Mens Short back and sides haircuts


Short Back and Sides Haircuts

When it comes to their hair, most men are looking for a mixture of something that’s easy to style but also looks great. Longer styles offer up modern trendy looks, but short back and sides haircuts are a favorite choice when it comes to low maintenance hair that doesn’t fall flat. Keeping your hair shorter around the ears and hairline creates clean lines that make you look put together even when you’re having an off day. Even with combined with longer hair on top that’s perfectly styled, the short back and sides help to cut down on the time you spend in front of the mirror and make your hair more resistant to hectic days. If you want to see all the different ways a short back and sides haircut can work for you, check out our 30 favorite styles.


1Brushed Forward Taper Cut

Leaving your hair longer on top offers up more styling options, but that doesn’t mean you have to get fancy with your styling routine. This ultra simple taper cut brushes hair forward on top so that it looks neat but doesn’t lose natural texture. We recommend using a light hold product like styling cream to help add some soft definition to the look.

2Taper Fade Quiff

A classic tapered fade around the back and sides of this haircut helps balance out the fun and vibrant quiff styling on top.

3Crop with Tapered Undercut

This crop haircut combines the cool fringe of a Caesar with hair that’s longer on top and more amenable to soft styling. A slight drop in the back of the tapered fade helps to balance out an oblong head shape, but keeps things short enough that you won’t need to worry about styling the back of your hair.

4Medium Tapered Fade

A medium taper fade with fresh edge up is a classic choice for short men’s hair. If you’re into sharp looks that require minimal styling, regular trips to the barber will keep this haircut exactly where you want it.

5Crew Cut with Long Fringe

This style helps to subtly add some volume and length to the top of your head, but doesn’t take a ton of effort to style or maintain. Try it out if you’ve got a round or oval shaped face.

6Slicked Back Drop Fade

Slicked back styles can be edgy and fun, but also time consuming if you’ve got a full head of longer hair. This dropped undercut adds a contrasting texture to your slicked back style while cutting back on how much time and product it’ll take to perfect your look.

7Caesar Undercut

One of the most dramatic styles on our list, this Caesar undercut proves that a short back and sides haircut doesn’t have to look boring or straight-laced. Unlike ultra short Caesar styles, wearing this cut a bit longer on top gives you some room to play with different styling techniques, letting you opt for a tousled, messy texture as pictured.

8Sharp Tapered Curls

With natural curls left a bit longer on top, this taper cut adds some height to your look and provides an excellent canvas for using a tool like a curl sponge.

9Hard Part Comb Over

This ultra neat haircut features a perfectly sculpted hairline all the way around, which makes a great frame for the subtly tapered shorter hair around the back and sides of the head. The hard part extends all the way to the crown of the head, creating a ton of definition that works well on thicker hair.

10Straight Fringe Crew Cut

If you’ve been thinking about doing something more unique with your short back and sides haircut, try this straight fringe style. With its straight line cut right up against the hairline, this style looks unique but remains easy to take care of.

11Soft Comb Over with Undercut

With a contrasting undercut around the back and sides, this soft comb over style is a surprising mixture of classic and edgy. Give this one a try if you’re looking for a fresh take on a short back and sides style.

12Taper Fade with Soft Texture

Leave your hair longer on top to get this understated soft texture. We love this look for guys who don’t like stiff hold styling products, and it’s especially easy to pull off if you’ve got a bit of natural wave in your hair.

13Side Parted Crew Cut

The soft part in this longer crew cut helps to add some definition and dapper style to an otherwise straightforward haircut. A lower fade helps to provide some more coverage of the skin, giving this all the convenience of a short back and sides style with a softer look than a bald skin fade.

14Curly Taper Fade

With a square shaped taper that extends high up the head, these curls are perfectly framed. Try this haircut if you’re looking for a way to enhance your curls while making them easier to style.

15Short Taper Fade Caesar

This ultra short version of a Caesar haircut adds an extra touch of style to a basic taper fade haircut, but won’t add much extra time to your styling routine.

16Medium Undercut

With a fairly straightforward style on top and a medium height undercut, this is one of the simplest ways to look stylish and modern with a short back and sides haircut.

17High and Tight Crew Cut

If simplicity is at the top of your list when choosing a haircut, this short back and sides style has everything you’re looking for. Minimal styling is required between trips to the barber, and it works in every job from the ultra professional to intensive labor.

18Brushed Back Undercut

If a super slicked style is a little too vintage for your tastes, try styling your short back and sides undercut with some brushed back volume instead.

19Short Crew Cut

This high and tight haircut has the perfect blend of easy, low maintenance style and cool edge. If you’re used to wearing your hair longer at the back and sides, you’ll be impressed with how this style slims your face and helps accentuate your jawline and cheekbones.

20Tousled Taper Cut

If you’re caught between wanting to cut your hair short enough to be manageable but you don’t want to completely hide your natural waves, go for a taper cut that’s short at the back and sides.

21Side Swept Crew Cut

Looking for a classic men’s cut that can be worn with plenty of youthful style and edge? This crew cut never really goes out of style, featuring a short back and sides that make it look clean and crisp on any occasion.

22Twisted Taper Fade

Mix your twisted texture with an undercut back and sides for easy styling and upkeep.

23High Fade Caesar

A high skin fade helps to set this Caesar haircut apart from more basic versions of the look. With its short straight fringe and easy maintenance short back and sides, this style is perfect for men who want something edgy and different that’s still easy to maintain.

24Side Parted Curls

Growing your curly hair longer on top gives you lots of styling versatility, but can be intimidating if you’re not used to wearing your textured strands longer. With short back and sides and a strategic soft part, your curls or waves will become instantly easier to manage.

25Hard Part Crew Cut

Hard parts are great for accentuating hairstyles with lots of vintage flair, but you can also add one onto a simple crew cut with short back and sides. Whether you wear it with a full beard or hip handlebar mustache, the hard part helps to put some extra definition in your basic, low-maintenance haircut.

26Modern Pompadour

Love old school styles but hate high maintenance hair? Try combining the vintage appeal of a pompadour with the modern ease of a short back and sides haircut. You’ll probably need to use a blow-dryer to achieve this much height in your style, but you can still play it low-key on busier days.

27Sculpted Hard Part Comb Over

If you’re looking for a haircut that combines the potential for fancy styling with the ease and clean look of a short back and sides, this modern style is a great option. Use the hard part to help define an ultra sculpted comb over.

28Simple Slick Back

Instead of slicking hair stiffly into place, try softly brushing it back. Use a medium hold product that still allows movement and you’ll be able to touch and manipulate your hair throughout the day.

29Long Curly Bangs

If you’re ready to do something more daring with your curly hair, try mixing a short back and sides with these longer bangs.

30Spiked Undercut

This dramatic and fun haircut is a great way to balance out a round face shape. The short sides help to slim the face and put emphasis on your eyes, while cool spiked styling adds the illusion of height.