French Braids for Guys

Did you know that French braids aren’t just for girls anymore? Actually, guys have been rocking french braids for a while now and they’re only getting more and more popular. That’s why we compiled a list of some of our favorite french braids for guys that might inspire you to give this trend a try. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!


1Upside Down French Braid Top Knot

This high bun French braid work is cool and effortless looking. It combines an upside french braid on the back pulled up into a high bun and an undercut shaved sides with a cool design that will have all eyes on you.

2French Braid With Short Tapered Sides

This French braid with short tapered sides really incorporates the true essence of the French braid into the style. It is complete with an elastic to hold it in place. If this is your look, get ready to redo it every day.

3Blonde Ombre French Braids

This French braid design is complete with silver blonde dye to create contrast and edginess along with an undercut shaved sides. It gives the braids that extra flair to make this style completely unique.

4Double French Feed In With Shaved Sides

These tight double French feed-in braids are not girly in any sense. This badass look can be rocked by anyone with long enough hair to play with!

5Double French To A Pony

This double French braid look pulls back into a ponytail to keep the braids tight and secure on the top of the head. This bold look is perfect for a day at the pool.

6Five French Braids Viking

A fFive French braid Viking style with one chunky braid on top and four side braids, two on each side, pulled back into a tiny bun. Feel free to leave some strands out, to give yourself more of a care-free look.

7Double French Feed In Cornrows With Center Part

This double French cornrow style looks the best when paired with a center part. It is a great way to keep long hair out of your face while working outside.

8Chunky Braid Undercut

This chunky French braid on the top of the head is cool and super edgy. Really great for men with medium to long straight hair.

9Braided To A Low Bun

If you want to get really fancy, then this hairstyle is the one for you. The thick braid on top cover almost the entire head and pulled back into a casual low small bun…which guys can totally rock too!

10Crown French Braids For Guys

This halo / crown french braid style is super unique and not every guy can pull this off! This super cool braid style looks best with a faded undercut and shaved sides.

11Braided Design Undercut

This unique braided design undercut is braided from the front to the low back side and comes with highlights! This allows men with longer hair to create a braided top look without cutting their entire length.

12Dyed Braids With Shaved Sides

These platinum-dyed braids pull back to create a unique man-braids style that everyone is rocking these days. However, this double french style is at such a higher level! Be the first of your friends to kill it with this unique look.

13Tight Raised Twin French Braids

This tight raised twin French braids will make you look powerful and in charge. It takes the cutesy out of the braid and will make you look European chic.

14Mixed Width Braided Cornrows

This unique braid design is full of different widths in order to create a look that’s intricate and well thought out. It is for the creative soul who wants a different look.

15Classic Three French Look

The center braid of this look is a classic French braid. But, with two other French braids on the side, this style will have you feeling polished, classy, and a little bit bold.

16Thn Side French Braid

This French braid undercut features a classic tight thin braid through one side with pulled back with the rest of the hair into a low bun. This look will have you feeling pretty damn badass.

17Double Full Braided Head

This almost feminine look can certainly be rocked by men, as well. The double French pigtail comes complete with smaller braids that wrap the entire head. How’s this for a totally unique look?

18Loose Center French Braid

This loose French braid lays down the center of the head and looks best with long tapered sides. This look can be rocked best with someone who has naturally thick but flexible hair.

19Double French With Buzzed Sides

This double French ‘do with buzzed sides really make the braids pop. The bold hairstyle is a great choice for someone with long length to their hair.

20Messy French With Side Braids

This messy French look with side braids is a super fun look. The center braid draws attention, while the side braids simply amplify the style and create a frame for the messy look.

21Top French Pigtails

22Multi-Braid Man-Bun

23Pompadour With Side French Braids for Guys

24Man-Bun With Side French Braid

25Woven Blonde Braids

26Skinny Double French Braids With Buzzed Sides

27Center French Braid With An Undercut Fade

28Faux-Hawk With Tight Side Braids

29Ladder French Braid Design

30Diagonal Tight To Loose French

31Two Short French Braids Undercut

32Halo French Braid Low Knot

33Classic French Braid For Men

34Undercut French Braids and Highlights

35Multidimensional French Braids

36Undercut French Braid Top Knot


These French braids men hairstyles are a great choice if you are looking for a major change! Who says guys can’t rock a French braid too?

Some of the designs on here are perfect for men of color and include intricate designs that will really draw attention. These beautiful braids are woven together to create works of art that conveniently lay on the top of your head.

Then there are some more classic French braids for guys on this list that are a little more simple. These French braid styles look polished with a feminine flair that will have you feeling a little European.

There are also looks on this list that are amplified with a buzz cut side that allows the braids to really pop! These looks are great for someone who wants to have their hair braided every single day.

Hopefully, you found a braided look that works for you!