teen boy haircuts

Teen Boy Haircuts

When it comes to high school, looking sharp and staying on top of the latest hair trends is a must. If you’re looking for your next teen boy haircut, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected a must-see list of 20 teen boy haircuts that range anywhere from slick to exciting, making it easy to find a style that suits your personality with ease. You’re going to love these high-school inspired looks!


1Classic Tousled Fade 

When it comes to trending haircuts, this is undoubtedly number one. From celebrities to high school kids, the classic fade haircut is a must. Lightly tousling the lengthy side pieces creates some dimension, while the razored hair below counterbalances with edginess.

2Slicked Haircut

For the teen boy who prefers a more polished hairstyle, he can still enjoy the fade haircut. With this look, you’ll ditch the tousled ends and stick to a slicked-down style that looks youthful and smart.

3Gently Spiky Fade

If you’re noticing a trend here, you’d be correct; we told you fades are the number one hairstyle, didn’t we? But instead of following routine styles, step your fade out of the box and opt for something more refreshing. His look adds some extra length on top for a gently spiked touch that’s cool and casual.

4Tousled Layers

Prefer more length? This look has you covered. A lengthier set of strands allows for major body, tousled to perfection for a surfer inspiration that can’t be missed.

5Lengthy Layered Bowl Cut

We know: bowl cuts aren’t cool. But if you remember Shawn from Boy Meets World, you’d know that there’s a particular bowl inspo hairdo that’s flirty and fun: and it’s making a huge comeback. Leave longer strands on top for a flowy effect while buzzing underneath to let the hair dangle with ease.

6Messy Pompadour

Tapers can come in all shapes and sizes, but we’re particularly fond of this flashy ‘do. With thicker manes, leave some lengthier pieces up top that can be styled into a feathery effect that is both polished and manly, all at the same time.

7Designed Fade

Adding a dose of your own unique personality to your hair is a cinch when you opt for a fade. Ask your barber (or do it yourself, if you know how) to toss in some unique designs for a spectacular finish that’s totally personalized.

880s Inspired Top Curly Fade

It seems like all of the hairstyles from the past are making a fierce comeback, including this hairstyle that takes its inspiration from the 80s and 90s, However, to make this style more present, try including a designed fade that adds in some 2019 trend to the mix.

9Natural Curls with Fiercely Designed Fade

Natural curls are the main stage right here, with the sides of the head shaved down deep into a triangle shape at the back of the head. To make this design even more standout, they toss in some accenting shaves that draw even more attention to this exotic, out of the box look.

10Natural Curls

With perfectly curled locks like these, it would be a shame to hide them away. By keeping them shorter in the front and slightly longer in the back, it creates a boyish charm that is cute and eye-catching.

11Beachy Cut 

Anyone trying to achieve that beachy surfer look will love this haircut. There’s a mix of shorter and longer pieces, that when tousled up like this, creates a casual, carefree style that’s classic to any surfer boy.

12Casual Faux Hawk 

Not too many people jump out of their seats dying for a mohawk; they can be a bit extreme. But if you want a more casual take on the classic mohawk, you’ll love this cool and carefree faux hawk idea. It’s slick and fun, perfect for any teen boy out there.

13Spiked Quiff 

For a more exotic and eye-catching hairstyle, spike up your top pieces instead of leaving them down and wavy like the hairstyle listed before. This creates a more entice appeal that mimics a mohawk more thoroughly, but does have quite a bit more edge to it.

14Colored Cropped Cut

If you’re feeling daring, it might be the perfect time to bust out of your normal hair color and opt for something a little bit more exciting, like this greenish grey hue. Complete with a fade cut and a side design or hard part razor cut, it’s a polished style that’s oozing with creative personality.

15Classic Short Haircut 

This look is a classic that’s been around for centuries and won’t dribble out of popularity anytime soon. The simple razored cut allows for little upkeep and a laid back appearance.

16Front Slick 

Slicking the hair from back to front creates plenty of height, while also maintaining a gentle-men like appearance that’s sophisticated but still fun enough for the teenage boy.

17Slicked Undercut Faux Hawk

With this look, you’re pulling the 50s right out from under your feet. With a subtle greaser inspiration, this enticing hairstyle slicks back longer pieces into a dashing faux hawk shape, the sides of the head shaved down deep to draw extra attention up top.

18Sharp Skin Fade

This hairstyle has only one goal in mind: to look downright sharp; and it certainly succeeded. This intensely defined haircut drops the fade down low and shapes the head exquisitely, with a high fade on top that plays well with the bold, defined shave from front to back.

19Angular Fringe Hairstyle

Long hair that drags over one eye is a recipe for success. His look is a sophisticated take on the classic textures cut, with the hair messed up and placed generously over the forehead. The look is kept longer in the front with shorter cuts in the back to add detail and dimensional fun.

20Classic Teen Haircut

There’s nothing fancy or exciting about this style, but we love about it is that is stays true to the classic cut that’s been around for centuries. A part that’s off to one side is polished off with lengthier strands on one side, and shorter on the other. It’s a polished hairstyle that can work whether you’re turning 13 or 23.