Cool Haircuts For Boys

Popular Cool Haircuts for Little Boys

Are you looking for the best haircut for your little angel? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled some of the cutest coolest haircuts for little boys that will have everyone saying, “awwww”. But, don’t get too excited yet, we PROMISE you’re going to have a hard time choosing just one. Take a look at these super cool haircuts for boys.


1High-Fade Cut With Line

This high-fade cut with line design acting as the part is a perfect look for any little boy who doesn’t mind you running a little gel through his hair every morning. It’s polished and cute and easy to style.

2Long Tapered Undercut

This long tapered undercut comes complete with long bangs draping into your little one’s face. If this is something that won’t distract him or bother him, then this edgy look is a great choice for your boy.

3Classic Medium Fade

This tapered look is a classic one for any little boy. It fades gradually into the neckline making it look natural and untouched. The look requires little maintenance except or a cut every few weeks, depending on how fast your boy’s hair grows.

4Side Line Design

This tapered look comes complete with a unique line design. This style is for the little boy who wants to stand out and wants something just a little different from everyone else. The line design is totally customizable too!

5Classic Tapered Side Part

This classic boy look has been seen on every boy band ever…and for good reason! It’s simple and easy to manage and doesn’t take too much of a fuss to attend to every morning. The deeper side part is a nice touch too!

6Natural Waved Tapered Look

This tapered look looks great with natural waves. It focuses on the length of the natural waves on top and gradually tapers into the neckline creating a look that’s put together, but not too polished.

7Natural Curls With An Undercut And Line Design

This edgy young boy look is complete with natural curls and an undercut containing a small line design. This tiny line design detail makes this style unique and totally perfect for that rebel little boy of yours.

8Squared Front Line Design

This squared-front line design style works best for kids who are of African American descent. Their natural hair looks amazing with the squared front style. And, the buzzed side line design adds an extra touch of flair to the look.

9Side-Swept Crew Cut

This side-swept crew cut is a classic look for any young boy. It’s the look you’d find in any classroom in America. And, that’s probably because it requires very little maintenance and still manages to look clean cut every single day.

10Spiked Medium Tapered Look

This spiked medium-length tapered look is a cute yet sassy choice for your little boy. Just run some gelled fingers through his hair every morning to help him obtain the perfect look.

11Side-Part Tapered Look

This side part tapered looks comes complete with side-swept bangs and a gradual descent into the neckline. Just make sure the bangs stay put so that your little boy is not fussing with them all day.

12Buzzed Square With Natural Curls

This adorable look works best for children with natural curls. The boxed style makes this cut look clean, while the natural curls give it the little bit of flow it needs to look perfect on your little boy.

13Triple Line Design

Do you have a little boy that wants to standout in the best way possible? Then, this three line side design style may be just perfect for him. The lined details are something not all kids are willing to rock, but if yours is- then let him rock it!

14Tapered Diagonal Side-Part

This tapered look is unique in nature because of the diagonal part that comes with it. This part not only looks cool, but it helps the longer bangs stay out of your little one’s face.

15Tapered Top With Undercut Fade And Line Design

This look incorporates almost everything your boy could have in his haircut! There is an undercut fade which consists of a two-line design to allow him to stand out. And, half of the top of his hair is spiked up gently to create even more texture.

16Classic Long Tapered Look

This classic long tapered look is a great choice for any child. It is simple to manage. And, the gradual tapering of the hair allows the top of the head to blend very nicely with the neckline. Everything looks so seamless!

17Lightning Bolt Hair Line Design

This style consists of a lightning bolt line design that will definitely allow your child to show his personality off a little. The long tapered top helps to balance the focus of this cool cut.

18Gentle Pompadour

This gentle and delicate pompadour look is perfect for the little boy with thick and fluffy hair to play with. If your boy has the right thickness for this look, then definitely give this style a consideration.

19Squared Front And Unique Design

This squared-front cut is perfect for boys of African American descent who have natural curls just dying to be showed off. Pair this simple cut with a unique star design, or a design of your choice, to help him feel unique and powerful.


This long faux-hawk with complete buzzed sides will make your son look like a total bada**. If he is one who loves style and doesn’t mind you fussing with his hair every day- then this is a fun one to try!

21Long Tapered Faux-Hawk

22Long Natural Side-Part

23Deep Side-Part With Tapered Top

24Long Angled Bangs

25Pushed To The Side Pompadour

26Natural Curls With Undercut

27Long Side-Swept Bang With Medium Undercut

28Swept-Over Short Tapered Top

29Spiked Top With Undercut

30Long-Swept Surfer Look

31Classic Gradual Taper

32Slicked-Back With Undercut

33Natural Spiked Look

34Faux-Hawk With Medium Undercut

35Squared Short Natural Curls

36Squared Tapered Look

37Deep Side Part With Angled Bangs

38Tapered Pompadour

39Side Undercut

40Pushed-Backed Tapered Look


These cool haircuts for boys are all so different and unique. So, you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for your little one.

Some of these haircuts are very easy to manage such as the crew cut and shorter styles that typically stay in place. These are great for little boys who are always busy and running from sport to sport or just don’t like when you fuss with their hair.

Then there are some unique haircuts that take a little more maintenance to keep up with. These styles are typically longer and many styles include bangs that you must style in a way that they won’t get in your little one’s face.

There are also unique line designs which add an extra flair to any buzzed side. If your boy wants to standout in the crowd- then the use of a line design is something you should really consider.

Hopefully, this helps you pick out something perfect for your little angel! Good luck at the salon!