New Hairstyles For Men 2019

New Trendy Haircuts For Men

It can be hard to find the perfect hairstyle to fit your unique personality. And, everyone wants a trendy cut that will attract the right people! That is why we compiled a list of trendy new hairstyles for men that will have everyone looking and stopping to ask who did your hair. Here are some of the best styles that will make you feel fresh and new.


1Deep Side Part Fade

This deep side-parted fade look for men is not only sexy, but it’s also polished! This is a look for a man who works in the office but loves to travel and party on the weekends.

2Short And Tousled

This short and tousled look seems effortless and sweet. So, if this is the vibe you are trying to give off to the ladies then totally give this cut a try!

3Gray With Full Top

Women love a silver fox. And, this gray color has definitely been trending for the last few years. If you are brave enough to look older, then get out that dye box or hit your local salon.

4Buzzed Sides Full Top

This buzzed sides look is sharp and defined. It will definitely draw attention and show that you care about what your hair is doing. Being put together is sexy!

5Squared Buzz

This low maintenance buzz hair style is a great cut for you if you are a busy man. This is the look for the guys who don’t have enough time to fuss with a blow-dryer in the morning.

6Pink And Fluffy High Top

All girls love pink. So if you get a pink ‘do, definitely expect girls to come to talk to you! This bold hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. Be brave and give it a go!

7Full European Look Hairstyle

This sexy and lush European look will definitely have all eyes on you. People love this hairstyle because it can take the most ordinary man and make him look cultured and chic!

8Definite Side Line Design Long Top

Here is a haircut you don’t see all the time! It has a definite line that separates the top from the bottom of the hair. This subtly bold look is just screaming for attention…in a good way!

9Polished Elegant Hairstyle

Are you looking for a polished look with minimum effort? Then this casual natural haircut may be the perfect fit for you. Simply run a comb through it in the morning and you’re good to go!

10Surfer Haircut

The surfer hair look is a look that looks good on any man! It is messy and cute. It is perfect for the carefree guy who wants you to know he doesn’t care what he looks like…but he still looks good.

11Messy Pompadour

This messy pompadour look with a defined side part is stunning! It combines a unique look with a classic side-part for a tousled look women will be just dying to run their fingers through.

12Low Taper Fade Blowout

This haircut is perfect if you have natural curls you want to show off. This square-cut takes those curls and defines them with a buzzed fade base, perfect for any occasion.

13Long Side Part

This long side-parted style is classy but a little tricky. Maintenance with this look can be a doozy if you don’t invest in the proper products and a blow-dryer. But, it’s definitely worth the fuss!

14Subtle Faux Hawk

This subtle faux hawk is a favorite of the ladies! It takes a classic short haircut and puts a unique twist on it, without being too bold or ‘out there’.

15Slicked Back With High Fade

If you are a guy who likes to just grab some gel and go, then this is the hairstyle for you. This trendy look takes five minutes in the morning. Just slick it back and you’re out the door!

16Blonde French Crop

This blonde French crop look is an ideal cut if you’re looking to go bleach blonde. The combination of the dye and the cut will give you a whole new look!

17Slick Back Full Pompadour

This pompadour style is a tad feminine but in the very best way possible. This look shows that the man rocking it cares about his hair and wants to make a good impression. And, that’s super sexy.

18Spiky Fade Cut With Design

Are you a total party guy? Or, maybe you just like being a little loud and different. If so, then definitely try out this detailed buzzed look. We guarantee no one else has it.

19Icy Modern Mohawk

This icy blonde modern mohawk is for someone who is bold and not afraid to try something drastic. Not everyone has the confidence to rock this trendy new look. Do you?

20Curled Top

This curled-top look can work for someone who has natural curls or just long hair that is willing to take a curling rod. Sure, it may seem like a lot of work. But, a new ‘do like this is so worth it.

21Touch Of Lavender

This touch of lavender hairstyle is not just for women anymore. Lavender is a color anyone can rock and it will definitely gain attention from all your female friends.

22Front Side-Swept

23Long Top Curls Low Fade

24Long Natural Curls

25Short Back Long Top

26Defined High Top

27Two Lines Buzz Cut

28Old-Fashioned Shaved Sides Long On Top

29Easy To Style Classic Haircut

30Short And Fluffy Fade

31Effortless Messy Haircut

32Bold Top Flip

33Full Facial Hair & Textured Cut

34Classic French Crop Cut

35Bun Shaved Undercut

36Textured Curls

37Black And Silver Waves

38Curly Taper Fade Cut

39Simply Dapper

40Medium Wavy Hair

41Lavender Hair


These trendy hairstyles for men are all so diverse and different. Which is perfect because hopefully you’ll be able to find something that suits your unique personality and style.

There are looks that are for the casual dude. These looks are long tousled and take very little maintenance. These looks attract women because of their carefree attitudes. And, honestly, who doesn’t love the bedhead look?

Then there are some looks that take a little more time in the morning. Definitely don’t try to attempt these if you just don’t have that extra 20 mins to spend fussing in the mirror. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice some morning time for a good looking ‘do, then head to the salon to try one of these professional looks.

There are also some looks that take a spin on classic styles, like the mohawk, and make them much more manageable and appropriate for any occasion. Whether it be an office conference or a party on 5th Ave, these looks are easily transferable.

Hopefully, this list helped you find your inspiration for your next trendy cut. Good luck in the salon chair!