Toddler Boy Haircuts

Cute Toddler Haircuts

Are you looking for the perfect haircut for your precious little angel? Then look no further! These adorable haircuts for toddler boys will have you oohing and awwing! There are so many to choose from, so good luck picking just one! But, we are sure this list will give you just what you need to find the ideal look for your little boy.


1Side Part Crew Cut

This side part crew cut is a classic choice for a children’s cut. This one has a messy unstyled look that will make sure your kid STILL looks like a kid!

2Long Combed-Over Layered Look

This long combed-over layered look is too adorable. It’s perfect for the mom who doesn’t want to cut their baby’s hair too short while it’s growing in healthy and shiny.

3Faux-Hawk With Buzzed Sides

This faux-hawk with buzzed sides is a great look for the kid with a whole lot of personality. If your son is full of spice and lacks a little sugar, this is the look for him.

4Pompadour With An Undercut Fade And Subtle Line

This pompadour look with faded undercut is unique because of its added subtle line design. This line creates a totally new and dynamic look that none of the other kids will have.

5Short Tapered And Pushed To The Side

This short tapered look is easily styled when pushed to the side with a little bit of gel or pomade. It’s clean and short, but also chic.

6Squared Curls With An Undercut Fade

This look is perfect for the toddler with beautiful natural curls to show off! The squared shape detail at the front frames the face, while the undercut fade makes the curled top pop!

7Short Tapered Look With Natural Curls

This natural curl look is wonderful for toddlers with natural hair. It’s a no-fuss look that is perfect for the toddler who is always go go go!

8Combed To The Side Crew

This simple crew cut look is complete with a side comb-over so no hair will get in your little one’s face. It is a classic look with little to no fuss.

9Long Tapered And Spiked

This long tapered look is unique because of the spiked front which adds a little bit of bold drama to your young one’s cut. It’s absolutely adorable seeing a child walk around with this daring look.

10Faux-Hawk With Long Tapered Sides

This faux-hawk with long-tapered sides will really show everyone how fast your child’s hair is growing. This is ideal for the toddler who has so much hair you don’t know what to do with it!

11Long Combed-Over Side Part

Everyone loves a good side part. And, this long combed-over style with long tapered sides will definitely draw positive attention to your little boy.

12Slicked Over Tapered Look

This slicked over tapered look has a subtle natural line design because of the way it’s parted. This looks is chic and polished and is perfect for a morning at church.

13Short Faux-Hawk

This subtle and short faux-hawk includes long tapered sides that allow the top to melt with it to create this look. It adds an edge to a classic crew cut and works for all young boys!

14Tapered Long Natural Curls

This tapered look is ideal for the young toddler boy who has gorgeous natural curls to show off. It’s a no-fuss look because it’s meant to look tousled.

15Spiked Faux-Hawk

This spiked faux-hawk is natural and messy in the very best way. We all love bedhead and on a toddler, it’s even cuter!

16Messy Spiked Comb-Over With Buzzed Sides

This messy spiked comb-over with buzzed sides is a little reminiscent of a bird’s tail. The hair sticking up in the back is adorable and shows your toddler is naturally beautiful.

17Long Curls With Faded Undercut

These long curls on top really pop when the faded undercut is added to the look. Your son will be ready for any occasion in minutes with this easy look.

18Spiked Faux-Hawk With Line Design

If your toddler is a bit of a rebel already, then this faux-hawk with line design is the perfect choice. This edgy look is bold but so is your toddler!

19Long Messy Crew Cut

This long messy crew cut is simple and classic. If you don’t want your toddler’s hair too short yet, but want to keep it easy, this is the ‘do for him.

20Natural Curls

This look is easy! As long as your son has the perfect curls. It’s meant to look natural and messy, just like toddlers should be.

21Tapered Crew Cut

22Side Faux-Hawk With Buzzed Sides

23Pushed-Back Pompadour

24Naturally Layered

25Textured Long Layers

26Short Tapered Look

27Subtle Faux-Hawk

28Sleek Side Part With Line Design

29Spiked Faux-Hawk With Tapered Sides

30Long Side-Swept With Tapered Sides

31Tapered Look With Subtle Pompadour Front

32Natural Crew Cut

33Spiked Pompadour With Tapered Sides

34Dynamic Line Design

35Short Tapered Look With Subtle Line Design


These cute toddler boy haircuts are all so different and dynamic. There are plenty to choose from so we are sure you will find the one that is perfect for your little prince.

There are simple classic looks such as the crew cut. And, some of them even add extra flair with a line design! This makes the look we are all used to totally unique and perfect for your little one. These styles are also easy to style and great for kids who are always running around.

Then there are some cuts on this list that are a little edgier and bolder. These looks are for the toddlers with personality and spunk. They include faux-hawks, line designs, and dramatic pompadours that will have all the little girls swooning.

There are also hairstyles on here that totally embrace the natural hair of your child. If your a parent that loves to keep their boys hair long and wild, then you will find some looks on here that will help you to do so without them looking like a complete mess!

There are a million possibilities when it comes to picking out the ideal haircut for your child. We hope this led you in the right direction! Good luck.