Line Up Haircut

Line Up Haircut Looks

Line up haircuts are all the rage right now. They are chic, fresh, and super polished! Anyone with a line up haircut definitely cares about their appearance and style. So, they are super popular with businessmen, artists, and athletes.

But, what is a line up haircut?

A line up haircut simply is when a barber uses clippers instead of a buzzer to create a more unique and tailored design. It’s a great way for a barber to show off their skills and create a dynamic look.

Here are some of our favorite line up haircuts.


1Swirled Line Design

This swirled line design cut is guaranteed to make heads turn in the best way possible. It is paired with squared edges on the forehead to dramatically emphasize the design on the sides.

2One Side Line Design

This squared look comes complete with not two but one line design etched into the crown of the hairline. This simple line makes a big difference when it comes to style!

3Two-Step Edges with Line Design

This uniquely-shaped border creates new angles for the face and focuses attention on the small line design at the top of the head. Even though there are many lines here, the shape feels organic and never busy.

4Focused Rectangular Design

This rectangular shape situated at the top of the head makes for smaller framed face look. It narrows the face and creates new boundaries. It’s definitely a look to try if you have a buzzed cut.

5Shadowed Lines

This line cut design features shadowed lines under a thick lengthy top. The style is a fun one to rock if you want to show off what’s underneath all that hair while throwing it into a man-bun or pony.

6Sharp Edge Up with Braids

This sharp edge up design comes complete with braids and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The length of the beard and the length of the hair shed focus on the sharp angles created by the barber.

7Simple Line Design with One Side Squared

Having one side squared is definitely bold. But, pairing a line design reminiscent of a side part is even more dramatic. Try this look with a buzz and a lengthy top.

8Squared into Beard

This squared edge up look pairs perfect with a faded beard that gently makes its way into the hairline. The angle of the face changes and adds new dimensions to focus features such as the eyes.

9Small Line Design

This small and subtle line design is one we love. It’s simple yet brilliantly placed at the crown of the head for the whole world to see. Try it out with a squared edge up look.

10Football Line Design

This football-style line design is a great addition to any line up haircut. To really make it special, try it out with a colored faux-hawk- we guarantee no one else will have this look.

11Basic Squared ‘Do

This squared cut is totally classic and that’s because it looks great on everyone. This is a line up style for any guy to rock.

12Two Line Design with Fade

This V-shaped line design is super cool because the fade happens in between the lines. The in-between fade helps to accentuate the two separate lines and creates a unique look.

13Three Dash Line Up

The three dash line up cut is one of our favorites. Why? Because it is a simple design, however, it looks so chic and fresh! Who wouldn’t want to rock this on the back of their head?

14Bordered Line Design

This line design edge up is like having a border around the entire length of your head. It creates a dynamic look that is hardly ever seen!

15Fresh Faded Line Up

This basic shape up design balances crisp and clean with chic. The blended fade slowly fades down the neckline creating a put-together look.

16Faith Design

This faith design line up cut is perfect for the guy who carries religion with him wherever he goes. Also, there is a line design in the beard to add a little extra flair.

17Sharped Bang Line Up

This shape up cut features a sharp bang signature piece, which is also mirrored on the right side of the head. These sharp angular pieces are a barbers way of showing off!

18Front to Back Line Design

This front to back line design is one that everyone will want to copy. It is simple yet sophisticated. And, you’ll definitely have all eyes on you.

19Scooped Line with Side Bangs

This scooped line design cut comes complete with bangs that are long and hang to the side. The scooped design works as a side part to create this dynamic look.

20Diagonal Line Fade

This diagnol line works together with the medium fade to create a line up look that is fresh and clean. This is a cut that any guy would be happy to rock.

21Sharp Design with Looped Bun

22Undercut Crew with Line Design

23Squared Line Up with Beard

24Thin Line Up Beard

25Bold Squared Line Up

26Faded Squared Edge Up

27Shaped Face Line Up

28Hair to Beard Shape Up

29Short Line Up with Facial Focus

30Squared Line Up with Sleek Top

31Line Design Part with Squared Edges

32Sharp Forehead Line Up

33Thin Sideburn Edge Up

34Double Lined Design

35Shaped Face with Squared Edge Up


Line up cuts are definitely a way for barbers to show off their skills. But, it’s also a way for you to show off your facial features. Line up cuts are a wonderful way of focusing on the parts of your face that you love and hiding the ones that you don’t love.

Some of the line up cuts on this list are classic. These simple looks are a good choice for any man in any profession to rock.

Then there are some edge up cuts on here that are a little more dramatic and definitely take some guts to wear. These feature more intense undercuts and new angular lines.

Whatever you choose for your line up look, we hope you love it!