Haircut Designs Lines

Cool Lines in Hair Designs for Men

Haircut line designs are one of the most popular hottest trends these days! They’re a great way for men to add some unique flair to their hair without being too outlandish or extreme. However, if you want to be outlandish and extreme- there are definitely some haircut design lines for that too. Whatever your goal is, we are here to help; here are some of our favorite cool lines in hair designs for men to try!


1Simple U

The simple U design cut for men is a line that follows the natural curve of the head creating a border for your cut. It adds a little something without being so “in-your-face”.

2Mirrored Beard Line

This design cut is very unique because the line on one side of the head is mirrored in the beard to create a double-line design that works well to definite the profile of the face.

3Triangular Buzz with Cool Side Hair Designs

These buzzed triangular lines on the side of the head are a great simple design that is reminiscent of an Aztec-style design. It creates attention, without being overbearing.

4Heart-Line Design

This heart-line design is beautiful and unique and could stand for a lot of things. Many people get tattoos of this design, but if you’re looking for something a little less permanent, but still full of meaning- then this line design is the way to go.

5Waved Haircut Lines on Side of Head

This side to back wave design looks amazing and unique. It’s almost like having a piece of art on the side of your head. You will definitely have heads turning with this one!

6Back Of Head Line With Undercut

This small back of the head line looks even more dramatic paired with an undercut as shown above. It allows the line to stand out as it makes its way into the top of the fade.

7Ear-Focused Design

This angular design focuses on the ear as the center. This particular style allows the profile of the person wearing it to appear narrower and more defined.

8Squared Front With Wave Design

The line design on this style is a beautiful wave which stems from the squared front of the head. The workings of this design go from constructed to free. And, isn’t that just the perfect combination?

9Wavy-Tailed Design

This sharp, yet wavy design ends at the back of the head in a tail sitting on top of a completely buzzed portion of the head. This allows the tail to be defined and stick out even more!

10Three Thick Blocks

This three block line design is different from many line designs because of its thickness. However, just because it’s thick, doesn’t mean it’s overbearing. This simple design is a good starter choice for any guy.

11Defined Side Line

This side line design is thick and defined and is paired best with a clean short or slicked-back top. This is a design that’s cool and fresh, but can still appear in a professional setting.

12Simple Front Design

This simple front design is the perfect choice for someone looking to try out a line design, without being too drastic. It will give you just the right amount of flair.

13Swirled Half-Head Line

This swirled line design consists of two unattached wavy lines that seem to fit perfectly together. The designs seem to be dancing with each other and making a whole piece of art on one side of the head.

14Simple Scoop Line with Waves

This simple scoop line follows the natural flow of the top of the head. It breaks up the front of the hair line in a gentle way and graciously makes its way to the back of the head in one simple swoop.

15Double Line Design With Undercut

This double line design really sticks out under the natural curls of this model. It brings the naturally curly look to a whole new level!

16Intricate Modern Comb over Design

This intricate line design is paired with a modern combover to really the details of the line to pop. It covers half of the head so from one side to the other, it’s really night to day.

17Aztec Ladder Design With Low Fade

This Aztec-style ladder design comes complete with a faded side to allow the lines to be prominent in the cut. A quarter of the head remains long to help balance this detailed line design.

18Faith Style Line Design with High Fade

This faith-style line is simple a cross line design appearing in a fade. The look is complemented with an angled modern comb over that looks chic and modern.

19Double-Lined Deep Undercut With Modern Comb over

This double-lined style cuts the combover in half creating two separate portions of hair. The thick modern combover look gives the hair volume and makes it look healthy and fresh.

20Triangular Focused Lines

These triangular design lines point focus toward the face, making the center of the face the focal point of attraction. This simple design is one that any many could easily rock and make their own!

21Shaved 3 Line Design Haircut

22Double Shaved Lines in Hair With Deep Undercut

23Small Line With High Faded Cut

24Modern Combover with Defined Part Line

25Extreme Back Of Head Design

26Pompadour Fade With Back Of Head Line Design Haircut

27Black Men Waves With Half Moon Part

28Subtle Fade With Side Line

29Messy Pompadour With Side Hair Designs

30Waved Side Line With Natural Top

31Tiny Man Bun With Intricate Two Side Line Design

32Side-Swept Top With Simple Two Line Design Haircut

33Back To Front Line

34Line Up Haircut Design

35Double-Wave Line

36Swerved Line With Faux-Hawk

37Black Men Waves and Line Design

38Simple Low Fade With Three Small Lines

39Pushed-Back Front With Three Simple Lines

40V-Line With Faux-Hawk

41Bleach-Tipped Combover With Swirled Line

42Winged Line With Squared Front

43Man Bun With Low Side Line Design

44Spiked Top With Buzzed Sides And Line Design

45Taper Fade with Hard Part Line Design

46Slicked Back Line Design


The great thing about line designs when it comes to men’s haircuts is that they are completely customizable. Which is perfect if you want something totally unique and different from what you’ve seen in the men’s hairstyling world.

There are line designs that are simple and not too overbearing, such as smaller designs or straight lines. These are great choices for the hair design line virgins of the world. It’s an easy way to start loving playing around with different line designs.

Then there are line designs that are much more intricate and contain various lines and patterns to create a totally unique look. These are often paired with a more dramatic style such as a faux-hawk or a big ‘ol pompadour. And, often times people incorporate color into these styles as well.

Some of the most popular haircuts with design lines are shaved hairstyles like low or high fades, taper faded, modern comb-over among others.

We hope this helped you to learn a little more about the types of line designs out there. And, that you’re inspired to try one for yourself.