Asian Men Hairstyles

Top 25 Asian Men’s Hairstyles

Characterized by larger, stronger cells in the cortex of each hair, and cuticles that lie flat, Asian hair is typically naturally straight and strong. While many people around the world spend a lot of time and money trying to get strong, straight hair, the Asian hair type comes with its own set of challenges, especially if you’re after a style that requires hair to lie flat against the scalp, or if you’re interested in trying a lighter color. Despite these potential challenges, Asian men’s hairstyles embrace a variety of fun, edgy, and playful looks.


1Comb Over Fade

This is a classic men’s style that also happens to be right on trend. The short sides and longer top work well with straight Asian hair that tends to stick straight out at in between lengths. To get the sculpted style on top, reach for a pomade that will help hair bind together, rather than a gel that doesn’t have enough weight to keep the style in place.

2Messy Texture

While a style similar to this can be achieved with shorter hair on the sides, it can be a nightmare to style if you have stick straight hair that doesn’t lay flat against your scalp. In this style, hair on the sides is kept almost as long as the hair on top, making it easier to smooth down with product. The end result is a similar shape to a style that’s short on the sides and longer on top, but much easier to style. Use a more lightweight product on top to create messy texture with lots of height.

3Long In Front

This long in front style features bangs that fall seductively around the face, and marking yet another hallmark of 90s style that’s coming back in modern trends. These long bangs are best done with shorter or even shaved sides to eliminate bulk.

4Taper Cut With Line Detail

This taper haircut is shorter on the sides than the back, allowing for the extra line detail to be shaved in. Individual hair texture will determine how short to go on the back and sides, but keep the top longer to finish off this sporty, spiked look.

5Long Hair In A Bun

If you’ve decided to grow your hair long, this simple, classic bun will keep strands out of your face during daily routines. While the typical Asian hair type is very straight, there’s some natural texture at play here that helps to give the hair definition, even when tied back.

6Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

While Asian hair can certainly be dense — meaning there are many hairs on the head — each individual hair is often of a fine texture. Layers can tend to make fine hair look limp, but this blunt cut makes the most of long, fine hair. Some texturizing keeps the ends from looking bulky, and this longer haircut is often easier to style, and requires less product, than a shorter one.

7Taper Cut With Curls On Top

Whether you’ve got natural curls or need to use styling tools to get them, this cut is a great way to show off a wavy texture, while shorter hair at the back and sides is left straight.

8Long On Top Asian Undercut

This shaved undercut is kept very close to the scalp, making for a edgy contrast with longer hair on top. If you’ve got super straight hair, your best bet to get this kind of control on top is to use a styling cream or mousse on wet hair before blow drying with a flat brush. For extra control, finish with a pomade.

9Shaggy Curls

A very youthful way to wear natural curls, this extra shaggy cut will be hard for anyone over twenty-five to pull off, so embrace it while you can! Lightening Asian hair can be extremely difficult and potentially damaging, so proceed with caution if you’re going to go for the color along with this cut.

10Long and Silky

This long hairstyle makes the most out of ultra straight hair that can be difficult to manage at shorter lengths. If you’re an introvert, be aware that this hairstyle will make it difficult for friends and strangers to resist stroking your luscious mane.

11Blended Cut With Side Part

If you aren’t into the hard lines of ultra trendy undercut styles, consider this modern version of a Mad Men style haircut. If your individual hairs are naturally coarse, a stiff holding gel applied to wet hair and combed into place should help you get this look. For super straight fine hair, consider using a pomade that will provide more sticking power, and prevent your hair from popping out of place. Perfect for business professionals who need to look polished and suave on a daily basis.

12Mini Mohawk With Line Details

This style uses naturally straight hair to its advantage, rather than trying to style it into submission. You shouldn’t need much product to get fine, straight hair to stand up like this, and the rest is kept short enough to not need much work besides regular trimming. Try shaving in line details for extra interest, or skip them if you’re after a slightly more mature style.

13Half Up Hair With Long Bangs

This long style has more texture and movement than super sleek long styles, and long bangs and layers give more versatility when deciding to style up or down.

14Platinum Blonde Undercut

Getting dark Asian hair to this shade of platinum blonde is a very difficult task, and will almost always take multiple sessions. This work is best left to a professional, as many people find that even three applications of store bought bleach leaves their hair an undesirable orange. If you’re willing to put in the time and money, this color if definitely a head turner, especially when paired with a trendy undercut.

15Medium Length Straight Korean Hairstyle

We love Korean hairstyles! This hairstyle is cut with lots of texture for a look that’s got elements of fantasy style but still works for everyday wear.

16Forward Swept With Undercut

If you’re into Japanese hairstyles, try this side swept long bang hairstyle! For a little more drama than an undercut with slicked back hair on top, this is a style that has volume without bulk, and is enhanced by hair with some natural or heat-styled texture.

17Maximum Height Undercut

Although it’s kept super short on the sides and back, this style is all about the volume. Use a root lifting spray on wet hair, and once you’re finished blow drying use a spray clay or texturizing dust to help hair stick together without falling flat.

18Asian Undercut With Ponytail

If you have very straight hair that tends to stick up, growing it longer is usually a better option for manageability, as longer hair begins to weigh itself down. This style takes advantage of longer hair on top, while the back and sides are in the trendy undercut style. You can always wear the long hair down, but the ponytail keeps things ultra hip and is a good choice for fine hair that has a tendency to fall forward into the face when left loose.

19Classic Taper Cut

A professional, modern style that’s acceptable for conservative workplaces, this cut looks good on men with various hair textures, but consider keeping it on the longer side if you’ve got very straight hair that is resistant to styling. A scissor cut keeps the back and sides shorter without looking as edgy as an undercut.

20Pompadour Undercut

This is a dressed-up version of the most popular men’s style, and requires commitment to styling and investing in the right products. Using a root spray before blow drying with a round brush will give your hair height and shape, while finishing with a pomade, styling cream, or texturizing spray will help with your desired level of definition and shine.

21Sculpted Style

For a young, trendy, K-Pop inspired look, this style is carefully crafted with front swept bangs and shorter layers on top.

22Bleached Lilac Undercut

For an anime inspired color, this hair has been bleach lightened and then colored over with a lilac shade. Rather than a bright, uniform hue, this style utilizes muted pastels that are enjoying huge popularity, and play nicely off of a variety of skin tones.

23Choppy Mullet Style Cut

This young, bold, edgy style is not for the faint of heart. Although it’s too long on the sides to fit the traditional idea of a mullet, this is a style more likely to be seen by someone on stage with a microphone in his hand than wearing a suit on the morning commute to work.

24Soft Swept Up Spikes

Rather than fighting with your very straight hair and its tendency to stick up, a well executed haircut and the right product can have your natural hair working in your favour. Some effort has gone into sweeping the sides back, but hair on top stands up straight, and likely has pomade to thank for helping fuzzy patches look more sleek.

25Soft Undercut

This hair is longer on top and shorter on the sides, but in a less dramatic fashion than an undercut with shaved sides. Hair on top is long enough to style pushed back or forward, depending on your mood.