Professional Hairstyles for Men

Short and Long Professional Hairstyles for Men

Guys, we know you want to look professional – especially now that offices are beginning to open back up (slowly) in some parts of the world. Regardless, having a professional hairstyle is important for a businessman. Now that we’re welcoming a new season we thought it was a great time to give you some new, fresh hairstyle ideas. Whether you like your hair short or long, we think you’re going to find at least one style you like on this list.


1The Classic Business Cut

Keep your hair short, professional and classic with this hair style. It’s a staple cut you can count on to look like you’re a pro in your field. Adding just a touch of hair product keeps the hair in place all day long.

2Classy Professional

We don’t know about you but we love a hairstyle that’s simple, stylish and classy – especially for business men. This is one of those cuts. Between the classy shape and the slicked back styling it’s a major win for any office environment.

3Curly Business Man

Is your hair naturally curly? No worries, you can still look stylish and professional with a haircut like this. Leaving the top longer allows the curls to be natural and look styled. Trim the sides for a more groomed aesthetic.

4Defined Part

Isn’t this an elegant cut? We thought so too. The cut itself is classic and simple, but it’s the defined side part that really adds a unique twist to the look. Adding just that distinct part makes the haircut look more modern and a little trendy.

5Easily Styled

Do you like leaving your hair a little longer than some of the previous looks shown? You can definitely look professional with longer hair and this is a great example of that. This cut is a good middle ground where it’s not overly short or too long – making styling everyday a breeze.

6Added Top Length

We know some professional men like to look modern and trendy, while still keeping things office appropriate. Sound like you? This is a great cut to consider. Longer length on top allows for different styling, here they styled it straight up to add extra height to the hair.

7Extra Short + Fade

If you’re a guy who likes your hair to be extremely easy to deal with on a daily basis, this is probably more your vibe. The cut is short all over, with just some slight fading on the sides to give some dimension to the hair.

8Slicked Top and Fade

Longer on top and shorter on the sides is a go-to concept for men all over the world. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can adapt that style to suit your personal style. Here they added a sleekness to the look by styling the top part of the hair slicked back.

9Professional Side Slick

You will notice a lot of the professional hairstyles for men include some slicked back element to them. This is partly because that creates a sleek, polished look for the hair. Here it’s styled a bit to the side for a little more of a relaxed vibe.

10Long Push Back

Want longer hair? Consider this cut! This is ideal for men with naturally straight or slightly wavy hair – this allows for the hair to dry naturally and fall into place easily.

11Long Top, Short Sides

Here we have another long top with shorter sides style, this time a bit more dramatic. The top was left quite long, providing this side swept styling that looks really stylish. Styling to the side like this also adds volume to the hair.

12Longer Length Flip

Leaving the top of the hair with some length gives you the opportunity to style this flipped hair. It’s a great way to add dimension to hair when the sides are shorter.

13Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy hair gets a professional upgrade with this haircut. It’s an easy to style look that doesn’t require a lot of fuss in the morning – which is great for any guy. Keep it simple!

14Curled Side Swept

Another medium-length hairstyle that we think is great for the professional guy with naturally wavy hair. Notice how the cut really allows for the natural hair texture to be embraced and makes for easy styling.

15Spiked Volume

If you’re more of a style risk taker – this is fun to try out for the office. The front and top was left longer, no surprise, but styled up and out a bit giving this spiked look to the hair.

16Minimal Stripe

Asking your barber for small details to be added to your usual cut gives you an opportunity to switch things up while staying professional. Here the two lines on the sides are what helps achieve that – really fun!

17Professional Push Back

Another classic hairstyle is definitely this one. It’s a go to men all over the world lean on, and with good reason. This is idea for men with naturally straight or wavy hair. To get the pushed back style easily, use just a small amount of hair product.

18Longer Slicked

We know, it’s another slicked back style but as you can see there are a lot of ways to achieve that aesthetic. This was done with hair a bit on the longer side, if that’s something that’s more up your alley.

19Short Side Part Style

Keep it short, polished and elegant with this cut. Between the hairstyle itself and the facial hair it’s a great combination. Adding the side part gives this cut a really nice finished look. Just make sure to maintain grooming!

20Sleekly Styled

Slicked back is the move for most professional men. Customize yours to suit your preferences. Here he opted for more of a distinct fading on the side that really tapers nicely.

21Short Spike

Short hair doesn’t mean boring or unstyled. This is a great example of how very short hair can look really trendy and modern. Leaving some of the hair just a smidge longer allows to style it up in kind of a spiked, very mini faux hawk.

22Styled Short

Work with your barber to get your haircut personalized. This is a great example of how the sides were shaped uniquely to make this hairstyle stand out from a lot of the others on this list. Don’t you think?

23Elegant Cut

It’s really all about keeping hair elegant and modern when you’re a business man. Less is often more and this is prime example of that. We think it looks great with just a bit of scruff in facial hair for a finishing touch.

24Simple and Short

Short, simple and stylish. Like we said before, less really is more with men’s hairstyles. We think this cut is great for the guy who is always on the go and doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning.

25Sleek and Slick

It’s always important to consider how facial hair looks paired with your haircut. The two are worn together (obviously) so always keep that in mind when selecting your hairstyle. Both should be groomed cohesively for a synonymous look.

26Parted and Slicked

27Styled Loosely

28Tapered Fade

29Textured Spike Hair

30Wavy Part