Classic Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Classic Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Whether you’ve always had thin hair, or your hairline is receding and becoming sparse with age, it’s a frustrating problem that affects many men. There are creams, pills, and hair transplants that claim they can give you a thicker head of hair, but these expensive treatments are hard to trust. The best advice we can give to men with thin hair is to keep it short and well groomed, getting a trim every 4-6 weeks. We’ve compiled our favorite modern hairstyles that will keep thin hair looking its fullest.


1Classic Crew Cut

A perennial classic for men’s hair, the crew cut is dapper with a suit and tie, and casual with jeans and a t-shirt.

2Short And Simple

This simple style keeps hair a little big longer on top, but still short enough to keep thin hair from looking stringy or patchy.

3Spiked Top With Fade

Styling hair up creates an illusion of volume that thinner hair can lack, while a fairly high fade keeps everything neat and short around the ears and at the nape of the neck.

4Close Cropped With Stubble

For men with hair loss on the top of their head, very short hair on the sides keeps their look neat and modern.

5Brushed Up Caesar

With longer hair along the fringe, Caesar haircuts are usually styled downward along the forehead. This version brushes hair upwards, helping to make it look more full, and opening up the wearer’s facial features.

6Close Buzz Cut

For men with sparse or thinning hair, the buzz cut is a classic masculine look that projects confidence and eliminates the need for styling.

7One Inch All Around

If you’ve got thin or receding hair but want to leave it longer than a buzz cut, this one inch length all around with slight tapering is a classic and flattering choice.

8Dapper Ivy League Cut

A longer version of a crew cut, the ivy league leaves hair a little bit longer on top, enough so that it can be parted and gently styled up and over to one side. Be sure to use a small amount of a matte effect product, as heavy gels can weigh down fine hair.

9Brushed Up Crew Cut

This brushed up crew cut is perfect for when you want to do a little bit of styling for a maximum effect.

10Longer Faded Buzz Cut

Somewhere between a buzz cut and a caesar, this style leaves hair a little bit longer on top, but the overall style is still very short and manicured.

11Soft Spikes In Front

Another classic crew cut, this version is youthfully styled with some soft spikes in front. Subtle highlighting with one or two shades lighter than your natural hair can help to disguise thin hair, while dying it darker usually has the opposite effect.

12Short Buzz With Stubble

Jason Statham turned his receding hairline into a bold signature style. This short buzz brings out his steely eyes, while the dark 5 o’clock shadow keeps him looking burly, even in a suit and tie.

13Salt and Pepper Caesar

Just because the Caesar cut was popular among ’90s boyband members doesn’t mean it’s unwearable today. George Clooney wears his signature salt and pepper hair slightly longer in the front, but the overall look is short, tousled, and casual.

14Butch Cut

Although we’re used to seeing Ryan Reynolds wearing his hair in a longer ivy league style, this military style butch cut is a nice change of pace that has him looking more mature and masculine.

15Short Faux Hawk

This style creates an edgy faux hawk shape with very short hair, making it a breeze to style.

16Short Fade With Line Up

With an expert fade that disappears into the skin and a defined line up at the hairline, this haircut is the perfect merging of trendy and classic, and requires little styling time.

17Short Undercut

Looking like a crew cut on top, Tom Hardy’s style here features an undercut on the side with a more drastic length difference than a classic taper. One of the trendiest styles in men’s hair right now, this look is easy to wear for men with any hair thickness.

18Geometric Detail Brush Cut

The simple shape shaved into the side of this style adds some visual interest to an otherwise standard brush cut.

19Short Cut With Faded Sides

This classic cut brushes hair forward and towards the middle, for an easy, stylish look.

20Playful Short Spikes

The key to styling this haircut is that less product is more. Work in a pomade or styling cream with your fingers to get this soft and spiky look.

21Crew Cut With Short Layers

Short layers make this crew cut light and flattering, while highlights add some interest to typical brunette hair.

22Perfectly Tousled

To maintain blonde hair that’s always tousled to perfection, Neil Patrick Harris get his style by using an Indonesian product called Tancho Tique sticks.

23Induction Cut With Beard

An induction cut uses clippers with no guard, and is the shortest you can go without using a razor. This haircut lets the thin hair on top of your head disappear, while a full, thick beard commands all of the attention.

24Styled Ivy League

Men with thinner hair should avoid over-using product, but this look features the perfect amount of product to keep your hair in place on a dressier occasion.

25Classic Fade

For hair with natural curl and texture, keeping it short stops it from weighing itself down, which can expose thinning areas.

26Messy Brush Cut

A shorter style like this brush cut allows you to wear your hair messy without looking like a slob.

27Ivy League Comb Over

This is about the maximum length we’d recommend for men with thin hair. Any longer on top, and you’ll risk it looking stringy.

28Short Cut With Skin Fade

By fading down to the skin at the back and sides of this cut, the hair on top appears more full.

29Disconnected Crew Cut

If your hair has natural curl, keeping it shorter than a few inches will help to cut down on styling time.

30Faded Buzz Cut

To make the most out of a super short cut, try wearing it in a classic faded style.