Caesar Haircut Styles


25 Modern Caesar Haircut Styles

If you’re looking for a short men’s haircut with a little more flair than something basic and classic like a crew cut or Ivy League, the Caesar haircut makes a great alternative choice. The defining aspect of the Caesar haircut is the horizontal fringe that falls across the forehead. The rest of the hair is usually cut shorter than the fringe, but differences in specific lengths and textures make for a whole variety of Caesar haircuts that can suit anyone’s hair type or personal style. Named after the Roman ruler Julius Caesar, this is obviously a haircut with a lot of history. A certain version of the Caesar haircut enjoyed huge popularity in the ’90s, and it’s currently making a modern comeback both in classic cuts and edgy styles. To give you an idea of some of the different ways to wear this royal look, we’ve gathered 25 of the best Caesar haircut styles.


1Classic Caesar With Temple Fade

Keeping hair short with only a slightly longer fringe in the front, this classic rendition of the Caesar haircut looks great with just about any hair texture. The expert line up and temple fade serve as modern details that distinguish this style from its many past incarnations.

2Modern Tousled Caesar

Kellan Lutz keeps things simple with this modern tousled Caesar, where a textured fringe is only slightly longer than the rest of the hair. Subtle highlighting on top brings some sun-kissed flavour without looking obviously unnatural.

3Edgy Caesar Undercut

This Caesar haircut features a dramatic undercut that looks younger and edgier than if the hair at the sides was simply tapered. For men with thick hair or those who prefer to go longer between trims, the undercut is a practical choice for keeping hair around the ears and at the nape of the neck from looking sloppy.

4Soft Texture Caesar

One of the more subtle Caesar styles on our list, Robert Downey Jr.’s pictured haircut features slightly longer pieces at the front, but they’ve been cut with soft texture to avoid creating a sharp, dramatic line across the forehead. The rest of this style is a classic taper cut that looks clean and appropriate both in and out of the workplace.

5Sharp Line Textured Caesar

This Caesar style takes a more bold approach, with a fringe that cuts a straight line across the middle of the forehead. If your hair doesn’t have a completely straight texture, investing in a mini flat iron will help you get these hairs lying perfectly in place across your brow. In a nice counter to the sleek style in front, the hair at the crown of the head is treated with a textured cut and styled with a touch of product.

6Simple Cropped Caesar

This low maintenance Caesar haircut requires little to no styling. Hair is kept close to the same length all over, leaving slightly longer pieces across the brow, and tapering slightly around the ears.

7Soft Piecey Caesar

This soft, piecey style puts a modern spin on the popular ’90s version of the Caesar haircut. Lots of texture in the front makes this style soft and moveable, meaning you won’t have to check the mirror every time you run your fingers through your hair. And unlike styles that are sharply slicked with a stonger hold product, this soft Caesar makes highlights or lowlights look extra natural.

8Tousled Caesar

While the Caesar haircut was popular among ’90s pop stars, George Clooney’s tousled version is a less trendy with a more mature look.

9Short Caesar With Fade

This ultra short version of the Caesar is crisp and clean. The fringe cuts a precise line across the forehead, and is styled slightly to one side instead of being brushed straight down, for a finished product that’s suave yet simple.

10Long Choppy Texture Caesar

One of the longest Caesar styles on our list, the front pieces of this haircut land just above the eyebrows. Try this style out if you’re looking for a wider variety of styling options, or use it as an in between stage when growing out a shorter cut.

11Disconnected Caesar Undercut

With a long, brow-grazing fringe in front and an ultra short disconnected undercut, this Caesar style is perfect if you’re looking to stand out in a crowd. Because there’s no fading at the back and sides, you can use clippers at home to keep your undercut looking crisp in between visits to the barber.

12Curly Caesar

This simple Caesar haircut leaves hair long enough on top so that natural curls start to form, while the sides are more closely cropped, providing a clean finish to the look.

13Thick Textured Caesar

For guys with extra thick hair, a textured cut can make the difference between a shaggy mop and a stylish looking Caesar. A high fade that goes right down to the skin helps keep this style looking crisp on anyone, but guys with thick hair will be extra appreciative of the lightness that comes with it.

14Finely Textured Caesar

The fringe of this Caesar haircut is kept short with some soft texturing, making it an excellent choice for men with finely textured or thinning hair. Receding hairlines are commonly masked by growing hair longer, but this often results in the opposite of the desired effect, making hair look stringy and thinner than when it’s closely cropped.

15Brush Cut Caesar

If you’re looking for a style that’s all in the cutting and requires almost no styling, try this brush cut Caesar. The expert hands of a master barber or stylist create a precise line across the forehead and crisp line-up along the sides, while a skin fade at the temples and nape of the neck add an extra level of detail.

16High Fringe Caesar

Featuring classically faded sides and some texture on top, the high fringe in this Caesar haircut creates a unique detail that can help lengthen the appearance of your face and give fuller cheeks a more chiseled look.

17Tight Caesar With High Undercut

A tight style all around, this look is proof that you can create a Caesar haircut out of a minimal amount of hair. The fringe lands just below the natural hairline, while a high faded undercut keeps about half of the head in a shaved style.

18Wet Look Caesar

Use a gel or mousse to get this wet look the next time you want to add an extra style detail to your Caesar haircut. Because this particular look was ultra popular in the ’90s, we recommend mixing this styling technique with modern wardrobe choices, unless a full-on retro style is what you’re aiming for.

19Wavy Caesar With High Undercut

A slight natural wave in this hair’s texture gives this Caesar a unique look, but keeps some classic styling details in the straight across fringe. The undercut back and sides make upkeep a breeze with this style, and help it look more modern than the Caesar styles of decades past.

20Long On Top Caesar

This longer on top Caesar haircut makes use of straight hair to create a defined but soft fringe. This style is faded at the back and sides but doesn’t taper in length towards the crown of the head, creating a very on-trend silhouette that can also be worn in a parted or spiked style.

21Short Caesar With Mid Fade

Simple, classic, and easy to style, this short Caesar haircut features a mid level fade that drops in the back. This style detail is definitely on trend right now, and also serves the practical purpose of camouflaging any natural asymmetry in the shape of your head.

22Wavy On Top Caesar With Fade

If Julius Caesar was reborn a modern day hipster, we’d probably see him wearing this version of his namesake haircut. Skin faded sides contrast nicely with a full beard, while the hair on top is left long enough to show off its wavy texture, especially when styled with product that helps add definition.

23Low Taper Caesar

With hair close to the same length all over, this Caesar haircut is a fairly classic rendition of the style, and doesn’t make any added edgy additions. Fading at the nape of the neck and temples are subtle details that help create a clean, crisp look.

24Long Bang Caesar

This modern haircut features a longer fringe than the classic Caesar style, making it look like a shaggy, mop-topped version of a Caesar. Besides the long bangs, the rest of this haircut keeps things simple with basic tapering at the back and sides.

25Caesar Fade With Bold Fringe

With a fringe cut in a precisely straight line and styled straight across the forehead, this Caesar haircut is a bold style choice for short haired men looking to stand out from the crowd. Hair is cut with more texture towards the crown of the head, providing a nice contrast with the sleek, straight hair up against the face.