Justin Bieber Hairstyles 2019

Justin Bieber Haircut Looks

Justin Bieber is certainly one of our modern day style icons! And, obviously, because the dude has GREAT hair. He is constantly changing it up and experimenting with different looks. Here are some of our favorite ‘dos he has rocked over the past few years. You’ll definitely be inspired to try one of these out!


1Justin Bieber “Sorry” Look

Justin’s iconic look from his “Sorry” tour is certainly one to copy! This messy bleached look with a tapered undercut and side-part makes for a natural “I don’t care” kind of look that guys strive for. However, to get it just right, you may need a little product!

2Classic Crew Cut

The crew cut will never go out of style. And, Justin does a great job of totally rocking this simple classic look. It looks polished and put together without being stuck-up or bougie. It is the perfect look for the average Joe!

3Bieber’s 2016 Grammy Look

Bieber’s 2016 Grammy’s hairstyle looks edgy and classic all at once. The classic style comes from the short tapered cut and the edginess is added in with the dye job. This is a look that shows he cares, but is totally down-to-earth.

4Spiked Pompadour

This naturally spiked pompadour is a great choice if you are looking for a new ‘do. This is one of Justin Bieber’s short hair looks that made him famous for amazing hairstyles. It’s definitely a style that won’t disappoint.

5Messy Comb-Over Taper

Justin Bieber’s messy comb-over tapered look will definitely have you singing, “Baby”. The style is ideal for someone who is looking for an easy, but stylish look that won’t take more than a little bit of pomade in the morning.

6Mixed-Length Bleached Dreads

This bold look from Justin Bieber is not for the faint of heart. These mixed-length bleached dreads are complete with an undercut fade and a side part for a daring look that will melt hearts.

7Bleached Nerdy Crew

Bieber is totally rocking the nerdy look in this photo with his glasses and bleached blonde crew cut. He looks like a blonde Archie, but in definite Bieber style is still killin’ it! Try this classic look to be seen as the ‘good boy’.

8Bleached Layered Textured Cut

Layers to add texture are always in style. And, this bleached textured look is a staple in the hair industry. It takes practically no effort at all in the mornings. Just a quick run of the fingers. So, it’s perfect for guys!

9Messy Slicked-Back Look

If you are a guy that likes to keep his hair long and natural with little tapering, then this is the look for you. You can still be fancy and dress up- Just slick the front of your hair back with a little gel and voila, you’ve got yourself a look!

10Edgy Long Side Part

This is one of Justin Bieber’s long hair looks that will definitely turn heads. The long bleached side part with the undercut fade is a daring look that is begging for attention.

11Tapered With Layered Texture

This tapered look with layered texture is a look that anyone can rock. It’s not too drastic and doesn’t require too much maintenance, but it still looks trendy and chic and a little “Rock-Godish”.

12Long Textured Brush-Back

This long textured brush-back look is made complete with bleach blonde dye. It is an ideal look for the guy who appreciated a good tapered look with an edge!

13Blonde Long Tapered Side Part

This blonde tapered side part is one of Justin Bieber’s new haircuts. And, it’s definitely one of his more sensitive looks, which he seems to be transitioning into after his rock-style stage.

14Undercut Fade With Spiked Front

This undercut fade with spiked front looks put together and a little fuckboyish, but hey, some of us like that! It’s trendy and posh and people will definitely know you look in the mirror a little too much.

15Justin Bieber Short Hair With Small Man-Bun

The man bun has totally taken over the hairstyle scene over the past few years, so of course, Justin Bieber had to rock it too. Try out Justin’s small man-bun look with an undercut fade!

16Justin Bieber Long Hair – New York Fashion Week 2018 Look

Bieber’s fashion week hair looks like he just stepped off the beach from a day of surfing in the sun. This all natural look with a bandana accessory is ideal for the guy who spends his days outdoors.

17Tapered Side Part With Bleached Top

This tapered side part with a bleached top makes Justin look like a rockstar. It is an ideal look to rock on stage and definitely doesn’t belong in the office.

18Brushed Over Pompadour

This brushed over pompadour look is one that anyone can wear. It looks classy and put together without being too high maintenance.

19Pompadour With Undercut Fade

This is Justin’s famous pompadour cut with an undercut fade. He spikes the top in a natural way with a pomade. What an easy way to style!

20Justin Bieber New Haircut – James Dean Inspired Look

This is one of our very favorite Justin Bieber looks! This James Dean inspired hairstyle makes us want to fall in love with Bieber all over again. What a transition from his edgier looks!

21Grown-Out Natural With Added Blonde

This is certainly not Justin Bieber’s natural color, but it looks more natural than his past bleached blonde looks. This messy ‘do is perfect if you’re a simple guy who doesn’t want to fuss about his looks every morning.

22Justin Bieber Short Hair Eminem Inspired Bleached Crew Cut

This Eminem inspired look that Justin Bieber is rocking is certainly badass. The classic short crew is combined with the bleach blonde to create a fierce look.

23Classic Short Pompadour

24Tapered Sides With Textured Spiked Top

25Long Side Part With Layered Texture And Undercut Fade


These Justin Bieber looks are all so different and unique. He has certainly made an impact in the men’s hairstyling scene. And, we’re sure he will continue to do so.

There are looks on here that are totally rocker-ish and edgy creating fierce looks that men are scared but secretly dying to try!

Then there are some looks that are sweet, classic, and gentle, and will definitely help bring out the sensitive side in you.

Bieber goes from long to short to natural to bleach blonde! He even takes inspiration from other celebrities such as James Dean and Eminem.

If you are willing and ready to make a change, definitely try out one of these Justin Bieber hairstyles from the past few years.