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How to Get the Peaky Blinders Haircut

Peaky Blinders is one of the most popular TV shows throughout the world and it isn’t difficult to see why. The show follows a gangster family in Birmingham, England just after the end of the First World War and it’s gained a huge following thanks to gritty plot lines, compelling characters, and authenticity. 

The settings, costumes, and styling are all true to the period and really helps the viewer to be drawn into the seedy underbelly of the Peaky Blinders’ world. Three-piece pinstripe suits have never looked so good, but it is the undeniably sharp haircuts of the sleek gangsters that have been the big style inspiration of the show. Men all over the world are flocking to their barbers to emulate the hairstyles of Tommy and the boys. 

Take a look at the most iconic haircuts of Peaky Blinders and how to get the looks for yourself, including what to ask your barber for and how to style each of the haircuts at home.


1The Thomas Shelby Haircut

The exceptional acting skills of Cillian Murphy have turned Tommy Shelby – the leader of the Peaky Blinders – into an ionic television character. When he isn’t wearing his razor blade filled paperboy cap, his hair is on point. The Tommy Shelby haircut looks as on-trend today as it would have a hundred years ago.

  1. What to Ask For?

Get the Tommy Shelby look by asking your barber for a number three on the back and sides and a textured crop up top, with some extra length at the front. 

This Peaky Blinders’Blinders haircut is better suited to those with oval faces or with angular jaw lines and defined cheekbones. If you have a different face shape, ask your barber if there is a version of the Tommy Shelby cut that will be better suited to you.

  1. How to Style the Thomas Shelby Haircut?

Perfect your Tommy Shelby cut at home by brushing your hair forward when blow drying to show the contrast between the length up top and the short side. Create some texture through the layers up top with a little wax, and sweep the longer lengths at the front to one side.

2The Arthur Shelby Haircut

Arthur Shelby, played by the brilliant Paul Anderson, also sports and undercut-style haircut, but with a longer length up top and shorter sides for a starker contrast. Polished and edgy, the Arthur Shelby haircut is seriously cool, but also wearable and contemporary.

  1. What to Ask For?

To get the Arthur Shelby look for yourself, tell your barber you want a disconnected undercut with a number one on the back and sides. On the top you want a few inches in length so you will be able to slick it back. The Arthur Shelby moustache is optional.

  1. How to Style the Arthur Shelby Haircut

Styling is key when it comes to getting the polished and sleek Athur Shelby look right. After washing your hair, blow dry the longer hair at the top towards the back of the head, focusing on the roots to help keep the hair falling backwards. Once dry, apply a pea-sized amount of pomade to the lengths and comb them back to create that sleek and polished finish. Avoid any crunchy wet-look gel – that’s more Ross from Friends than Arthur Shelby.

3The John Shelby Haircut

John Shelby, brought to life on screen by Joe Cole, has a hairstyle just as covetable as Arthur and Tommy Shelby. He also has a disconnect undercut style, with sides and back that are shaved super close to the skin and short, straight lengths on top. The style is low maintenance, but it does require regular trips to the barber, to keep it looking neat and sharp.

  1. What to Ask For?

If you are after the John Shelby haircut, ask your barber for a number zero on the back and sides – there should be plenty of skin showing, with the slightest amount of stubble. On the top, ask for a short crop – you don’t want too much length, just enough so it can be swept to the side.

  1. How to Style the John Shelby Haircut?

The John Shleby hairstyle doesn’t require as much styling as the other Peaky Blinders’ haircuts. Simply use a little light styling wax or pomade to smooth the lengths of hair on the top to one side. Or if your hair is a little longer, use a pin tail comb to get a really sharp deep side part.

4The Michael Gray Haircut

Cousin to the Shelby siblings, Michael Gray – portrayed on the small screen by Finn Cole – is another Peaky Blinder with a cracking haircut. If you are looking for a Peaky Blinders haircut that doesn’t require styling everyday (i.e. can be worn natural), then the Michael Grey cut is the one for you. The cut is clean and sharp, ideal for you if you favour a classic aesthetic.

  1. What to Ask For?

To recreate Michael Gray’s hairstyle, ask your barber for subtly tapered sides and back, with a longer length on the top.

  1. How to Style the Michael Gray Haircut

After washing, when hair is still wet, use a pin tail comb to create a sharp, deep side part. If your hair is naturally wavy, you should be able to let your hair dry on its own and use a little light wax to hold the waves in place. If you hair doesn’t have a lot of natural texture, apply a wave cream to towel-dried hair and blow dry with a small barrel brush to twist the locks into a soft waves. Comb your hair into place with fingers or a wide tooth-comb and secure with a light hold hairspray.