Fuckboy Haircut Styles

Fuckboy Hairstyles

Why are we all so obsessed with fuckboys? Well, because they are good at what they do! They are charming and sweet, at first. But, then you find out that they are actually pretty terrible human beings with no consideration or decency. And, the worst part is- they draw us in with their beautiful looks. And, part of those looks are the hairstyles! Here are some of the best fuckboy hairstyles that are totally trending and absolutely breaking hearts.


1Dreads With Tapered Undercut

This dreads topped look with a tapered undercut is a stunning look. The braids don’t take much maintenance and if you have natural African hair, it will definitely add to the vibe of this look.

2Natural Afro

Who doesn’t love a natural afro? If you’ve got it, then you totally have to flaunt it. This fuckboy hairstyle look is one that girls want to touch.

3Side-Parted Pompadour

This side-parted pompadour gives a chic and unique look to anyone who cares about their hair. It definitely needs some pomade to keep it in place, but once it’s there, it’s perfect!

4Man-Bun With Undercut Fade

This sexy man-bun with an undercut fade is definitely an iconic fuckboy hairstyle. It’s feminine yet manly all at the same time. And, man-buns are not going out of style anytime soon.

5Side-Part Undercut Fade With Line Design

This side-part undercut fade is made complete with a straight line design. The line design adds a unique detail to your cut that will make you irresistible to the ladies.

6Blonde Thick Braids

These dyed blonde thick braids are perfect for African hair. They will definitely give you a unique fuckboy appeal that no one will be able to resist. Good luck keeping the ladies at bay!

7Combed-Over Pompadour With An Undercut Fade

This combed-over pompadour with an undercut fade is a daring style. Especially, when you pair it with a bright bleached blonde color. Try this for a totally new look that will have all eyes on you.

8Braided Top Design

This braided top design is ideal for men with African hair. It’s definitely fuckboyish because it shows that you care about your appearance above all.

9Classic Undercut Fade

This classic undercut fade is a simple look for the man who wants to look polished and chic, but doesn’t want to put in too much effort. All it takes to style is a bit of gel and you’re good to go!

10Tapered With Natural Curls

Try out this fuckboy hairstyle if you have beautiful natural man curls that you are dying to show off. Taper the sides to have the curls standout on top. You definitely won’t get lost in a crowd.

11Braid Design With Buzzed Sides

The buzzed sides on this hairstyle make the braid design on top totally stand out. It’s a great look for the guy who is trying to make a statement in a big way!

12Dyed Long Tapered Look

Dye is always a bold choice. And, green is even bolder! This messy long tapered look is a showstopper and is totally customizable with color. Try it if you dare!

13Natural Long European Waves

This European inspired look is ideal for the guy who wants to create some romance with the ladies. The long layered waves give an all-natural look that will have girls swooning.

14Combed-Over With Undercut Fade

This combed-over look with an undercut fade is another European inspired look that will bring the romance and mushy-gushy love to the table on your first date. It is an ultimate fuckboy look.

15Spiked Crew Cut

This short spiked look brings a twist to the classic crew cut. It is easy to style without much morning fuss. And, it is a style that looks good on every fuckboy.

16Pompadour With Short Faded Undercut

This look is one that we have all seen on the fuckboys of the world. It is a hairstyle that makes any man look athletic, attractive, and totally ready for some love.

17Textured Top With Faded Undercut

This textured layered top look is complete with a short undercut fade that really makes the natural look of the layers pop. Its sexy appearance will definitely have the girls wanting more. Especially when one the hair falls into your face.

18Short Comb-Over Top With Faded Undercut

This short comb-over top with a faded undercut is a simple and classic fuckboy look. It has an athletic appeal and is perfect for the guy who likes to just comb some gel through his hair and go!

19Dramatic Pompadour with Side Part And Undercut Fade

This dramatic pompadour style has a short undercut fade to accompany it. The side part adds a unique touch to make your pompadour different from every other one that the fuckboys are rocking.

20Buzzed With Long Comb-Over And Line Design

This unique fuckboy haircut will have heads turning your way. The long comb-over combined with the buzzed cut and line design will have you feeling daring and bold.

21Long And Natural With A Center Part

22Curly Low Man-Bun

23Faux-Hawk With Undercut Fade

24Squared Afro With Undercut Fade

25Tapered Natural Curled Crew Cut

26Pushed-Back Pompadour With An Undercut Fade

27Tapered Curled Look With Side Part

28Slicked-Back Short Tapered Look

29Long Tapered Layers

30Combed-Back Pompadour With Buzzed Sides

31Long Textured Layers

32Messy Long Tapered Look

33Sleek Tapered Look With Highlights

34Short Crew Cut With Line Design

35Silver Fox Side Part Crew Cut


These fuckboy haircuts are definitely some great inspiration for your next look. Although, we don’t want to love fuckboys, we just can’t help it, because they always look so damn good!

Some of these hairstyles are dramatic with dyes, braids, and line designs that add a unique touch to the look.

Other fuckboy haircuts on this list are a little more classic and less dramatic. They follow classic looks such as the crew cut and the pompadour, but each has a special detail for extra flair.

Then there are some haircuts that incorporate the all-natural look! Some of these include the afro, waves, dreads or curls. If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!

Hopefully, these looks inspired you to go for something different and new to keep your fuckboy reputation. But, be easy on us girls!