comb over fade haircuts

30 Comb Over Fade Haircuts

Featuring the perfect mix of vintage style and modern trend, a comb over fade haircut is a great style choice for men who don’t mind putting some time into styling their hair. Whether you’ve got thick, textured hair that you want to wear longer on top or fine, straight hair that you prefer to keep fairly short, there’s a comb over fade haircut to suit every hair texture, and lots of room to play around with individual preferences. If you’re ready to upgrade your haircut, take a look at our favorite comb over fades.


1Low Key Comb Over

With hair softly combed over and a drop fade around the back and sides, this is a comb over style for guys who aren’t into overly precise haircuts that require a ton of styling time.

2Long On Top Soft Comb Over

Sometimes growing your hair out longer can actually make styling easier. This cut features hair that’s fairly long on top, meaning it will stay put in a comb over style without needing a strong holding product. To provide a nice contrast, the back and sides are cut with a simple tapered fade.

3Drop Fade With Hard Part

The drop fade style pictured here angles down towards the back of the head, following its natural curve rather than cutting a straight line around the sides and back. A drop fade can be combined with any comb over style, and makes a nice choice for men who want to conceal a pronounced curve in the back of their head, or want to minimize the amount of bare skin exposed after a fresh cut.

4Parted Vintage Cut

With its defined part, close cut sides, and contrasting beard, this haircut will have you looking like you just stepped out of a Prohibition era speakeasy. This cut is best complimented by carefully selected, well tailored clothes, and if you don’t usually pay much attention to style and aesthetics, this probably isn’t the style for you.

5Sculpted Comb Over With Mid Skin Fade

This shorter on top style with a mid skin fade is great for highlighting facial features like eyes and cheekbones. To get this precisely sculpted style, use a strong hold pomade that should stay in your hair all day while still allowing you to manipulate hair back into place if needed.

6Parted Comb Over Fade

This haircut takes a modern approach to the rolled comb over styles made popular by ’50s greaser culture. Hair is combed into place in a distinctive shape, but isn’t as dramatic as its vintage predecessor.

7Military Style Comb Over

With a bit more hair on top than a classic military or crew cut, this is a great way to wear a comb over fade if you don’t want to look too trendy. For men who work in very professional environments, this haircut is the perfect way to express some individuality while still looking work appropriate.

8Natural Curls Comb Over

In this style, hair with natural texture is given a defined hard part that helps accentuate the comb over shape.

9Dapper Sculpted Cut

With every hair perfectly in place, this dapper style has a sculpted part and is expertly combed up at the front and over to one side. The style features a bald fade where hair disappears completely into the skin for a suave look that grows out well and allows for longer time between trims.

10Hard Part And Lineup

Not only does this cut features a precisely shaved part, but the lineup around the hairline is expertly sculpted while also fading into the skin, making it the perfect example of the style possibilities when you find a highly skilled barber.

11Tight Comb Over

In another vintage inspired style, hair on top is long enough to be tightly combed into place, but not so long that it will trail down close to the ears on the side where it’s been combed over.

12Long On Top With Grown Out Fade

When the hair on top of the head is kept longer, it’s easier to wear the sides in a more grown out fade, as there’s still enough contrast between the two to make for a deliberate looking style. With hair that’s at least 6 inches on top, you also start to have the freedom to flip hair to one side without the use of too much product, making for a more laid back look.

13Curved Part Comb Over

The hard part in this cut is slightly curved, creating a shape that accentuates the comb over and gives more room to play with a defined lineup.

14Comb Over With High Bald Fade

One of the edgiest looks on our list, this haircut has most of the back and sides shaved right down to the scalp, while hair on top is combed neatly into place. If you’ve been looking to sharpen up your style, this cut is a bold choice that’s still appropriate for most workplaces.

15Pompadour Comb Over

Featuring a nice combination between a pompadour and a comb over, this haircut creates the perfect modern Elvis look.

16Low Fade With Sculpted Comb Over

For this look, you can see hair has been styled with a wider tooth comb, providing more varied texture throughout. The lower fade style helps to make this cut a little more unique than the ultra popular high fade styles, while still looking modern and on trend.

17Soft Comb Over

Featuring a fairly wide section of longer hair on top, this softly styled comb over is subtle, stylish, and timeless.

18Sleek Comb Over With Hard Part

Expertly cut and styled, no hair is out of place in this sleek comb over. On the short side of this defined part, you can see a band of hair that’s been left about an inch long before fading all the way down to the skin.

19Surfer Flip With Fade

In a nice combination style, hair is long enough on top to be flipped over the head, creating a side falling bang that looks surfer inspired. Unlike a surfer style though, the back and sides are cut in a fairly close fade, providing interesting contrast between the longer carefree style and a short, tight-laced one.

20Casual Brush Back And Low Fade

This cut features a bit of a modified comb over, where hair is brushed back instead of over to one side. The finished look ends up being more casual and easier to style and maintain.

21Drop Skin Fade

The fade on this cut shows a stark contrast between the skin and longer hair that fades into it, while keeping hair longer and suavely styled on top.

22Tapered Comb Over With Soft Part

This simple, classic style is controlled without hair being too firmly slicked into position, and features a soft part that’s not actually shaved into the hair, meaning you can play with its position. For a more casual look like this, we’d recommend you avoid using heavy products that will lock hair into one position, and instead opt for a lighter pomade or styling cream.

23Modern Vintage Comb Over

Vintage meets modern in this slick style that’s ideal for guys with super straight hair.

24Comb Over Fade With Curls

Because so many popular comb over styles feature hair that’s precisely styled and slicked, it’s more common among men with straight hair. With this look, hair is left long enough on top for natural curls to form which are then gently combed over. This haircut is a great choice for men who find long, curly hair too unruly, but don’t want to wear their whole head in a shorter buzzed style.

25Dapper Comb Over Fade

Perfectly polished without being too fancy or in-your-face, this comb over fade is a businessman’s delight.

26Comb Over Fade Design

Shaved designs can be incorporated into almost any faded cut, and they offer a nice contrast on the opposite side of a comb over style. It might be tempting to try this at home, but you should stick to a trusted barber to make sure your design looks slick instead of sloppy.

27Comb Over Fade For Receding Hairline

If you’ve got a receding hairline, take careful consideration of how to wear a comb over fade. If hair is left too long on top, you’ll look like you’re trying to disguise your hairline. In this cut, hair is brushed to the side without being sharply styled into place, showing off the hair that’s there without looking like you’re overcompensating.

28Ultra Long Comb Over Fade

If you can’t decide if you want a long or short haircut, this comb over fade gives you the best of both worlds.

29Comb Over With Mini Fade

Blink and you might miss this very subtle fade around the edges of Tom Hardy’s classic comb over cut. We love this slightly unusual take on the style, and it’s a great way for anyone to make this popular cut their own.

30Heartthrob Comb Over

Another very classic take on the comb over style, Zayn’s hair is gently combed over without creating much of a defined part.