Samurai Hairstyles for men

Samurai Hair Inspiration

Have you ever wanted a bada** samurai-inspired hairstyle? If so, then you need to check out this list of styles that make the samurai look super hot and modern for guys everywhere. We guarantee you will feel like a total rebel rocking one of these killer looks. Good luck with choosing your favorite Samurai hair style!


1Braided Samurai Top Knot

This detailed lattice-style braided style comes together in a top knot that sits on the back of the top of the head. This allows everyone to see the intricate details of the braids on the front of the head.

2Small Samurai Bun With Tail

This unique samurai-inspired look is one that will get everyone talking! It consists of a small looped samurai bun on the back of the top of the head with a separate section of hair acting as a tail.

3Messy Samurai Top-Knot With Tail

This messy samurai top knot with a tail is a totally unique samurai-inspired look. The casual top knot allows the look to remain relaxed. And, the tail of the style looks simply as if it fell out of the man-bun.

4French Braid With Samurai Bun And Line Design

This tight samurai-inspired look consists of a french-braided top running into a man-bun positioned on the back of the top of the head. The drastic undercut created a line design that will certainly draw attention!

5Looped Samurai Bun With Dramatic Undercut

This looped bow is relaxed and casual, but when paired with a dramatic undercut, this style becomes sharp and put-together. It’s an easy way to throw your hair up for the day!

6Short Tight French Braid Samurai Hairstyle

This short tight french-braided look runs from the front of the head to the back leaving a little tail sticking over buzzed sides. This makes the braid the focal point of the look.

7Multi-Braid Samurai Top Knot

This multi-braid samurai top knot is a killer look if you can pull it off! The tight braids take little management once they’re in, all you need is some spray product to keep the flyaways in place.

8Long Samurai Hair With Low Looped Bun

This long hair style is perfect for the guy who wants to show off his natural locks. When paired with a low looped bun in the back, this look becomes totally samurai.

9Sleek Samurai Top Knot Look

This sleek top-knot look is definitely not just for women. It looks amazing on guys too and it’s a look that will stay in place all day. So, you don’t have to worry about running to the bathroom during your lunch break to fuss in the mirror.

10Dramatic High Pony Samurai Hairstyle

This dramatic high-pony is the epitome of samurai. It is sharp, drastic, and a total game-changer. Try this one out if you want to be the center of attention everywhere you go!

11Front Braid With Back Poof

This style may seem a little backwards but it WORKS. Usually the poof is in the front and the braid is in the back, but this style does just the opposite. And, this way it looks even more samurai-esque.

12Small Curled Samurai Bun

This version of the man-bun is rugged and manly, making it totally samurai-inspired. The natural curls require no effort and taming this baby is a piece of cake…because all you really have to do is pull it back and go.

13Piecey Low Man Samurai Bun

This piecey low man-bun is casual for a couple of reasons. The pieces hanging in the front make the style relaxed and approachable, while the low bun in the back looped simply in an elastic shows that this man is too busy to fuss with his ‘do.

14Intricate Design Braid

Samurais are known for being tough and having style. And, that’s what this braid speaks to the world. Pair it with a squared cut front for an even more stylized look.

15Long Looped Bun Samurai Hair

This long looped samurai bun is serving the purpose of keeping hair out of this man’s face. It is a casual relaxed look that requires minimal maintenance and patience. You don’t even need any product!

16Loose Man-Bun With Undercut

This loose man-bun style comes complete with a drastic undercut for a stellar look. The man-bun is placed on the top of the head near the back which still allows the showcasing of the fade.

17Small Looped Samurai Bun With Fade

This small looped bun comes complete with a medium fade. This samurai-inspired look may seem less drastic than the others on this list, but it’s just as impressionable. Try it out for starters and take it from there!

18Loose Layered Short Pony

This loose layered short pony-tail look is feminine and tough all at once. The angular pieces near the face help to shape and narrow, while the back draws positive attention.

19Long Locks With Looped Samurai Bun And Fade

This loose looped bun makes the samurai-look as casual as can be. But, with the undercut fade, the long locks seem more purposeful and conscious. This is a look that will change the haircut game!

20Small Looped Bun With Line Design

This small looped bun features a tail at the end. And, the style comes with a line design meant to add a little extra flair to your look. Who said samurais couldn’t be sassy?

21European-Inspired Samurai Bun With Locks

22Multi-Tailed Braids

23Low Twist Knot

24High Looped Bun

25Piecey Samurai Top Knot With Fade

26Sleek Man-Bun With Drastic Undercut

27Short Sleek Pony With Undercut

28Loop Bun With Deep Undercut

29Back Of Head Bun With Sleek Top

30Small Loop Bun With Signature Front Piece

31Sleek Man-Bun With Gentle Fade

32Triple Braided Bun With Buzzed Sides

33Layered Pony With Undercut

34Classic Top Knot With Natural Flyaways

35Top Looped Samurai Bun With Deep Undercut


If you are looking for a fierce samurai-inspired look, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. This list has all the best modern samurai hairstyles looks to try on your next visit to the salon.

There are some looks that are super drastic and contain more samurai elements than other styles including tight braids and ponies, as well as some lengthy locks. These styles are undeniably samurai-style and totally killer.

Then there are some styles that are a little more calm and relaxed. These samurai hair styles often are piecey or contain layers. And, the long natural locks are definitely helpful when going for a less intense samurai look.

A lot of these styles include man-buns and samurai top knots, which is great because who doesn’t love a good man-bun? It’s an easy way to get your hair out of your face, while keeping your length, and keeping it stylish and put-together.

Hopefully, these looks inspired you to get a totally new look!