Popular Men's Haircuts 2019

Most Popular Best Haircuts for Men in 2020

It’s 2020, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. That means, it’s time for a new ‘do, dudes. So, where should you look for inspiration? Right here, of course! We have put together a list of some of the absolute best popular men’s haircuts of the year. And, there is definitely something for everyone, whether you’re bold and dramatic or timid and classic. So check out these favorites of ours. You won’t be disappointed!


1Spiked Top With Short Undercut

This spiked top look is devilish and clean. It’s the right look for anyone who wants to be able to go from office to party in a snap. All it takes is a little bit of gel and a touch-up every few weeks to keep this style going

2Asymmetrical Part With Squared Features

This haircut seems to incorporate a few of our favorite things. It has the squared front cut that’s stylish and dramatic. It also comes complete with a deep side part and a side-swept pouf that adds some amazing volume.

3Slicked-Back Low Pompadour

This slicked-back low pompadour is one of the less bold pompadours of the bunch. Its classic style is great for a day in the office. Pair it with a medium undercut and you’ve got yourself a winning style!

4Crew Cut with Fade

This faded crew cut is the perfect look for any male. It looks good on practically any face shape. And, it takes little to no maintenance to sustain this look throughout the day. Talk about easy!

5Wavy Top with Buzzed Sides

This wavy-topped look is wonderful for the guy who has lush locks to show off. Paired with an undercut buzzed fade, this look centers all the focus on the beautiful flow of hair sitting on the top of the head. Keep it messy for a casual look.

6Pompadour with Buzzed Sides

Pompadours are always a great choice; they’re fun, bold, and classic all the same. But, when you buzz the sides of this men’s style, you create an even more drastic look. People will surely be jealous of this one!

7Spiked Top with Faded Undercut

This muscly man is rocking the spiked-top look with a faded undercut. Because of the length of the undercut, the hair seems to blend in a natural fashion, making this look seem athletic and fresh.

8Man-Pony with Faded Sides

First, there was the man-bun and then came the man-pony. This 2019 look is sure to turn heads in the best way possible. Paired with a medium fade, this man-pony is given the main focus, without being too bold and overwhelming.

9Buzzed Fade with Line Design

This buzzed look subtly fades as it makes its way toward the neck. The line design in the front adds a unique flair that will only enhance the overall tone of the cut.

10Naturally Long

This naturally long look brought to you by the one and only Bradley Cooper is great for guys who have beautiful waves. The natural shape of the look does its best to show off those lovely locks, while also keeping them out of the face.

11Slicked Side Part

This slicked-back side part ‘do is one we can’t get enough of. It’s chic and posh and perfect for any professional. The slicked-back part helps to keep the hair out of the eyes with just a tad bit of gel and some patience in the morning.

12Messy Side Part

Oftentimes, when we see side parts, they are paired with slicked-back ‘dos, but not this one! This style combines casual with professional to create a sexy and carefree look people will be dying to copy.

13The New-Age Crew

This new-age crew cut adds a little more length on top, in a casual messy style. It also adds a side-part in order to enhance the length of the top. But, it keeps the classic crew tone of the style. This is ideal for any male!

14Dramatic Faux-Hawk

Faux-hawks are dramatic. But, this one is EXTRA dramatic. It combines a deep undercut fade to enhance the length of the top of the hair. It also has added blonde tips to help make this style pop.

15Wavy Asymmetrical Look

This wavy asymmetrical look is one out of a boy band’s dreams. Its casual surfer tone mixed with the natural shape helps to enhance the shape of any guy’s face.

16Subtle Fade with Natural Waves

This naturally wavy look is great for any guy who’s willing to maintain these luscious locks. The organic wave and shape of the hair pair wonderfully together.

17Fingered Top with Undercut

This look is properly styled with a good pomade. One that has the ability to hold specific sections of hair for a tailored look. This high-maintenance look is great for the creative professional.

18Asymmetrical Big Hair

Look at this asymmetrical big hair look complete with a deep undercut fade. It’s a solid look for any rocker or ‘fun-guy’ type. Also, we are totally digging the glasses accompanying this cut.

19Bleached Spiked Top with Deep Undercut

This bleached look with a spiked top and deep undercut is one that definitely makes a statement. It’s fun and bold and you definitely won’t get bored of it too quick!

20Slick European Inspired ‘Do

This slick European-inspired ‘do is really turning us on! It’s gentle curving shape with thick locks make for a style that’s unforgettable.

21Flat-Topped with Undercut

22Subtle Side-Part with Medium Fade

23Creative Side-Part with Undercut

24Long-Lengthed Top with Medium Fade

25Subtle Spikes with Side Line Design

26Subtle Line Design with Squared Detail

27Long Middle Part

28All To the Center Spikes

29Messy Piecey Look with Medium Fade

30Face Covered Side Bangs

31Natural Curls with Squared Detail

32Slicked-Back Faded Look

33Sleek Side-Parted Pompadour

34Wavy Top with Subtle Fade

35Short Side-Swept Top

36Tall-Fronted with Undercut

37Messy Spiked Look with Drastic Undercut

38Front Curled Detail Look

39Squared-Top with Fade

40Posh Pompadour with Buzzed Sides


This year, there are so many styles to choose from. So, it was hard for us to pick just 40 of our favorites.

There are classic styles on here, like the crew cut, that have made it through decades and decades with a little bit of extra flair added in to give it a new-age style.

Then there are totally drastic styles with bleaching and tips that help anyone to go from dull to fabulous in a matter of hours.

Plus, there are some in-between styles that work from the office to the club. These styles are often paired with side parts and some clever undercut methods in order to put the center of attention to the top of your head.

Hopefully, this list inspired your next trendy cut!