Medium Hairstyles For Men

Top 20 Medium Hairstyles For Men

While a lot of guys are still keeping their hair pretty short, medium length hairstyles for men are enjoying a moment in the sun. Everyone from hipsters to business men to your doctor can be seen growing out their shorter cuts in favor of medium styles. If you’re looking for mens hair styles that will give you more styling options without the commitment of going full Jared Leto, one of these medium styles is bound to speak to you.


1World Leader Style

The recently elected Canadian Prime Minster is so known for his looks and style that President Obama joked about it during the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner. Trudeau’s formerly long locks have been reigned in over recent years, but this incarnation was the perfect combination of hockey hair meets business style. This medium length cut is perfect for showing off naturally wavy hair without the hassle and upkeep of truly long hair.

2Classic Slick Back With Beard

Tom Hardy is usually seen in more closely cropped cuts, but this slicked back mid-length style was one of his best looks. His style here is more classic than the modern slick popular in hipster culture, and this effect was probably created using lots of pomade and plenty of combing.

3Natural Slick Back

This style is not as aggressively slicked back, and the hair’s natural texture is allowed to carry this look. This medium cut forgoes the popular undercut, making it a good option for men in the process of growing their hair long. Tucking hair behind the ears helps to showcase the face and clean the style up for more formal events.

4Tapered Cut With Curls On Top

This cut with shorter sides and longer, messy curls on top makes for a very low maintenance, but stylish look. Men with naturally curly hair can get away with less daily styling than their straight haired counterparts, but texture in the cut is still important, especially if your curls are thick and coarse.

5Medium Natural Curls

Actor Michael Ealy broke into the mainstream thanks to his role in the Barbershop films, which had as much to do with his hair as his million dollar smile and aquamarine eyes. While he’s keeping it a little shorter these days, there’s no reason not to copy this medium style that effortlessly enhances hair’s natural texture.

6Pushed Back Waves

Despite being continually attacked by zombies on The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln’s hair never looks anything less than perfect. This style pushes back wavy hair without slicking it too forcefully, letting his hair’s natural curl reign free at the nape of the neck. Whether clean and presentable or sweaty after an evening of killing zombies, this modern look goes especially well with stubble and a few hard earned wrinkles.

7Curly Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

This technical cut is best achieved by working with a stylist who you know and trust, as any flaw in the line delineating this undercut will ruin the whole look. Although this cut could also be achieved with straighter hair, the longer curls provide an interesting juxtaposition of textures against the other lengths of hair here. Also not for the faint of heart are these curls that fall into the face, giving a modern Edward Scissorhands vibe.

8Medium Straight Layers

The jagged texture of this cut is perfect for men with lots of thick, straight hair who are interested in going to a medium length without too much bulk. Chris’ sandy colored locks make this look come off as beachy business casual. Less frequent washing will help give hair some of the grit needed to pull this style together perfectly, but beware that too much natural oil can take this style from god-like to greasy.

9Undercut With Design and Bald Fade

A lot of skill and precision go into executing a cut like this. Use a barber or stylist you trust, and don’t let any amateurs near your head if this is the look you’re going for. On top is a textured cut with highlights throughout, while tapered sides disappearing into a bald fade making this a little edgier than your standard undercut. The stylist will then use scissors, clippers, or a straight razor to precisely etch in the line you’re after. Undercuts can be awkward to grow out, and once this line starts to look fuzzy you’ll want your stylist or barber to redo it, or adjust the entire fade to make the line disappear completely.

10Dreamboat Waves

This timeless cut for men with curly hair has signalled power since the days of the Roman Empire. In a modern setting, these natural curls are at the perfect length to show off their texture without looking clownish or becoming unmanageable. Sideburns and a slightly shorter cut in the back are details that help to round out this cut.

11Swept Back Waves

For hair with a natural wave that don’t evolve into outright curls, this medium length style is polished and professional. Sweeping hair back is a less aggressive than fully slicking it back, and is usually achieved with less effort or product.

12Messy Tendrils

For a wild, carefree look, this hair is only slightly pushed back, and allowed to fall around the face and ears. Don’t expect to be able to achieve this style simply by growing out short hair. The overall effect isn’t sloppy thanks to a deliberate cut that brings hair shorter on the sides and back without turning into a traditional undercut.

13Shaggy Cut

This dark look is shaggy but not bulky thanks to textured ends. Copper highlights throughout are subtle enough to look naturally sunkissed, and help to make the cut look more lightweight than it would on someone with flat color. Shaggy cuts tend to be most often seen on younger men, and anyone approaching middle age or working in a professional setting should consider going with a more controlled style for their medium hair.

14Medium Tighter Curls

Naveen Andrews is best known for appearing as Sayid on Lost, where his tight curls were seen in a longer style. Since getting off the island he’s gone for a more modern chop that accentuates his curls without letting them fall in tendrils. Finer curls like this tend to frizz out if brushed too vigorously, so try to use your fingers for styling whenever possible.

15Modern Pompadour

This is a volume driven look that requires relatively thick hair and a commitment to daily styling. While not as meticulously coiffed as the classic pompadour — think Elvis Presley — this style still requires deliberate cutting to create shape and movement on top while remaining clean underneath. In this version, the hair is allowed to fall into it’s natural part on top instead of being slicked into submission.

16Medium Taper Cut

If you’re looking for sexy yet elegant male haircuts, why not try this slick taper cut? A naturally wavy texture helps to make this medium taper cut look so dapper. If your hair is very straight, wearing this style may cause it to look flat. No matter your hair texture, nobody rolls out of bed looking this good, and the style requires work. Blowdrying will help add volume before working in a wax to create natural looking hold while keeping each hair perfectly in place.

17Medium Curly Layers

While many modern men’s cuts feature hair that’s at least partially swept back, this more natural style is parted just off of centre, and actually allows curls to fall around the ears and frame the face. This medium style is perfect for men who want to look good without subjecting themselves to the whims of the trendy.

18Dreadlock High Fade Haircut

This ultra hip style has been seen on artists like Isaiah Rashad, and combines the clean lines of a fade haircut with the texture of dreadlocks. Perfect for anyone who is a fan of the twisted style but too impatient to grow out full dreads. This style looks great with a high or low fade, so feel free to experiment with height or by adding line details.

19Folded Pompadour

David Beckham has been setting trends in men’s hairstyles for nearly two decades, including with this folded pompadour. The part and folded direction of this style make it more sleek and modern than it’s previous incarnations, but will still take lots of work to achieve. Unlike the natural pompadour that gives hair some freedom to fall naturally, this style is dependent on a very precise shape, and every hair must be in place to pull it off. By using a round brush to blow dry into shape and finishing with a water based pomade or hair clay, hopefully you too can achieve Beckham’s suave style.

20Natural Undercut

In this breezy look, hair is shorter on the sides, but not to the extent of the classic undercut. Hair on top is messily flipped back rather than being carefully placed into position. Bike rides, hikes, or kayaking trips won’t wreak havoc on this hairstyle, making it a great choice for men with an active daily lifestyle, or those who simply can’t be bothered to primp and preen each morning.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next haircut in this list of medium haircuts for men.