50 Black Men Fade Haircuts for Men in 2022

The clean look and precise lines of taper fade haircuts have made them a staple among stylish, modern men. When done by a skilled barber or stylist, a faded haircut is a highly precise work of art. From the classic low fade worn by professionals in suits to high top, braided and mohawk fades popular with young trendsetters, tapered or faded cuts with precise lines and artistic haircut designs are versatile and highly customizable. There is seriously an endless amount of styles and creativity that can be done. To help you choose which of the many styles is right for you, we’ve put together a list of 50 taper fade haircuts for black men. We hope you enjoy.


1Smooth Tapered Fade

A smooth fade and clean lines make this tapered haircut an instant classic for men who like to look stylish without being a slave to trends. This haircut does require frequent trims to keep it looking perfect, but you’ll be rewarded with a haircut that requires little to no styling effort in between trips to the barber.

2Blowout Fade with Curls

With hair tapering dramatically inwards around the back and sides, this blowout haircut strikes the perfect balance between a longer curly look and a fade cut that looks clean around the ears and nape of the neck. For guys who have a more loose curl pattern, this is an awesome way to show off your texture while wearing a style that’s still easy to manage.

3High Skin Taper Fade Haircut

With a relatively high fade haircut that begins above the temples, this haircut with waves keeps things looking cool by fading right out into the skin.

4High Top Fade with Twists & Haircut Designs

Leaving hair longer on top gives you lots of room to play with different textures and techniques like this twisted look, while sharply faded sides help to create structure within the haircut. To make things even more interesting, this tapered haircut features some serious line details shaved into the faded sides, making it more of a statement piece than your everyday fade.

5Lined Up Fade with Hard Part

There are lots of different factors in play that make this tapered fade a cut above more basic styles. Tightly faded sides and longer hair on top help to create an interesting contrast while slimming and elongating the appearance of the face. At the back of the head, hair is softly tapered down in length to create a more rounded appearance that can help camouflage any irregularities in the shape of your head. Finishing details like a shaped-up hairline and super-thin razor part put the perfect final touches on this ultra-stylish cut.

6High fade haircut – Top Curls with Taper Haircut

With a higher fade than usual, this tapered cut creates a dramatic contrast between closely shaved sides and longer curls on top. A razor line on each side of the head creates more definition between the two sections of hair, making this a bold look that’s not for guys who would rather fade into the background.

7Rounded Temple Fade Haircut

A slick skin fade at the temples helps to keep this rounded afro cut from altering the silhouette of your face or making your cheeks look more round and full. The end result is a style that fuses the best of vintage haircuts with sleek modern fades and is the perfect way to step out of your hair comfort zone without doing something that requires a chemical process.

8Low Drop Fade

This ultra-low fade haircut style creates a fairly unique shape that we’re not used to seeing very often, making it perfect for guys who like tapered fade cuts but don’t want to wear the exact same style as everyone else.

9Textured Top Curls taper fade haircut

With a high skin fade that keeps things tight around the back and sides, the textured top of this haircut creates tons of height that can help elongate the appearance of your face. For guys who want to have some styling options, the texture at the top of this style allows you to play with different twists and curl techniques.

10High Fade Haircut with Waves

A slight wave texture adds some dimension to this tapered fade cut without looking too over the top. Similarly, a slim razor line cut into the hairline is relatively short and straight, making a subtle impact without being a huge statement piece. If you’re all about low-key details in a clean and crisp-looking haircut, this is a great choice for your next tapered fade style.

11Tapered Caesar Fade Haircut for Black Men

The straight fringe that cuts across the front of this tapered caesar frames the face and puts attention on the eyes, but won’t add a ton of time onto your styling routine. This look was ultra-popular in the ’90s, making it a great choice for guys who are looking to bring back some of their favorite retro looks.

12Smooth Subtle Taper Fade Haircut

Choose a cut that tapers smoothly if you’re after a classic style that won’t feel dated in a few years’ time. We love this look for guys who are in conservative workplaces, as it shows off dapper style without being too flashy.

13Extreme Tapered Blowout Fade Haircut

This tapered blowout haircut creates an extreme shape with a tight faded band that wraps around the back and sides and contrasts against an explosion of longer curls on top. Give this look a try if you’re after a fun haircut that’s popular among younger men.

14Low Taper Fade (Fade Juice Haircut)

With a slick razor line that creates a subtle step in the front of hair, this pared down version of the ’90s era Juice haircut fade is perfect for modern guys who want a little bit of retro flair to their style.

15Textured Temple Fade

A concentrated fade that’s low at the temples and the nape of the neck helps to frame this tapered haircut while leaving plenty of hair on the head to execute a textured look like these curls. Some guys pair a temple fade with a beard that’s also faded out at the sideburns, but this look features a crisp line and even length all the way up the beard, making for an interesting meeting between the two different sections of hair.

