Cool Beard Styles 2019

Cool Different Beard Styles 2020

Every girl loves a guy with a nice beard. And, there are so many different styles to choose from. You can pair a beard with a mustache or have it hanging on its own. Then there are different lengths and shapes that can take your face to a whole new level. Here are some of the very best beard styles of 2020. Which one will you pick?


1Full Beard Trimming Style

This beard is beautiful paired with some long locks. The beard is full-faced, which means it includes both a mustache and a beard up into the hairline. But, it’s trim and put together, so you’re skipping out on that shaggy look.

2Longer In The Center Beard

This beard is rugged looking, but still polished. It is longer in the center of the face near the chin. And, then it thins out on the sides. This creates a look that centers the focus on your nose and mouth.

3Long Natural Beard

This long natural beard is a wonderful choice for African American men. It takes minimal effort to maintain- all it needs it some light shaping here and there to keep the bottom rounded and not messy looking.

4Short Center Light Beard

This short centered-beard is a great choice for any man. It’s a style they can rock in the office or at the club. It’s polished, clean, and shows that the man wearing it cares about what he looks like.

5Clean Cut Beard

This medium length full-beard look is perfect for the man who wants to look just a little bit like a lumberjack but is also concerned about looking good for his date on 5th Ave. This style screams professional man.

6Medium Natural Beard

This medium natural beard look is one that women love to see on their men. It looks messy, but in the best way possible. It’s not too long and not too short. And, the ruggedness of it is super sexy.

7Full Beard Long Mustache

This full beard is different from the others because it includes a long mustache that drapes over into the beard, blending the two lines of hair together creating a dynamic new look. This look can be rocked by the men who grow thick facial hair.

8Long Beard Style Twisted Mustache

This long beard style grows onto the neck and includes a dramatic twisted mustache. Not every guy can pull this drastic look off, but the ones who can will definitely get noticed by the ladies.

9Chic Full Beard Trimming Style

This European-styled beard looks clean, polished, and almost feminine in nature because of the maintenance it takes to maintain it. It’s one that a man will have to shape daily in order to keep it just right.

10Delicate Full-Beard

This delicate full-beard is short and trim and looks wonderful paired with longer wavy hair to balance the daintiness of the facial stubble. It’s great for the man who wants facial hair, but doesn’t want to deal with the beard oil and maintenance.

11Pencil Goatee Beard Into Hairline

This short beard style glides effortlessly into the hairline creating a dynamic put-together look. Included is a separate mustache and a goatee that attaches to the length of the beard.

12Unattached Goatee Beard

This beard is not for everyone, but the ones that can pull it off will definitely gain attention. The unique U-shape of the beard is complete with an attached goatee. However, the beard remains in the center of the face and is not attached to the hairline.

13Scruffy Short Beard Style

This scruffy short beard style is a natural look for the man who doesn’t want to fuss about his facial hair every morning. If it gets a little long sometimes, that’s ok, just trim it up and you’re good to go.

14Scruffy European-Style Beard

This scruffy European-styled beard is different from most styles because it’s not as polished and clean. The lines of the classic European-style are still there, however there is added hair growth on the cheeks that make it seem more natural and free.

15Long Angled Beard With Twisted Mustache

This long angled beard with a twisted mustache is a must-have for anyone who has the ability to grow this much beard! It’s fun and unique, without looking too wacky.

16Simple Center Beard

This simple center beard is a great choice for any man. It’s a classic style and can be done in a few different lengths. This medium length picture depicts the typical length of this style.

17Longer Mustache Look

This beard style consists of a longer mustache lightly attached to a trim short full-beard. The look allows people to focus on the lips and chin of the man, which will narrow his face.

18Long In Front Beard and Mustache

This beard and mustache combo is long in the center of the face and extends off the chin while being attached to buzzed sideburns that gradually make their way into the hairline.

19Short Unattached Beard and Mustache

This short unattached mustache look is a great look for an older man. The beard is medium in length and requires only a small amount of maintenance, making it a perfect look for someone with a busy schedule.

20Short Full-Beard

This short full-beard is one that looks good on every man. It’s a classic look with little maintenance. Just trim it up every once in a while and you’re good to go. If you want a look that’s easy and simple, then this one is for you.

21Scruffy Long Beard Style With Small Goatee

22Clean Cut Beard Design

23Light Beard

24Natural Beard And Mustache

25Long Angled Goatee Beard

26Scruffy Beard Into Hairline

27Corporate Boxed Beard

28Unattached Mustache With Short Beard Style

29Squared Center Beard

30Short Attached Mustache

31Pencil Beard Style

32Full Beard With Small Goatee

33Unattached Chin Beard

34The Dramatic Goatee Beard

35Line Pencil Beard

36Thin W-Shaped Beard

37Buzzed And Shaped Beard

38Goatee Chin Beard

39Classic Full-Beard

40Scruffy Boxed Beard


This year, there are so many different facial hair styles and beard styles popping up. A beard is a sign of manliness and power, but they can also represent so much more.

Some beards on this list are great to establish dominance in the workplace. These are the beards that are clean cut and polished and usually require a good trim every other day or so.

Then there are some cool beard styles that are long and scruffy and show off your inner lumberjack persona. The ruggedness of these beards require little maintenance, except for maybe some beard oil and the occasional cleaning. But, ladies definitely love running their fingers through these.

There are also some big and small beard styles on here that are short and focused on the center of the face, which is a classic look for any man!

Hopefully, you found a beard style on here that you can’t wait to try. Good luck growing, boys!