Old Men Haircut Styles

As you get older, it can get tougher to try out a new ‘do. You may think all the styles nowadays look too hip for you to pull off, but that’s just not true. There are so many styles that look great on older guys- even some that look better the grayer you are. We are here to help you find the style of your dreams with this lovely list of hairstyles for older men. Get scrolling!


1Loose Pushed-Back Look

This loose pushed-back look with a medium fade is a great style for older men who still have some thick hair to work with. It screams ‘silver fox’ and is guaranteed to get all the lady’s hearts racing.

2Mixed Gray Tones Short Cut

This short simple cut is paired with mixed gray tones that help to give a unique look to your hair. It will help make your age look like the centerpiece of your ‘do rather than just an additional factor to the look.

3Pushed-Back Gentle Pompadour

This small pompadour is pushed-back to help create a dynamic look for any older man. The fade blends in with the pompadour so it’s not as drastic as the usual style.

4Sleek Combover With Drastic Undercut

This sleek combover comes complete with a drastic undercut that allows that top of the head to get even more attention. This look is perfect if you’re trying to hide a receding hairline but still have some hair to play with.

5White Classic Crew Cut

The crew cut will never go out of style. Why? Because it’s an American staple that looks great on all men. It is simple and easy to style.

6Long On Top With Deep Undercut

This haircut is a winner for all older men that have a little hair to work with still. It’s a relaxed but professional look that allows you some extra style and flair.

7Long Gray Locks

Who said gray can’t be beautiful? This lovely long gray locks style is perfect for an older man with natural waves. It has a subtle side-part that helps break up this mass of hair, while also adding to its texture and flow.

8Medium Top With Deep Undercut

This medium-length on the top is a great length for the guy who doesn’t want to fuss over his hair ever morning. And, paired with the deep undercut, it’s sure to keep you cool in the summer months.

9Pushed To The Side Top With Fade

This pushed to the side top is complete with a gentle fade that allows the whole style to blend together nicely. This style is easily maintained and looks great on every man.

10Fluffy Crew Cut

This longer-length crew cut is a great choice for any man. It’s simple, easy to style, and looks good even in gray!

11Side-Parted Combover

This side-parted combover looks polished and put-together even with a receding hairline. The side-part does a wonderful job of masking insecurities and draws attention to the thick combover portion of the hair.

12Medium-Length Curls

These medium-length curls are to die for! What woman wouldn’t want to run her fingers through those natural loops? If you have the curls to show-off, then definitely try out this style.

13Pushed-Back Top With Faded Undercut And Beard

This pushed-back look is hip and stylish. And, it works for all ages! Pair it with a beard to make the whole rustic older man look come together just perfectly.

14Gray Highlighted Medium Length Cut

This medium length cut is shown with natural curls for an overall casual look. To add some flair, put a lighter gray highlight in to help your hair be the best it can be.

15Long Gray Layered Curls

This long hairstyle is a great idea for the man who has natural curls begging to be shown off. Throw some layers in there for a look that shapes your face and hides your age.

16Side-Part With Subtle Fade

This medium length ‘do features a side-part with a subtle fade. This style blends as one. So, if you’re looking for a simple cut that’s not drastic, this is the one for you.

17Spiked Front With Gradual Fade

Just because it’s spiked in the front, doesn’t mean it’s a drastic or dramatic look. The subtle fade covering the rest of the head allows the front to blend in perfectly for a polished look.

18Long Curls With Side-Part

This shoulder-length curled cut comes complete with a side-part. This isn’t a look for someone who hates having hair fall into their face. But, if you can put up with that nonsense, then this really is a cool style.

19Pushed To The Side Pompadour

This pushed-to the side pompadour has a deep and drastic side-part that allows the face to gain new angles. It draws attention to the top of the head and away from your wrinkles.

20Long Look For Receding Hair

This haircut is ideal for the man with lots of hair, BUT a receding hairline to accompany it. It draws attention away from the imperfections and focuses on the long locks of hair.

21Messy Natural ‘Do

22Long And Pushed Back

23Salt And Pepper Crew Cut

24Short Style With Medium Fade

25The Clooney

26One Length Shades Of Gray

27Short Curly Cut

28All White With Blended Fade

29Fresh Short Combover Cut

30One-Length With Stubble

31Spiked Naturally Frosted Tips

32Piecey Subtle Side-Part

33Medium Length Curls With No Part

34Blended Side-Part

35Naturally Stuck-Up With Blended Fade


When you get older, the haircuts that are acceptable seem limited. But, that’s just not true. Look at this list- there are so many styles for older men to choose from!

There are basic crew cut styles that look great on anyone of any age. These styles are easy to manage and most men have enough hair to still create this look.

Then there are some pompadour styles that take a little more management, but they look stylish and chic. So, if you are in an office setting or a face of a company- then this may be more of the look you are searching for.

There are also some older men looks that embrace natural waves and curls. If you still have them to work with, then why not show them off? The more hair you have the more options there are for a stylish cut!

Hopefully, this list helped you find the style you’ve been searching for!