Business Haircut for men

Professional Haircuts for Men

Sometimes in an office setting, you need to be a little more tame. And, that includes your hairstyle. That’s why we compiled a list of best professional business haircuts for men that can bring you from office to happy hour drinks to home without a lot of fuss. Check out some of our favorite professional styles.


1Pompadour With Deep Fade

This pompadour with a deep fade is the epitome of the cool businessman. This is the guy that shows up to the office with a box of donuts for the crew and a smile on his face. This cool polished look will definitely make you everyone’s number one.

2Gentle Pompadour

This gentle pompadour is subtle and does well to blend in with the rest of the hair. This look is sleek, professional, and doesn’t take more than a little gel in the morning.

3Relaxed Combover Business Haircut

This relaxed combover with a deep side-part is the perfect combination of professional and relaxed. It is approachable, as well as stylish. So, it will definitely make for some good business!

4Piecey Top With Faded Sides

This relaxed piecey top is business causal, for sure. The pieces create a chill look, while the faded sides remain polished and put-together for an overall stylish look.

5Pushed-Back Top With Subtle Fade

This pushed-back top comes complete with a subtle fade in order to wrap the whole stylish look together. It’s the perfect option for the man who’s able to grow luscious locks.

6Pushed-Back Loose Pompadour

This push-back pompadour is looser than most and that’s what makes it so great. The style is more casual and approachable, but still business-like in nature.

7Medium-Length With Side-Part

If you have naturally wavy hair, then this is definitely a style to try. The medium-length allows you to show off your locks, while the side-part breaks it up and makes it look a little more professional and a little less surfer.

8Crew Cut With Side-Part

This classic take on the crew-cut comes complete with a side part that pulls the look together to make it business-like. It’s a clean and fresh look that looks great on all men.

9Ivy League Professional Haircut

This pushed to the side front look is sleek and easy. The length of the hair is easily manageable. All you need is a little gel or pomade to pull-off this professional look.

10Light Fade With Side-Part

This light-faded style comes complete with a side part that offsets the center of the head to add a little flair to your professional look. The style can be as messy or as sleek as you want it to be.

11Sleek Combover With Fade

This sleek combover with a fade is a go-to for any business professional. It’s conscious and put-together without looking too uptight or posh. It’s perfect for the approachable businessman.

12European-Style Business Haircut

If you want to be taken seriously, then a Euro-style is the right way to go. These styles are expensive looking and super fancy, so you’ll be sure to make some good business deals rocking this cut.

13Deep Side-Part With Swerved Top

This deep side-parted look comes complete with a swerved style top. The hair swoops with your forehead to accentuate yet soften the shape of your face. But, don’t worry, the swoop paired with a little product will keep the hair out of your face.

14Spiked Top With Undercut

This spiked-top hairstyle is paired with an undercut to draw focus to the top of the head. This look is perfect for the cool young businessman who creates apps or is working at a neat start-up.

15Curly Top With Faded Sides

This curly-topped look is ideal for someone who has natural curls that they would love to incorporate into their cut. Pair it with faded sides to really allow them to pop!

16Natural Curls With Deep Undercut

These natural curls are to die for! And, just because you’re a “professional” doesn’t mean you should have to hide them. Pair them with a deep undercut to accentuate them, but also square the front of your cut for a more polished look.

17Messy Pompadour With Highlights

This messy pompadour is gorgeous and a great choice for the guy who can grow long healthy hair with ease. When highlights are added to this baby, it gives it some extra flair and creates a look that is completely unforgettable.

18Spiky Short ‘Do With Hard Part

This sleek short style has everything perfectly in place and ready for a day at the office. The deep side-part works well the squared cut creating an all-together polished look.

19Natural Spikes With An Undercut Fade

This naturally spiked look comes complete with an undercut fade to help accentuate the natural flow of the hair. This look can be rocked in and out of the office, so it’s a great choice for the guy who likes to let loose on the weekends.

20Asymmetrical Part Business Haircut

This asymmetrical part can be put into many different styles. Here, it is shown with a short pompadour, which helps create a fun business look that everyone will want to steal.

21Pushed-Back Professional Haircut Look

22Long Side Waves Business Haircut

23Side Swept Waves

24Piecey Pompadour With Medium Fade

25Blended Fade With Gentle Combover

26Side-Part With Gentle Fade

27Sleek Pompadour With Deep Side Part And Undercut

28Medium Style With Gentle Fade

29Crew Cut With Obvious Fade

30Sleek Top With Undercut

31One-Length Business Haircut

32Gelled-Back Short Pompadour

33Front-Spiked Short Business Haircut

34Natural Short Waves With Dramatic Undercut

35Loose Short Combover With Faded Sides


If you’re a business professional searching for you next hot look, then you’ve come to the right place. This list of professional business haircuts for men are perfect for the typical office setting.

There are some looks that are sleek and polished like Ivy League or Pompadour haircuts. These usually require a little more maintenance with gel, pomade, or your product of choice. So, these are not for the guy who likes to sleep in past his alarm.

Then there are styles on here that are more relaxed and casual. These looks are perfect for the guys who like to have fun in the office. They are the guys who want to seem approachable and not intimidating.

We hope that this list help you pick the style that is right for you and your job!