough and contemporary feel of this style.

19Preppy Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights

This preppy cut features hair that has been shaped to the nape of the next and kept long on the top. The bangs have been styled into a quiff at the front and the hair is given depth with the addition of subtle caramel highlights throughout.

20Shaved Sides with Slicked Back Lengths

In this hairstyle, there is a great contrast between the closely cropped sides and the long slicked back lengths. The tattoo detail linking up to the shaved sideburn is a really sweet detail that gives this hairstyle a unique twist.

21Blorange Side-Parted K-Pop Hairstyle

The world of K-Pop has been a big influence on Korean hairstyles, with bright colours and mid-length parted styles being particularly popular. This side parted ‘curtains’ style is dyed in one of the biggest on-trend colours of the moment, blorange.

22Contemporary Rounded Cut with Texture

The rounded, eye-skimming cut is a popular one in Korea at the moment and this one features layers through the crown that creates lift and texture, which helps to create definition and depth in such a dark hair colour.

23Long Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

A more laidback and low maintenance hairstyle, which features untamed shoulder length hair that has been casually tied up into a half ponytail, leaving a few slices of hair to frame the features. Effortlessly cool.

24Extreme Undercut with Purple Spikes

The extreme undercut really makes the bold purple spikes of this hairstyle stand out, particularly as there is no gradation between the shaded black sides and the longer lengths. A tough, masculine hairstyle.

25Top Knot with Shaved Sides

The ‘man bun’ has fallen out of favour and ben replaced by the small top knot. The sides have been kept extremely short with long lengths on the top slicked back and tied into the top knot. The hair can also be worn loose swept over to one side for a cool asymmetric style.

26Short and Spiky

Short, textured spikes is a classic Korean hairstyle that is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Style with a firm hold gel for the ultimate texture or sweep forward with minimal styling products for a sleeker, more formal look.

27Tousled Mid-Length Cut with Blue Tones

Icy blue and purple tones are currently the most popular for Korean men’s hairstyles at the moment. The multiple blue and violet tones in this mid-length hair are accentuated with tousled texture and dark roots.

28Long, Side-Parted Style in White Blonde

This retro, long side-parted style has been brought up-to-date with a white blonde shade. A great shade for most skin tones, accentuating tanned and olive skin and contrasting really well with dark skin tones.

29Modern Teddy Boy Style

The Teddy Boy hairstyle that was popular back in the 1950s has been updated for the 21st century with more airy volume and body. The sides have been shaved super short and the longer lengths on the top have been styled with softness and movement.

30Relaxed Hairstyle with Wave and Body

A relaxed K-Pop style with lots of natural wave and body. It has been styled in a ‘bed-head’ fashion for a laid-back vibe and by sweeping the hair over to one side, there is lots of movement in the style.

31Toc with Pompadour Bangs

Keep mid-length hair away from the face on those greasy hair days with this cool hairstyle. Pull bangs away from the face and pin into a pompadour style quiff and tie the remaining lengths into a mini top knot. A cool and functional hairstyle.

32Powder Blue Two-Block Cut

Make your Korean two-block cut stand out amongst the rest with unique styling and colour. This hairstyle does both with its choppy, messy texture and powder blue colour. A truly standout style.