men dreadlocs hairstyles

Dreadlock Styles for Men

Commonly referred to as locs, dreadlocks have steadily emerged as a household hairstyle both for men and ladies. This ancestral hairstyle is prevalent among celebrities, in the corporate world, and even in our educational system as many schools allow the elegance that comes with it.

1What are dreadlocks?

These are entangled hair strands that form alone once the hair starts growing naturally. They are as a result of not cutting and brushing the hair, and as it continues to grow, the hair strands merge and begin to twist.  It is this tangled hair that forms dreadlocks.

Here are 30 best men dreadlock styles you’ll love.

2FroHawk dreads

Fohawk is one of the most widely rocked dreadlocks hairstyles for men. It’s mainly suited for gentlemen and easily blends with both formal and casual look. The unique thing about fohawk is the twisting detail on the upper head part that generates an impressive look to the wearer.

3Ponytail Dreads

Rocking a ponytailed dreadlock hairstyle is one of the best and occasionally overlooked ways to wear in a corporate setting. You can simply achieve the half ponytail dreadlocks by tying the locks at the back instead of letting them loose. This is not only classy but is a foolproof way to impress your superiors at work.

4Fishtail dreads

Just because you have dreadlocks doesn’t mean that you get to stick to a monotonous and boring hairstyle. You can simply braid your dreads into a fishtail and still look great. Moreover, you get to save time doing it that it would normally take to style conventional hair.

5High Top Dreads

Arguably, high top dreads are some of the ‘cleanest cut’ dreadlock styles of all the times. Also referred to as undercut dreads, they utilize a more manageable approach in terms of styling as the wearer is left with shorter hair length with tapered back and sides. The taper is a well thought out concept as they make maintenance easy since the back/sides are kept at a minimum short meaning they require less attention than the main dreadlocks section. As such, they are less invasive compared to the longer iterations.

6Bohemian Locs

Pessimists may say that locks are much of a heavyweight to style. However, one thing they don’t realize is the fact that even a subtle hairstyle can totally overhaul your look. That is exactly what bohemian locs do as they can be simply pulled into a loosely tied knot, resulting in a uniquely impressive hairdo.

7Twist and Rip Dreadlocks

This is another great hairstyle that gives you the privilege to choose the size and quantity of the locs.  Twist and rip are best suited for a nappy or kinky type of hair.  The simplicity of this style makes it easy for DIY’ers eliminating the need to visit a loctician.

8Dyed Dreadlocks

This hairstyle features a special touch of dying and bleaching which ultimately shades the hair pigmentation and texture.
There are multiple shades including ginger, blonde, and grey highlight, to suit different tastes and preferences.

9Braided Jumbo Bun Dreadlocks

Another popular to spice your hairstyle is the braided jumbo bun dreadlocks. It is rather simple, attractive, and epitomizes an independent lifestyle.  It comes in multiple variations and looks really awesome with ombre hair leaving you with enough room to make adjustments in finding a style you can work with.

10Crochet Faux Braid Dreadlocks

Although commonly misconstrued to be more feminine, they also work great for men thanks to the wide variation to choose from.

In terms of styling, you can choose the neat or messy type and either way, they will look spot on. They are time-saving as they take less than three hours to install and an average lifespan of 3 months with proper care and maintenance.

11Basket Weave Dreadlocks

How can we not include the basket weaved dreadlock style?? Although pleasing to the eyes, it’s one of the time-intensive and complex styles there is. As a result, you need to be patient as your loctician molds your hair into a sieve-like pattern.

12Twisted Bun Dreadlocks

The twisted bun dreadlocks have slowly emerged to become a popular hairstyle among the young millennials.  It’s simply achieved by twisting the locs in three separate buns which are then secured by warping them backward. To throw in a sense of style, use a hair band to tie the bun.

13Two-Strand Twists Locs

This is a super-versatile hairstyle that works on both short and long hair.  Basically, it works by twisting two small locs in the opposite direction that you did during the initial styling.

14Short Dreadlocs and High Fade

A high top dread with low fade is what you would call the prince of rugged looks. Drawing inspiration from the ’80s this classical dread hairstyle is appropriate for fashion shows and any other special occasions.

15Dread Top Knot with Undercut

Even without an African hair, you can easily pull off the Dread Top Knot with Undercut style. The kinky hair is sharply faded to almost resemble an undercut.

16Kinky Dread with Mohawk and Fade

Who said mohawk was a passing trend? Kinky Dread with Mohawk and Fade is the simplest definition of rugged elegance. Simply incorporate short, medium, and long dreadlocks to give the impression of shagginess. To top it up, a clean and sharp side shave will do the trick.

17Locks and Line Up

Communicate your simple personality with this equally simple hairstyle.  Features thin tightly coiled dreadlocks, a line up with a faded neckline.

18Half Ponytail Dreadlocs

Half ponytail essentially works by pulling the hair backward, securing it with a hair band, and leaving it to flow over the shoulders. It sits well with a corporate look although the tips can be dyed to enhance the look.

19Long Dreadlocks

The unmetered way to show off your fully grown mane. The best way to rock such a look is to wear them down. If they feel heavy, a half ponytail would help you support the extra weight.

20Edge Up Low Fade

It doesn’t follow the natural hairline. Instead, temples, back, forehead are shaved creating sharp angles and straight lines. As a result, there is a clear contrast between the faded edges and the long locs.

21Long Dreadlocks and Beard

Beard gang! You can complement your facial hair with long dreadlocks. The style incorporates temple fade transition between the beard and long dreadlocks.

22Double Strand Twist Locks and Beard

This is the ideal hairstyle for the young millennials looking to show off their masculinity. Just the typical double strand twists although this time it’s underwritten by a long beard.

23Braided Dread Bun Side Design

Nothing elevates your hairstyle than the artistic hair side designs. They shout off your outgoing nature and sense of style. These twisted dreads are super- long, clean, yet simple. This is contrasted but the linear side design running right from the front all the way to the back.

24Short Spring Dreadlocks with Low Fade

You can have short dreads engrossed in spring curls. This style features spring dreadlocks at the top that pushes the springy highlights on the bottom compounded by a low fade.

25Messy Top Dreads

This hairstyle is creative and compliments your sense of style giving you a larger fashion profile. The combination of roughly faded sides and messy locs at the top earns this hairstyle the title of cool and ready to roll.

26Criss Cross Dreadlocks

Irrespective of the length, color, or even the texture of your hair, there is a plethora of hairstyles for dread wearers to rock. This multipurpose style needs careful and precise hands for accurate crisscrosses. The twists also need to be perfectly done.

27Dreadlock Rows

For a convenient yet fancy hairstyle, this look definitely ticks all the boxes. It takes relatively less time to get done and it’s very easy to maintain.

28Hippie Dreadlocks

If you have a mane, flaunt it!! This classic look allows your dreadlocks to freely flow. Simply place them in a low pony and you are good to hit the road.

29Chunky Dread Locs

Maintaining and nurturing chunky locs is not a fete for the faint-hearted. As one of the famed dreadlock hairstyle for men, this hairy style occupies a top spot on the podium. Pair it with a full beard and you will be turning heads everywhere you go.

30Half Up Half Down Thin Dreadlocs

Although common among the older folks, this hairstyle also works great even for the younger generation. Given its simplicity, it seamlessly fits into any occasion.

31Fire Flame DreadlLocs and Shaved Sides

If you are on a festering search for the “wow” factor, this is your perfect match. Features shaved sides and bold colors on the dreadlocks.