Short Haircuts For Men

Short Haircut Styles For Men

While different haircuts for men come in and out of style, short haircuts have been the standard for more than the past century, and continue to be the most commonly worn. Thankfully, keeping your hair short doesn’t mean you don’t have options of different styles to wear. Whether you’ve got hair that’s naturally kinky, partially wavy, or stick straight, there are short styles that can help you look professional, edgy, and everything in between. If you’re pondering chopping your long hair or are just looking for a new way to wear your hair short, you’re bound to find a style you love in this list of our 30 favorite short haircuts for men.


1Classic Fade

With clean lines and simple, minimalistic styling, this classic fade cut looks good on everyone, and helps to slim the face and highlight cheek and jaw bones. Once your barber has done their work getting your fade just right, this is a low maintenance style that requires very little work until it’s time to get your next trim.

2Tapered Buzz Cut

This simple haircut has attention to detail in its tapering between the slight difference in length between hair on top and the sides. Keeping the sides of your buzz cut shorter than the top can help extend the length of time between trims before your hair starts looking shaggy or fuzzy around the ears.

3Slicked Hair With Undercut

One of the edgier ways to wear you hair, this cut contrasts longer pieces on top with closely undercut sides, and has become a trendy favorite among young men.

4Short Crew Cut

The crew cut is the standard when is comes to simple, classic hair. Suitable for men with hair of varying thickness and textures, this style keeps hair short, professional, and is easy to style.

5Short Buzz Cut

If you’re one of the many men with a receding hairline or thinning hair, going for a buzz cut like the steely-eyed Jason Statham is a great way to embrace having shorter hair.

6Short Mohawk

If you like the mohawk style but don’t want to grow any of your hair long, try this short mohawk cut. With hair buzzed close at the sides and left only about an inch long on top, the contrasting lengths give you a mohawk look that’s edgy yet easy to style.

7Short Waves

Some men with wavy hair feel they need to keep it super short at all times, but we love the look of letting curls grow out enough to make their texture visible. With the use of the right products, these short tousled waves don’t require much styling time, and will set you apart from the straight haired majority.

8Classic Caesar Cut

A short cut that features a longer fringe styled across the forehead, the classic caesar cut has a little more personality and flair than a crew or buzz cut. Because the caesar cut has enjoyed on and off popularity in various forms, we recommend styling it with a light touch (instead of aggressive combing and using tons of product) to make sure yours looks modern.

9Mohawk Fade

Featuring the classic mohawk silhouette with a strip of longer hair running down the middle of the head, this style is framed by faded sides instead of sharply contrasting shaved sections. The resulting cut is stylish and somewhat edgy without looking counterculture.

10Square Cut

Left a little bit longer on top and with some framing around the face, this haircut creates a square silhouette that’s clean and masculine. Because the sides are kept longer than a classic crew cut, you’ll need to have your hair trimmed more frequently to stop it from looking sloppy around the ears.

11Modern Ivy League

While the classic ivy league cut is basically a longer version of the crew cut, this modern version sees hair on top styled slightly upwards, making it more of a style consideration than a staple haircut.

12Textured Caesar

This caesar cut has lots of texture, making it a light style full of movement, and a great choice for men who are looking to make thicker hair more manageable.

13Spiked Faux Hawk

If you like the idea of a mohawk but don’t want to go for the fully edgy look and styling upkeep, this faux hawk is the perfect short style for you. To get Zac Efron’s softly spiked style, blow dry hair into place and then set with a styling cream or other product that provides gentle hold.

14Textured Ivy League

This variation on the ivy league style has been cut with lots of texture in the longer pieces, and further accentuated by the honey colored highlights placed throughout. Try this out if you’re looking for a casual hairstyle that can easily take you professional meetings to outdoor adventure.

15Modern Crew

Similar to the classic crew cut in its overall shape, this modern version features a higher fade on the sides and longer hair on top. The resulting style is favored by younger men as a trendier way to wear short hair that’s still appropriate in a professional setting.

16Drop Fade With Curls

The drop fade technique angles hair according to the curvature of the head, resulting in a fade that’s lower at the back than the sides. We especially love a drop fade when it’s combined with hair that’s a little longer on top, but you can add it to any faded style if you’re looking for a more natural look.

17Slight Taper Cut

Another style we recommend for men with thinning hair, Jude Law’s signature style is cut close to the same length all around, with slight tapering at the back and sides to keep things looking clean around the ears.

18Short Natural Curls

Leaving hair a little longer than the classic fade cut gives natural curls some room to play while still remaining in a manageable shorter style.

19Tousled Quiff

If you want to get maximum volume and height out of a short haircut, try styling it in this modern, tousled quiff. Brush hair forwards from the crown of the head towards the hairline, then style pieces at the front in an upwards direction.

20Parted Comb Over

Parted comb over styles feature a nice mix of vintage charm and modern style, making them a good choice for men of any age.

21Natural Curls With Hard Part

The hard part is a favorite style element for guys who love trips to the barber and precise haircuts. For straight haired men, it defines a section of hair to be combed over, and for curly haired men it can be used to create sections of hair at different levels. In the pictured style, the shaved part helps create depth within natural curls, and compliments the crisp skin faded sides.


Worn in a combed over style and slightly tapered at the sides, this businessman’s cut is a classic style that projects professionalism and confidence.

23Modern Pompadour

The modern incarnation of the ’50s sensation, this pompadour features much shorter sides that keep the haircut in line with current trends while helping to highlight longer hair on top. Even when worn in a messier more casual way, the pompadour still oozes style and turns heads.

24Skin Fade Quiff

Undercuts and skin fades have become a staple of modern men’s haircuts, meaning we’re seeing them mixed with all sorts of different styles. This skin fade quiff is a more unusual choice that works well for men working in creative fields who have more freedom in their style choices.

25Military Crew

This version of a short crew cut has more of a military feel thanks to its higher fade and relatively short hair on top of the head. Compared to the slightly longer hair we’re used to seeing on Ryan Reynolds, this high shaved style comes across as more confident and mature.

26Softly Spiked Style

With hair softly spiked on top instead of carefully combed into place, this is an easy way to add versatility into styling your standard crew or ivy league cut.

27Uniform Length

Proving that not all short cuts need an undercut or fade, Bradley Cooper’s short style here is a uniform length all around, creating a simple, clean shape that’s just long enough to be slightly tousled on top.

28Textured Crew Cut

This crew cut has been cut with lots of texture on top, making it adaptable to messier, piecey styling.

29Edgy Undercut With Curls

This haircut fools you into thinking it’s a simple taper cut, then breaks into a dramatic disconnected undercut in a one inch band around the sides. The style breaks from the traditional proportions of men’s haircuts while still incorporating elements of trend, for an overall feeling of stylish rebellion.

30Curved Part Fade

Being almost as well known for his style as his music, Drake’s expertly faded hair with curved part detail has become a huge trendsetter, and looks best when paired with a short, well-groomed beard.