Haircut for Round Face Men

Round Face Hairstyles Men

Do you have difficulty finding a haircut that works for your round face shape? It may seem like a challenge, but it really doesn’t have to be! There are so many different hairstyles for men that can work with a rounder face. Some of them may even help your face to look a little leaner and narrow. So, if you are stuck and don’t know where to look to find your next haircut, why don’t you start here? We have a compiled a list of some of our very favorite round face hairstyles for men- check them out!


1Squared With Natural Curls

This squared with natural curls cut is ideal for someone with African American hair. The squared top offsets the round face and the natural curls are in total focus.

2Long Natural Curls

If you have long natural curls, then you better be showing them off! Grow them out and rock a full ‘do to help hide your round face and allow it to look vertically leaner and narrower.

3Deep-Part Fade

This deep-parted faded style looks good on everyone, including men with round faces. The deep part centers the focus to the side of the face, making it look fresh and lean. The combover side then helps to balance the top of the head and create a stylish look.

4Short Combover Fade

This short combover fade features a side-part that balances a round face perfectly. The combover delicately blends into the rest of the hair making it look put-together and not as drastic as other styles.

5Messy Pushed-Back Front With Undercut

This messy casual look is perfect for the round-faced man who doesn’t want to try too hard every morning. It is complete with an undercut to give the face a more asymmetrical look that won’t draw attention to round cheeks.

6Basic Crew Cut

This basic crew cut is an American classic and looks great on every man. It’s clean, polished, and focuses attention on the center of the face. It’s a style that can be rocked anywhere.

7Side-Part With Deep Fade

This deep side-parted style with a deep fade is a dapper hairstyle fit for any businessman. It does a great job of shaping the face to look a little less round, while also accentuating natural lines.

8Squared And Buzzed

This buzzed squared cut is the perfect addition to a round face. The squared top recreates the lines of the face to balance it vertically as well as horizontally. Also, it’ll keep you super cool in the summer months!

9Dyed With Undercut

A bright-colored dye always brings attention to the top of the head and with an undercut present with it, it sticks out even more. This bold look is wonderful for someone who wants a little extra flair to go with their everyday hairstyle.

10Natural Subtle Fade

This boyish look is rocked every day by a multitude of people. It does well to fit in with every setting because of its polished yet natural look. The subtle fade is the way to go…if you don’t know which way to go.

11Long Natural Locks

This classic Leo-style hair is a great choice if you’re able to grow long healthy luscious locks. It’s a way to show off your genes while also lengthening your face.

12Spiked Top With Undercut

This spiked top look is complete with a short undercut to help it really pop. This hairstyle definitely takes attention off your round face and puts it to the top of your head. And, it looks super cool.

13Pushed Back Natural Waves

Do you have beautiful natural waves? Then, you should be showing them off. And, this is the perfect look to do it with. Everyone will be gawking at the messily pushed-back waves that are short enough not to fall back in your face!

14Messy Angled Hair

To subdue the look of a round face, a great method is to use angles. This messy lengthy cut is complete with angles that work to add more dimension to your face.

15Long Combover With Undercut

This long combover is complete with a deep undercut that allows for the style to really standout. The combover is long and has a rocker-look to it that may be better seen onstage than in an office. But, we love it either way!

16Short Curls

This simple short curled look was rocked by our fave JT for…well, practically forever. The style works for him and it can work for you too! It’s easy to manage and it’s also extremely versatile- wear it to work or to the club!

17Loose Waves

This loose-waved look works best with someone who actually has natural waves. The style is surfer-esque and works well to keep your look cool, casual, and relaxed. Don’t worry about the pomade with this style- just let it fly!

18Short Tousled Fade

This short tousled fade is basically a messy crew cut. If you want a short look that’s not as prim and proper as the traditional crew cut, grow it out a little and give it a run-through with your fingers. Then, you’ll achieve your desired look.

19Deep Side-Part With Dramatic Combover

This deep-side part comes complete with a buzzed undercut which accentuates the dramatic combover opposite of it. It’s a look that can work well for round faces, as well as receding hairlines.

20Piecey Pompadour

This pompadour is different from most because it is messy and piecey rather than sleek. It’s a great choice for the man who doesn’t want to fuss with his hair all morning and doesn’t mind when it gets a little out of place.

21Slightly-Parted Crew Cut

22Deep-Fade Look

23Short Side-Parted Classic

24All-American Classic Cut

25Medium-Length With Subtle Side-Part

26Naturally Spiked With Fade

27Full-Head Length With Side Bangs

28Short Top With Buzzed Undercut

29Rounded To The Head

30Pushed-Back Waves With Fade

31Low Undercut With Heavy Top

32Spiked To The Center

33Loose Pompadour

34Slightly Off-Center Part With Length



Your round face doesn’t have to be an issue when it comes to choosing your next haircut. There are so many styles for men that look great on all kinds of faces and this compilation definitely shows that!

There are haircuts for round face men on here that show-off natural waves and curls, which can help to draw attention away from your round cheeks. These styles also take little effort since they are working with what you already got!

Then there are styles that include combovers and deep side-parts to create new lines for your face, breaking up the round focal points. These styles can be managed with just a little pomade and about five minutes of your time in the morning.

Whatever haircut you choose to rock, know that you and your round face can make it work!