Beard Fade Styles and How to Fade A Beard


Fading a beard is a very important of having a beard fade that actually looks good and ‘works’ with your entire style. But, how do you actually fade one like a pro? We’re here to tell you…

1How to Fade A Beard

First, you want to get your beard to the desired length. Next, brush your beard downwards and trim to get all the stray hairs that may be hiding. Then sharpen the neckline by tidying up. And finally, trim your cheek lines! Voila, your beard is properly faded and you’re ready for a night out on the town!

2Buzzed to Thick Natural Beard Fade

This beard fade look comes complete with a naturally curled beard that is coarse in texture. The buzzed to thick look is a perfect one if you have a deep undercut ‘do.

3Invisible Line Beard Fade

This beard fade has an almost invisible line that connects the beard with the hairline. It comes complete with a thin-lined mustache. This is for the guy that enjoys little maintenance.

4Medium Fade Beard

This medium fade beard is a great choice for a beard length. It connects well with the average male haircut. And, it is perfect to run your fingers through!

5Beard Fade Sleek High Top

This light to dark beard fade works best on brunettes. It brings the dark color of the beard to center focus in the front of the face and gently fades its way back into the hairline.

6Huge Beard with Buzzed Cut

This beard fade is bold, but it’s a great one to rock if you can grow a massively thick beard. Pair it with a buzz cut for a more intense and dramatic look that will have all the focus on your beard.

7Thick Buzzed Beard with Man-Bun

This man-bun style seamlessly blends into the faded beard on this gentleman. The ends of the beard match the fade of the end of the hairline making it a smooth transition all around.

8Bald fade with beard

This thick and impressive beard fade is accentuated with the use of a simple and basic hairstyle. The hairstyle seems lighter in color because of the thickness, so the darkness of the big beard is emphasized!

9Short Beard Fade with Sleek Look

This short beard fade is the perfect addition to this sleek side part look. It screams chic professional. Just be sure to keep that beard fresh and trim!

10Sculpted U Beard

This sculpted beard drops down the face in the shape of a ‘U’. The clean shape of it combined with the coarse natural look of the beard creates a look that is manly and carefree.

11Thick ‘Stache

This beautiful beard fade with a thick mustache is a perfect look for someone who wants their lips in focus. The beard fades effortlessly and subtly into the hair creating a put-together look.

12Edged Light Beard Fade

This edged beard fade comes complete with a squared edge of the forehead creating angles and lines on every length of the face. The short fade helps to accentuate these lines, as well.

13Thin Line Beard

This thin line beard is a great choice for people of color. The coarse section of the beard is thin and goes up into the hairline to match the simple buzzed cut.

14Taper fade with beard

This beard fade is effortlessly cool. The spot in the middle of the head remains short while the top of the head and the chin remains long and free.

15Skin fade with beard

This shapely buzzed beard fade blends right up into the hair. It features a short mustache and a beard about the same length, putting the focus on the middle of the face.

16Deep low fade with beard

This deep ‘W’-shaped beard is short and easy to manage. However, it looks crisp and clean. So, it’s a great style to rock if you’re often in the public eye.

17Angular Beard to Undercut

This angular style beard is super unique and one of our favorites. The undercut style that it’s paired makes the whole beard really pop!

18Shadow Line Beard Fade

This shadow line beard fade is one that isn’t done too often, but for those who can pull it off- it’s definitely worth a try! It combines two different beard fades in one! How cool is that?

19Natural Beard with Connected Goatee

This naturally coarse beard comes complete with a connected goatee and thin mustache. It blends drastically into the buzzed undercut.

20Tailored Beard Fade

If you want a tailored and chic look, then this is the one that’s for you! It features thick facial hair on the chin and a subtle buzzed fade into the hairline.

21Thick Angular Neck Beard

This beard literally takes over your entire face. Like, seriously. It even takes over your neck. But, if you feel like showing off your facial hair, then this is definitely the way to do it.

22Average Length Beard Fade

23Crisp Long Beard

24Temp fade with beard

25Short Stubbly Look

26Angled Beard with Squared Edges

27Drop fade with beard

28Thick Beard with Thin ‘Stache

29Sharp Angled Beard with Line Design

Comb over fade with beard

30Short and Sweet Fade

31Short and Simple Fade

32Subtle Fade to Undercut

33Natural Beard with Gentle Lines


Beard fades can be fun to play with if you can grow some good facial hair. There are so many styles to choose from, so it was hard for us to pick only a handful! However, there are styles on here to match everyone’s tastes.

There are beard fade haircuts on here that are more subtle. These cuts blend into the hairlines much more naturally than others to create an organic yet sophisticated look. Think classic American!

Then, there are styles on here that are a little bolder and way chicer. These styles require a little more upkeep as you must keep the lines tidy at all times to preserve the look. Seriously, you have to keep these looks fresh!

Hopefully, you found some inspiration for your next visit to the barber! Happy buzzing!