16Top Line High Fade Haircut

This high-top fade cut shows that the classic style is possible even if you don’t have a tightly coiled curl pattern. Expert fading at the back and sides keeps this tapered haircut looking clean and well managed, and helps to create a look that will make your face appear slimmer.

17Low Fade Haircut with Twists

Longer hair on top gives some room to play with texture in this fairly simple tapered cut, while a low fade haircut keeps things looking clean and easy to manage.

18Low Taper Fade Blowout Haircuts for Black Men

This tapered blowout features a nice low band of fading around the edges to keep it looking perfectly shaped. Although some guys like to wear this cut with much longer hair on top, we’re loving this more controlled blowout look for men who are looking to wear a more subdued version of the style.

19Smooth Tapered Temples Fade

Keeping things simple, this haircut features a uniform length everywhere except the temples and nape of the neck. These two faded areas provide some texture that works like an instant face slimmer.

20Twisted Mohawk Fade

If you’re looking for a style that’s modern and trendy with a bit of edge, combine a mohawk silhouette with twisted texture and cleanly faded sides.

21Tapered Top High Fade haircut

A tapered high-top haircut offers the perfect blend of sky-high hair with geometric shapes that prove your barber has some serious skill. By tapering in from the top and then fading closely at the sides of the head, this haircut creates tons of depth and shape.

22Textured Afro with Temple Fade

Give your hair some texture with a curl sponge or by setting them in twists and you’ll be rewarded with an interesting contrast between longer curls on top and a tight temple fade at the sides.

23Asymmetrical Taper Fade Haircut

This asymmetrical taper is one of the boldest styles on our list, and we recommend going to a barber or stylist you trust to pull off the look. Clean lines and angles are a must to keep this haircut from looking sloppy or unintentional.

24Long Tapered Twists Fade

While lots of taper and fade cuts tend to be on the shorter side, this blowout style proves how you can make use of the techniques to frame the long hair that you’ve spent so much time growing out.

25Bald Taper Fade with Curved Part

If your classic bald fade cut needs just a little extra pick-me-up, try this slick-looking curved part. It’s a little more fun than its straight counterparts while still adding definition to your style.

26Short Afro Taper Fade Cut

This classic fade look is super trendy and easy to maintain. The short afro is lightly shaved on the sides giving an effortlessness but a modern look.

27Retro Mohawk Fade

With a longer band of hair that’s wider than most mohawk styles, this haircut reminds us of the mohawk-mullet hybrid cuts that were popular in the ’80s.

28Boxed Taper Cut

Keep things looking sharp and vintage-inspired with a perfectly executed boxed taper cut.

29Tapered Sponge Twists

Sponge twists offer up an incredibly easy way to add some texture to any tapered cut and don’t involve the same time or pre-planning as a twisted style you have to set.

30High and Tight Fade haircut

This military-inspired haircut features an extra high fade that makes the style incredibly low maintenance for guys who aren’t interested in playing with styling techniques.

31Platinum Mohawk Fade haircut

If you’re looking to take an already daring haircut like a mohawk fade to the next level, adding in color is a good way to make your style even more of a standout.

32Braided Taper Fade Cut

If your hair is long and you’re looking to get a more creative look, why not try the braided fade? The upper part can be braided and styled any way you choose, while the rest of the scalp is being faded sharply, creating a very edgy and stylish look.

33Low Waves Taper Fade

This is a super creative wavy texture low fade cut. To achieve this spiral wavy look you’ll need to use a durag, brush and hair moisturizer. The waves and the small haircut designs both give an extra dimension and flare

34Tapered fade cut with tapered Afro

This style mixes the precise lines and skill of a tapered fade haircut with longer curly Afro hair on top. Shaped at an angle, curls are growing up instead of sideways, which adds the illusion of height, while the faded sides create a gradient effect that’s clearly the work of a skilled stylist.

35Men in Black taper fade  – Black Men haircuts classic look

A classic men’s cut and Will Smith’s go-to style, this short cut is a bit longer on top with a slight fade at the temples. Natural black hair is styled with a product to help define curls and provide some shine to match Will’s dapper suit and brilliant diamond earrings.

36Low fade haircut with sharp line up

This low fade haircut style features a completely connected beard that puts a unique spin on the look. A fade this gradual keeps hair looking uniform but more clean-cut than if hair at the back and sides were left the same length as on top.

37Low juice haircut with curved line

This juice haircut style adds extra dimension and detail by using varying heights at the front of the cut, accentuated by the curved line detail. The low fade haircut seen here shows off the texture of natural curls that are kept defined by using product and a curl sponge.

38Low fade haircut with star haircut designs

One of Chris Brown’s many standout hairstyles, this particular cut features very short hair with precision line and star details added in. If the star detail doesn’t excite you, a talented barber or stylist can help you come up with your own unique design ideas.

