Mid Fade Haircut

Medium Fade Haircut Styles

Medium fade haircuts are great because they tend to blend in nicely with the rest of the hair to create an overall natural look. However, some of these looks can still be bold, dramatic, and the total eye-catchers of the party! Really, there are unlimited ways to make a medium fade haircut work for your style. Here are some of our favorite mid fade haircuts!


1Long Faux-Hawk with Faded Sides

This long faux-hawk is unique because it’s piecey and features a medium fade rather than plain buzzed sides. To style this correctly run your fingers and a little pomade through the top. You won’t be disappointed!

2Blonde Top

This medium fade paired with a bright blonde top makes for a bold look. The center focus is the top of the hair and the fade really allows it to pop!

3Sleek Squared Sides Mid Bald Fade

This medium fade cut features squared sides and a sleek top for an overall put-together look. This professional look can be rocked in a business or party setting.

4Pushed Top with Medium Fade

This pushed-to-the-side top is best maintained with gel. Just dab a little on your comb in the morning and push it to the side for a look that won’t be in your face all day.

5Subtle Medium Fade with Long Top

This medium fade surrounding the head gives this long-top look the subtle edge it needs to succeed. This is a great basic and clean look for any guy.

6Long Pushed Bangs

This long pushed-to-the-side bangs look won’t stay out of your face, but it will make you look damn sexy. Paired with a beard, some sunglasses, and a blended fade, you will have all the ladies talking.

7Squared Short Mid Skin Fade

This short top look is easy to maintain and comes complete with a medium fade which helps the style to look natural and unplanned Add some squaring edges and the look takes a complete step up!

8Piecey Waves with Fade

This long-top short side look features a medium fade that accentuates the natural waves of the hair. Use some pomade to piece these waves together so your look remains flawless throughout the day.

9Huge Pompadour with Medium Fade

This huge pompadour is super sleek. And, it comes complete with a medium fade, making it a desirable look for anyone who wants the focus on the top of their head.

10Natural Curls with Squared Feature

This natural curl look with a fade is made even better with the squaring details on the forehead. This draws more attention to the organic curls.

11Line Design in Medium Fade

The medium fade on the side of this ‘do is super extra with the line design. This crazy design is totally customizable. Whatever you pick- it’ll add that little special something to a basic look.

12Pulled-Back Loop Bun Mid Skin Fade

This pull-backed loop bun is heightened even more when paired with a medium fade. This fade points attention upward and makes the bun the highlight of the cut.

13Basic Fade with Squared Edges

This look is nothing but fresh and clean. The basic buzzed look leaves the top a little higher. And, when the squared edges are added in, you will definitely look like you care about your cut.

14Icy Tips Mid Bald Fade

As if medium fade haircuts weren’t bold enough- add some icy tips for a really drastic look! This is completely customizable too! Try purple, blue, pink, any color, really!

15Simple Medium Fade

This is one of the most basic medium fade looks. It’s simple, crisp, and looks very natural because of the method of blending.

16Short Back Long Front

This medium fade look is longer in the front and shorter in the back. This is a great look for any man- young or old- looking for something a little trendy but not too in-your-face.

17Curled Top with Squared Edges

This curled top look is wonderful for any guy with natural curls. Simply have the hairstylist cut the back and sides shorter. And feel free to add some dye to those curls!

18In-the-Face Bangs

If you can stand having your bangs in your face, then this is a look that is right for you. Just remember that it’s easy to comb it back with a little bit of gel if you get sick and tired of the curly draped look.

19Piecey Spikes with Line Design

Line designs are always a great choice when you are looking to add a little extra something to your cut. And mixed with a piecey long-topped look- this style is a total winner.

20Buzzed with Squared Edges Mid Bald Fade

If you are looking for the easiest style to maintain, then this is the one. The cut is short both on top and on the sides, making the medium fade buzz to almost nothing! Seriously, you’ll barely have hair to wash with this look.

21Curly Top with Dramatic Side Part

22Pushed Top with Medium Fade

23Piecey Top with Buzzed Mid Top Fade

24Natural Top with Line Design

25Messy Top with Medium Fade

26Short Natural Curls Mid Top Fade

27Subtle Pompadour with Faded Sides

28Slicked-Back Top with Medium Undercut

29Rounded Top with Medium Fade

30High Top Fade Shaved Edges

31Loose Top with Undercut

32Short and Sleek Side Part Mid Top Fade

33Tall Front with Drastic Mid Skin Fade Undercut

34Squared Front with Blended Fade

35Long Top with Buzzed Sides

36Sleek Top Mid Fade Haircut

37Subtle Dyed Tips

38Edged Front and Natural Top Mid Skin Fade

39Messy Short Top with Line Design

40Piecey Top with Major Side Part


All of these styles are great because they highlight the natural locks of every male. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair- there is a look on this list that fits your needs.

There are a great many styles that feature natural curls and that highlight them accordingly. Because, really guys, if you’ve got them, flaunt them! There is no use in keeping your hair short just because you don’t know how to style them!

Then there are mid fade cuts on here that are pretty simple and basic. These styles are pretty short all around the head and are easy to maintain.

Plus you can find cuts on this list that will have you glowing like the business professional that you are. These styles require a little more maintenance in the morning but are so totally worth it.

Good luck in the salon chair, boys!