Best Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Mens Haircut Short Sides Long Top

There are so many possibilities when it comes to men’s haircuts. And, some of our favorite styles are ones that include a long top with short sides. That’s because it centers the focus on the long luscious locks that boys have been hiding for ages. We are psyched they’re finally letting some of their hair grow out. Check out these short side long top looks that will have you melting!


1Sleek Asymmetrical Pushed-Back Shaved Sides Haircut

This hair ‘do looks to be straight out of a fashion magazine. The sleek pushed-to-the-side style is all business. While the side-part makes it more casual and fun.

2Medium Faded Sides Long Top Fringe

This long-top look with a subtle medium fade is perfect for the guy who wants to keep his hair long all over, but still wants that center focus of a long-top short sides haircut.

3Piecey Front Long Hair Short Sides

This long-top look is longer in the front featuring piecey strands, perfect to play with. The short sides blend nicely into the back of the hair creating a very put together cut.

4Spiked Pompadour Short Sides

This long-top short sides look takes the basis of a pompadour but adds some flair by spiking it up. This creates a higher top and a central focus for a casual look.

5Icy Blonde Shaved Sides Haircut Pouf

This icy blonde poufed look is one we love! It is definitely a signature look and perfect for any artist trying to make a statement. Or, for any guy that just wants a big change.

6Lazy Looped Bun Long Hair Short Sides

This lazily looped pull-through bun is paired with a medium fade to give the look a natural, less severe blended look. This is ideal for anyone who wants to just pull up their hair in the morning and go.

7Slicked-Back Pompadour Undercut

This slicked-back pompadour is super dramatic because it’s paired with buzzed sides that really allow the top to pop and gain all the attention! This look is even more dramatic when paired with a beard.

8Messy Top with Subtle Fade

This may all just look like one length, but that’s because the method used to fade the sides is gentle and subtle in order to create a blended look. This natural ‘do is one you’ll want to run your fingers through.

9Blended Fade with Side-Part

This overall look seems organic and natural. The side-part adds a business professional element that will have you closing all the deals. This is a style any guy would be proud to rock.

10Dramatic Bangs Long Hair Short Sides

This is an epitome version of a long-top short sides haircut. The long draping bangs create a mysterious overlay, while the short sides add to the focus of the length of the locks.

11Simple Crew Cut

This basic crew cut is tousled and messy which creates a casual everyday look. The sides are blended well with the top of the hair so that the undercut does not come off as too overwhelming.

12Naturally Curly Top

If you have natural curls, then this is a fun one to try. Pair it with a deep undercut to really accentuate those curly locks.

13Icy Colored Bangs

The long-top short sides look is usually pretty bold. But, when you pair it with an icy dye, you have yourself a look that will turn heads. In the best possible way, of course.

14Basic Crew Fade

Drama is not for everyone. Sometimes, what you want is just a basic look that is easy to maintain. That’s when this style comes in handy. Just be sure to get it trimmed every few weeks.

15Natural Curled Faux-Hawk

This faux-hawk is perfect for any guy with natural curls that are begging to be shown off. The curls drape in front of the face to create a messy casual look that will have you feelin’ carefree!

16Squared Sides with Long Top

This long-top look is extra special because it comes complete with squared sides designed to help accentuate and add focus to the lengthy top. It’s a posh look for any metro-styled man.

17Wavy Top with Distinct Part

The distinct part that’s present in this hairstyle helps to illuminate the waves in the length top portion of this cut. It’s a look that’s best paired with a suit and a designer briefcase.

18Medium Undercut with Subtle Top Length

The top of this cut isn’t the longest we’ve ever seen, but that’s ok because the sides aren’t the shortest. This combination makes it so the overall look blends together nicely to create a casual look.

19Long and Spiked to the Side

This lengthy top cut is pushed and spiked to the side. To attain this look, simply use your fingers and a little pomade to separate natural waves in order to create individual pieces.

20Curled Front Deep Fade

This long-top deep faded cut puts emphasis on the face. The front curl drapes into the face, adding a mysterious and romantic tone to the look. This is one you have to try!

21Thick Curled Faux-Hawk

22Side-Swept Lengthy Top

23Dramatic Line Part with Squared Edges

24Drastic Buzz and High Top

25Short Man-Pony with Buzzed Sides

26Medium Fade with Pushed-Up Top

27All Around Faded Sides Long Top

28Casual Wavy Long Top

29Sleek Pompadour with Drastic Undercut

30Pompadour with Squared Sides

31Laid-Back Side Part with Slicked Top

32Creative Line Design in Undercut Faded Sides Long Top

33Basic Short Sides Long Top

34Surfer-Inspired Long Top Look

35Sleek Short Pompadour with Faded Shaved Sides Haircut


All of these styles have two things in common. One they all contain short sides and a long top. And, two, we are in love with them. All of them! Which is why we just had to share them with you.

Some of the styles on this list are classic and casual. Some are members of the crew cut family and can be rocked by any men of any race with any style!

Then there are some on here that are a little bolder. These styles include dyes, line designs, and some crazy length.

There are also cuts listed that take a bunch of things we really love and put it into one amazing style. If you can rock one of these, then you get the best of all worlds.

Hopefully, you found your next short sides long top haircut!