Quiff Haircuts

20 Quiff Haircuts

As a messy hairstyle with vintage roots, the quiff is a close relative of the pompadour, and two terms are often used interchangeably. But in modern hairstyling terms, the distinction usually comes down to whether or not hair is all slicked back and away from the face or not. A modern quiff style is brushed from the crown towards the face, then the front section is styled upwards, while a pompadour is styled all back and away from the face. Both are high volume looks, but the quiff lends itself to more messy, playful styling, and is a favorite among modern young men. Most quiff hairstyles are longer on top, but they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can work with different textures of hair. If you’ve been thinking about trying out a fun, new hairstyle, we’ve compiled a list of our 20 favorite quiff haircuts.


1Dapper Quiff

We’ve seen David Beckham styling this longer on top haircut in both a pompadour and comb over style. While this straight up quiff version is probably the most playful of the lot, it still looks masculine and dapper.

2Hard Part Quiff

This style has a pronounced shape thanks to the hard part shaved into one side, after which hair is tapered at a fairly steep angle. Combined with a big, well-groomed beard, this look it full of hip style.

3High Fade Quiff

This quiff style is messy and fun on top, while a high fade at the sides mean you don’t have to worry about styling all the way around.

4Wavy Quiff

Want to look like a modern version of James Dean or Buddy Holly? This quiff haircut presents a controlled way to style your hair, while helping to highlight its naturally wavy texture.

5Gravity Defying Quiff

In this style, hair is all brushed forward until it extends right over the face, creating a very youthful look. Older men may want to try a quiff haircut with more simple, sophisticated styling.

6Short Quiff

Proving that you don’t need dramatically longer hair on top to wear a quiff style, Tom Hiddleston’s style brushes his short ginger hair up and away from the face in a more sophisticated version of the quiff.

7Taper Cut Quiff

As a fairly basic tapered cut that’s longer on top, this haircut can be styled into a quiff as pictured, but also lends itself nicely to a soft side parted look. Having that versatility can be especially valuable for men in professions where a young, fun hairstyle isn’t always appropriate.

8Shaggy Quiff

Eddie Redmayne’s haircut leaves the sides almost as long as at the top, allowing them to be styled towards the face. The end result is a shaggy look that’s playful and young, but you also have the option to wear this cut in a more slicked, controlled style.

9Vintage Quiff

With hair sculpted precisely upwards at the hairline, Zac Efron’s quiff style oozes vintage sophistication.

10Robert Pattinson Quiff

Almost as famous for his hair as his movie roles, Robert Pattinson rose to fame while sporting a roguish quiff style. This pictured version is actually one of the more controlled versions we’ve seen him wear, featuring vintage styling elements in how hair is neatly combed back at the sides.

11High Fashion Quiff

Brushed upwards in a carefree but not messy way, this high fashion style shows off hair with dimensional highlights in front. To get this kind of volume in your quiff, apply mousse to wet hair before blow drying in an upwards direction, then finish with a pomade or styling paste, depending on how shiny you want your hair to be.

12Bouncy Quiff

In a bouncy style that’s got lots of movement, this quiff looks windswept and expertly executed all at once. Blow dry hair forward to achieve the basic shape, then work a light product through with your fingers instead of applying directly to the hair.

13Spiky Quiff

This spiky quiff style is made possible thanks to texturizing through the top, and was probably styled using a product with stiffer hold like a gel or strong pomade.

14Rolled Quiff

Fully vintage in its appearance, this haircut looks like it was ripped right out of the 1950s. It can be tough to figure out how to wear this haircut with a modern wardrobe, but timeless basics are usually a good start. Blow dry your hair with a round brush to get this rolled shape, making sure to lift at the roots to help add height and volume to your style.

15Sculpted Quiff With Hard Part

This sophisticated quiff is carefully styled with every hair in its place. A hard part shaved into one side of the head helps to give a structured shape to this style, but you can achieve a similar look with a softer part.

16Slicked Quiff

Slicked upwards away from the face using a wet look product, this style adds some ’90s flair to the quiff haircut.

17Color Contrast Quiff

Zayn Malik’s quiff is styled messily upwards, leaving a soft natural finish rather than a precisely slicked style. The real star of this look is the stark color contrast between his natural black roots and the bleach blonde throughout the lengths. While this color variance may not go with a slicked comb over style, it’s the perfect accompaniment to this fun, tousled style.

18Comb Over Quiff

Actor Douglas Booth sports a combed over quiff that’s one of the most sophisticated ways to wear the style. If you’ve got hair that’s longer on top, try this out for a special occasion.

19Messy Flat Top Quiff

In this quiff cut hair is styled up and outwards at the very front. The rest of the hair up top is messily styled without too much volume, creating a flat top style.

20Crew Cut Quiff

With the hair along the forehead styled upwards and a few messy pieces throughout the rest of the head, this is a great way to add some flair to your existing crew cut.