Man Bun Fade Styles

Man Bun With Fade Haircuts

The man bun is the perfect look for any guy that has the long locks to pull it off. It’s creative, cool, and honestly super attractive. And, a faded undercut makes a man bun stick out even more, bringing it to the center of focus. So, here are some of the best man bun styles with fades to get you looking your best.


1Squared Undercut With Thick Bun

This squared defined undercut look helps this man bun to look both polished and carefree all at once. The bottom says business while the top says party, so this look is extremely versatile.

2Deep Undercut With Single Braid Bun

This deep undercut style features entirely buzzed sides to allow the man bun that sits on top to really pop. The bun is paired with a single center braid which gives it just a little extra flair.

3Smooth Small Man Bun

This smooth small man bun is perfect for the guy with completely straight hair. It is polished looking and not too in your face or scruffy. It is a good choice for someone who is in a more professional setting on the average day.

4Messy Falling Out Man Bun

This messy bun which appears to be falling out is the epitome of chill and relaxed. This is the ideal cut for someone who wants a style they can throw up effortlessly and look like a million dollars.

5Tight Braided Man Bun

This tight braided man bun comes complete with a complete buzz to allow the whole look to be put together and conscious. This is not a look for someone who wants a messy feel to their style.

6Wavy Man Bun With Undercut Line Design

This wavy man bun screams for attention. It works best with natural waves and comes complete with a waved line design that will definitely have all eyes on you.

7Slicked Back Bun

This slick-backed bun with drastic undercut is the type of man bun a businessman could rock in the workplace. If you’re not a fan of the average crew cut, but need to keep it professional for work- try out this man bun style!

8High Top-Knot With Line Design

This high top-knot looks prim and polished. The squared front helps to accentuates the height of the bun, while the simple line design on the side adds the extra flair you’re looking for in a unique cut.

9Bun To Pony Style

This bun to pony style is perfect if you have a little extra length. This one is fun because it’s versatile. You can rock a bun half the day and let it fall into a pony-tail half-way through.

10Twin French-Braided Rows To Bun

This man bun style includes two french-braided rows working their way from the front of the head into a thicker french braid tightened in a bun toward the back of the head. This look will definitely keep the hair out of your face.

11Sleek Top-Knot

This sleek top-knot features an undercut fade that allows the man bun to really stand tall. It accentuates its height. And, the sleek look will keep all the flyaways out of your face.

12Dreaded Bun With Fade

This dread-filled bun complete with a fade is perfect for the man with natural African American hair. It keeps your hair under control and in a style that is unique, fresh, and totally cool.

13Small Sleek Bun With Tail

This small sleek bun comes complete with a tail, which allows the look to seem more casual and unplanned. The buzzed sides make the look a little more fresh and clean.

14Squared Fade Man Bun

This squared faded look allows all attention to go to the man bun that sits on the top back of the head. The bun itself is thrown up in an elastic in a casual way to show keep you cool and show off those buzzed sides.

15Thick Curly Bun With Fade

This curly bun is full of thickness. And, that’s what really makes the look when placed next to the faded sides. This style works best for men with naturally thick curly locks.

16Curly Man Bun With Line Deisgn

This naturally curly man bun comes complete with a unique line design in the fade which takes up most of the buzzed portion of your head and definitely draws your attention.

17Loose Man Bun On Back Of Head

This loose man bun positioned more on the back of the head than most is a perfect choice for the ‘casual guy’. The look takes minimal effort. Just throw it up and you’re good to go. Don’t worry about slicking it back!

18Super-Squared Front With Low Natural Bun

This dramatically squared front fade with a low natural bun works best for men of African American descent who know how to rock their thick hair.

19Multiple Braids To Bun

This multi-braid bun will definitely keep your hair in check throughout the entire day- so you won’t have to worry about messing with gel or sprays throughout the day. The line design on the side also adds a super cool touch.

20Poofed-Top Bun

This bun is poofed at the top making it less serious than the slicked-back styles and a little more serious than the messy throw it up naturally ‘dos. If you’re looking for a nice “in-betweener”- this is it!

21Top-Knot With Long Tail

22Curly Full Man Bun

23Skinny-Topped Bun With Deep Undercut

24Slick-Backed Bow-Bun

25Slicked-Back Loop-Bun

26Messy Naturally Spiked Bun

27Tight Braided Back Of Head Bun

28Squared Fade With Small Top-Knot

29Thick Twirled Bun With Fade

30Sided Braid Incorporated In Bun


There are so many different types of man bun fades to choose from- and who knew? On this list is something that can certainly appeal to anyone’s taste, so hopefully, you have the long locks to make the style of your dreams happen!

There are braided man buns on here that guarantee your hair will stay in place all day. These looks are easy to manage once you get the braiding part down like a science. And, they definitely give you some extra flair.

Then there are man bun fade styles that are slicked back and clean looking. These looks are perfect for the office-dwellers of the world. Add a little extra uniqueness by adding a simple line design.

Finally, there are the classic man bun styles we all love that are thrown back and bohemian for that relaxed “chill-out, dude” kind of look. We will never get tired of these!