39Long On Top Half Fade Mohawk

In this rockstar-inspired style, hair is left much longer on top and styled straight, while the back and sides are shaved in a close fade. For extra styling possibilities, hair on top can be twisted, braided, or left in natural curls.

40Short dread Fade haircut

A style that’s become hugely trendy, this cut reimagines 90’s high top fades with short dreads or twists on top instead. If you scroll through Tumblr and Instagram you will see hipsters rocking this style with crazy kicks and awesome vintage clothing. For the full vintage-cool look, style with thrift store finds like old school athletic sweatshirts, Levi’s cutoff vests, and military-style coats.

41Faded Mohawk Cut  – Tapered natural hair

Although the mohawk style was once a sign of counterculture, it’s now popular in many different forms. This style represents a fairly subtle version, where hair tapers in the back, and the sides are faded instead of being shaved right down to the scalp. A beard adds an extra level of interest but isn’t necessary to make this faded cut work for you. The Cuban link chain reminds us of the 90’s era with a red Adidas jumpsuit.

42The Rough Hawk Taper Fade Haircut

A slightly edgier version of a faded mohawk, this cut features curls of varying lengths on top, while the fade is more concentrated at the sides of the head than the back. We love how Usher paired this with a casual look.

43High Top With Triangle Fade Cut

This super high-top cut is the perfect example of ‘90s style revival with the modern twist of cutting hair at the nape into a faded gradient triangle. These clean, horizontal lines add interest to the look while remaining more simple and refined than styles that feature complicated haircut designs. If you really want to make a statement and turn heads this is the style that will do the job.

44Classic fade cut with rolled top

Miguel’s signature style is this side faded cut with a curled center. With a classic fade on the sides, this cut adds extra style by rolling hair on top into a pompadour shape that adds height to your look while helping facial features and jawline to stand out.

45Aztec print haircut designs

A fashion and art icon, Kanye West let his head become the canvas when he wore this Aztec design fade. If you’re into a different fashion print — think leopard, zebra, or paisley — your talented stylist can make your hair a work of art, too.

46Platinum Blonde Taper Fade Haircut

When Chris Brown debuted his now-infamous platinum hair, the Internet went crazy. In striking contrast with his black facial hair, it’s an edgy look that you can copy even if you aren’t a tabloid figure or multi-platinum recording artist. This platinum color looks best on cool or light olive skin tones, and men with deeper complexions should go for a warmer honey blonde instead.

47Faded flat top

Another huge trend back from the ‘90s, the flat top is a bold look that requires confidence in your personal style. The faded sides provide clean lines around the longer hair on top, while the pop of blue adds an extra dose of artistic edge. Try this look with your favorite pop of color, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also dye your eyebrows the same color to really turn heads and be the talk.

48Low fade Haircut Mohawk

A different take on the standard mohawk, this cut combines the ‘hawk with a classic low fade haircut. The hairline is cut in a geometric shape that gives this style a very avant garde quality, but it may be too daring and unusual for men who like to blend in with the scenery.

49Mohawk Mullet Taper Fade Haircut

While there aren’t too many people calling for a mullet revival, this haircut cleans up the ‘80s party style with a tapered fade on the sides and clean lines in front. To make this cut pop and stand out, grow the curls in the back long enough to put in twists or dreads, or add your choice of color to the nape area.

50Mohawk with curved line fade haircut design

Here we have a gradient Mohawk with a clean edge lineup. This curly mohawk is nicely framed by a long curved line that gives the style a clean but edgy look. If you’re feeling fancy, consider adding patterns and haircut designs into the line, or extra details in the faded hair below it.

51A Real Super Bowl Style with Haircut Designs

How big of a football fan are you? Would you get your favorite team cut into your next design? If wearing your team’s logo on your shirt doesn’t seem like commitment enough, you can wear it in your hair, too. NFL player Tiquan Underwood had the New England Patriots’ logo shaved into the back of his high-top fade, in a style that takes some serious skill to pull off. This is perfect if you want to support your school’s sports team or maybe you’re attending the super bowl and what better way to show that you’re a die-hard fan!

52High top fade with blonde patches

Another cut that’s full of ‘90s flair, this offset high-top cut is ultra-trendy even without the added blonde contrast. Want to get even more creative? If you want to go even more over the top, try out patches in multiple colors, and pair this style with vintage clothing finds and your favorite gold chain, gold watch, gold bracelet, and gold ring (Pinky rings are totally 90’s).

53Textured high top fade

For guys who love fades but want to rock their natural texture, this textured ultra high top is an essential style. To keep this texture looking polished, set hair in twists overnight, then undo in the morning and add your favorite hair butter to emphasize texture, provide hold, and protect against humidity.

54Low Fade Cut

Another classic low fade with waves that we love! What’s great about the low fade is that it is super easy to maintain and comfortable for an everyday look.

55Shadow Fade

A really clean shadow fade cut with curled dark top and asymmetrical beard.