Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

30 Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

When it comes to their hair, the main concern of most men is that theirs isn’t thinning or receding, but a thick head of hair presents its own set of challenges and considerations. Men with thicker hair can generally wear longer styles than their thin-haired brothers, but it takes proper cutting, styling and product use to keep thick manes looking their best. For the guys who have hair to spare, check out our 30 favourite haircuts for men with thick hair.


1Long On Top

Having thick hair gives you more freedom to explore styles that are longer on top, while closer cropped hair at the back and sides keep it looking clean. Use a light amount of water based pomade to give definition and hold to longer pieces.

2Slick Back With Low Undercut

Mixing the vintage slicked back style and trendy undercut, this hip look is a great way to bring different textures and lengths together in one style.

3Messy Mid Length

Very thick hair looks great in medium length styles, but may need some texturizing to keep from looking too bulky.

4Slicked Back Pompadour

This slicked back pompadour is dapper, stylish and made for men with thick hair. A medium height undercut keeps things looking clean and modern, and makes styling less time consuming.

5Medium Curly Layers

If your hair is very thick and curly, try this medium length cut that uses layers to remove bulk.

6Edgy Undercut

The dramatic difference in length between the sides and top of this haircut are not only stylish and edgy, but practical for thick haired men who want less hair to style.

7Thor Style

Even if your hair isn’t blonde, this long style will have you looking like a Norse god.

8Curly Taper Cut

This style leaves hair on top long enough to show off its natural curl, but short enough that you won’t require a ton of time and product to tame it every morning.

9Dapper Back Combed Style

No doubt every guy wants hair like David Beckham, but this particular style will look stringy and fall flat if you don’t have thick hair.

10Medium Lumberjack Cut

This medium length cut has the outdoorsy spirit of a long, wild style (especially when paired with the scruffy beard), but is approachable enough to wear as your everyday style, even if you aren’t a lumberjack.

11Comb Over Fade

The very defined part in this haircut looks best when worn by thick haired men.

12Cleaned Up Surfer Style

Josh Holloway’s shaggy surfer hair was one of the biggest cultural take-aways from LOST, but he looks even better wearing it styled back in this cleaned-up version.

13Wild Curls

If you let your thick, natural curls grow long enough to look a little wild, your barber or stylist can add texture and layers that will help keep them manageable.

14Parted Pompadour

This parted pompadour is a very trendy look that requires medium to thick hair to really pull off. As amazing as this style looks, we wouldn’t suggest it to guys who want an easy style that will have them out the door quickly.

15Mid Length French Style

Add some European flair to your life with this French-inspired, mid-length haircut and accompanying beard.

16Sleek Side Combed

We’re used to seeing most men wearing their hair shorter on the sides, making this haircut a less common choice. If you have the time and patience to style and comb lots of hair into place, you’ll find this slick style is worth the effort.

17Thick Curly Top

With so many curly haired men choosing to wear their hair very short, this longer style is a bold, unique choice.

18Curly Bun

While lots of guys have been wearing their hair in bun styles lately, we think it looks best when done with thick, curly hair.

19Square Cut

In this style, hair is left close to the same length all over, with cleaning up around the ears and hairline.


Project power and confidence while keeping your thick hair neat and in control.

21Messy Sharp

Longer and more disheveled than clean cut styles, this slightly messy hair still manages to look sharp thanks to a signature sweep at the hairline, and proper product use to hold it in place.

22Thick and Straight

Have your barber add some texture through the lengths of your thick, straight hair, and you’ll be able to wear it longer on top without losing style and definition.


Use a gel or oil based pomade to slick your hair with a wet finish. This style might not suit everyday wear, but it’s a fun way to dress up your hair for an evening.

24Flair Up

A hair icon since his days on Full House, John Stamos continues to impress with his thick hair in this dapper, flair up style.

25Mid Length With Straight Layers

This throwback style is regaining popularity, and is a great way for thick haired men to show off their hair at a manageable, medium length.

26Long Curls

In this style, curls are left long enough to weigh themselves down, and we see a nice colour dynamic between darker roots and lighter, sun-kissed ends.

27Crew Cut

Classic, stylish, and easy to maintain, the crew cut works for men whether their hair is thick or thin, curly or straight.

28Retro Elvis Style

Wearing his thick hair slicked back makes Zayn Malik remind us of Elvis Presley. This might be a hard style to wear on a day-to-day basis, but it’s worth trying out for a special occasion.

29Ivy League

Another classic cut, the ivy league is a longer version of the crew cut, but still keeps thick hair more manageable than medium or long styles. If your hair is very thick, ask your barber for textured ends.

30Messy Heart-Throb Style

Wearing his signature messy style, Robert Pattinson still manages to look handsome and put together. Proper product usage is the key to giving hair definition and pulling off this messy style.