Blonde Hair Men

Best Mens Blonde Hairstyles

Blondes have more fun or so they say! And, maybe that’s true. Not just for girls but for guys too. That’s why we compiled a list of short, long, and dyed blonde mens hairstyles that will fill your life with a little more fun. So, take the risk and go blonde! Or, if you are a guy with naturally blonde hair, try out one of these hot new looks.


1Side Part Tapered Look

This side part tapered look is a style that always looks classy and put together. It’s for the guy with naturally luscious hair that he’s dying to show off.

2Bleached Squared With Natural Curls

This bleached natural curl look really pops when a squared shape is added around the forward to really frame the face. It is a dynamite look that works best with African hair.

3Yellowed Blonde Hair Dye With Men Undercut Fade

There are a few different hues of blonde. And, one of them is the yellowed blonde which pairs quite nicely with natural curls and a square cut, like the one above.

4Icy Blonde Pushed-Back Tapered Look

Icy Blonde is a bold hue when you are choosing to dye your hair. But, pair it with this classic pushed-back taper look and you’ll have yourself a very polished cut.

5Man-Bun With Blonde Highlights

Even natural blondes need a little highlight sometimes in order to make their color truly pop. This shaggy natural man-bun is dynamite with added color.

6Short And Bleached Yellow

This famous haircut of Eminem’s is still in style because of all the hype and attention it got when it was debuted. It’s an easy look and perfect for the guy who wants a dynamic change.

7Long Blonde Hair Tapered With Highlights

This long tapered look is messy and natural. And, the added subtle highlights bring out the natural shades of blonde in your hair creating a beautiful care-free look.

8Tapered Look With Side Part

This tapered look is complete with a subtle side part that takes little effort to style. Use your fingers and some pomade to brush your hair to the side and you are ready for the day.

9Thick Textured Top

This thick textured top really pops because of the short tapered sides that accompany it. Use some pomade to separate the top pieces for a killer everyday look.

10Short Blonde Hair Curly Crew Cut

This curly crew cut incorporates a reddish blonde that looks natural and fun. It’s not your typical bleach or yellowed blonde, so you’ll be sure to be rocking a unique look.

11Icy Blonde Hair Dye For Men With A Splash Of Color

This icy blonde look is turned up a notch when a blue splash of dye is added. This look is customizable because it can be done with any color and any hair style. Icy blonde makes a great base and allows the color to really pop.

12Icy Blonde With A Dark Beard

It’s kind of fun to mix and match our hair colors and facial hair colors. So, why not go bold with an icy blonde to totally contrast the dark facial hair you are already rocking?

13Dark Roots With Comb-Over Part

This bold look with dark roots doesn’t look like you forgot to dye your hair on time; it looks planned and conscious. Use this look with a comb-over side part so people can see you are actually showing off your dark roots.

14Lightened Short Blonde Hair Crew Cut

The crew cut is the all-American cut for men. And, pair it with a pair of blue eyes and some lightened blonde hair and you will be singing “The Star Spangled Banner” in your head all day.

15Natural Blonde Long Comb-Over Look

This look is for the natural blonde that wants to show off his color by keeping it long. This comb-over look is perfect because it won’t go into your eyes if you style it with a little pomade or gel.

16Subtle Blonde Faux-Hawk

This faux-hawk is subtle. I mean, REALLY subtle. The long tapered sides help to accentuate the longer top. Run your fingers through it and you’re ready to go. Really, it’s THAT easy.

17Icy Thinned Side Part

This icy thinned look is complete with a side part that looks natural rather than sleeked and forced. It’s a great look for someone who wants to look good, but not too polished.

18Messy Long Dyed Blonde

This messy look comes complete with dyed blonde hair and natural waves. It’s idea for the surfer boy or the musician who doesn’t want to fuss over his hair every day.

19Chic Long Tapered Cut

This chic long tapered cut will allow you to look like you just step foot off the runway. The color is natural looking and the way the hair falls in your face will totally have the girls running to you.

20Wavy Long Blonde Hair With A Center Part

This long and wavy look is complete with a center part that feels very European and care-free. This romantic look is most easily rocked with men who have naturally curly or wavy hair.

21Long Wavy Top With Short Tapered Sides

22Icy Faux-Hawk Short Blonde Hair Color

23Highlighted Messy Pompadour

24Side-Part With Short Tapered Sides

25Icy Blonde Buzzcut

26Gray Blonde With An Undercut Fade

27Icy Blonde Side-Part With Short Tapered Sides

28Straight And Long Natural Blonde Cut

29Highlighted Blonde Long Crew Cut

30Long Blonde Hair With Center Part

31Messy Highlighted Tapered Cut

32Bold And Bleached With A Deep Undercut Fade

33Yellowed Blonde Wavy Long Cut

34Blonde Tip Faded Cut

35Blonde Pushed To The Side Tapered Look


These blonde men’s hairstyle looks and colors are all so different. You’ll surely be able to find something to suit your taste whether you’re a natural blonde or a total faker.

Some of the styles on this list work best for people with naturally thick and luscious hair that can easily be transformed into a pompadour look.

Other blonde hair men’s styles you see here are perfect for guys with natural curls and waves. Or even straight hair that can hang long and still look healthy and shiny.

Then there are some styles on here that are perfect for the blonde fakers. You can do so much with a little blonde dye. You can highlight to bring out your natural hues. Or, add some yellowed blonde or icy blonde for a totally unique look. You could even just dye the tips to contrast the rest of your hair!

Hopefully, you found a blonde style that will inspire you to put a little more fun in your life!