cool hairstyles for men

20 Cool Haircuts for Boys and Men

If you’re a man looking to update your style, one of the first things you look to change? Your hair, of course! In a world that is becomingly increasingly more accepting of “male high fashion”, you are living in what may be the golden era of hair. As exciting as that is, however, it can be hard to find the perfect cut for your hair’s unique texture. Look no further–we’ve rounded up 20 hairstyles for men that are guaranteed to be cool, cutting edge, and a match for your head of hair. We hope you enjoy these 20 cool looks and find one that is perfect for your new ‘do!


1Wild Fringe, Tame Sides Wavy Hairstyles for Men

This looks works best for wavy- or curly-haired guys, but don’t let that stop you if your hair is straight! To achieve this cool ‘do, keep your sides trimmed or tucked behind your ears and allow the top of your hair to grow wild and free. Style with curling mousse or texturizer for the best effect and hold.

2High-Fade Pompadour

One of our favorite mens haircuts! The pompadour has made a comeback in a big way and we feel that it is here to stay! This style is best for guys with thicker or straight hair, but the right pomade and a bit of hard work can make this do-able for any texture. To get the look, have your barber fade your sides high and style to top of your hair with a firm hold pomade–keep a can on hand to touch up any flyaways throughout the day.

3Textured Faux Hawk

If shaving or fading your side isn’t for you, the textured faux hawk is a style worth trying. This style works well with all hair types and textures, so don’t let anything hold you back! This look is very low maintenance: wake up and run texturizer through the whole of your hair, then apply a dollop of gel to your palms and tease the top up into the classic faux hawk. Voila! Effortless cool.

4Layered and Loose Mens Wavy Hairstyles

For a look that easily transitions from “beach boy” to “office worker”, go for a layered mid-length cut. This look works best for wavy hair as the layers control frizz and tame unruly waves while still allowing your hair to maintain its natural texture. Seal with low-hold gel or mousse if your hair gets a bit too bedhead-y; conversely, ruffle with your fingers if you’re losing the wave.

5Angled Afro

Rock naturally tight, kinky curls with an angled fade and long hair on top. Have a barber create sharp angled with your fade, shaving only enough to define your hair; tease out the top of your hair or go natural to keep tight curls. This ‘do works especially well for men of color and/or men with extremely kinky, curly hair.

6Long, Slick, Faded

This slick style allows for the perfect balance of length and control. If you have thicker, straight hair than this look is a match made in heaven for you. Have your barber give you a high fade but keep your length on top; take a pomade (or a gel) with a strong hold and slick your length back along the top of your head. Bonus points for sharp edges!

7Tousled Pompadour

Another hairstyle that allows you to keep a bit of length on your sides, a tousled pompadour is a good move for any hair texture. Thinner hair may require a stronger hold, but experiment with several different products to find what works the best for you. Keep your side trimmed and run your fingers through the top of your hair in the mornings, dislodging clumps. If needed, use gel to keep your length somewhat standing.

8Angled, Layered Fringe

An angular fringe and a few layers make this style perfect for those who have thin or straight hair; however, it’s versatile enough that any hair type looks great! Keep your sides short (shaggy is okay for this look) and grow your fringe to desired length. Have a stylist angle the front and layer the top pieces of your hair for a chunky, no-nonsense look. If your ‘do is looking a bit flat, texturizer will spice things back up.

9Messy, Twisted Man Bun

This style is exclusively for our longer-haired fellas–thick or thin hair does not matter. Gather the weight of your hair at the crown of your head and secure at base with an elastic to make a ponytail. Divide the ponytail in two: wrap one section clockwise and secure the end beneath the elastic. Wrap the other section counter-clockwise and secure the same. Tug out strands for texture and run your hair along the sides to complete this stylish ‘do.

10Short hairstyles for men: High and Tight

An old classic stemming from those in the military, high-and-tight styles are no longer just for those in uniform. This no mess, no fuss style is perfect for all hair types and requires no styling.Simply ask any barber to keep your hair “high and tight”; visits to keep your style well-maintained will most likely be few and far between.

11Medium, Choppy Layers

When in doubt, layers are a surefire thing! To maintain the messy look without the mess, go for medium-length, choppy layers; you can still keep your sides and back trimmed if you’d like. This is an incredibly versatile styles and works with any and every hair texture and type. Bonus points for long-ish sideburns or colored hair: choppy layers seem to scream “hair dye” and will keep this style from looking too bland.

12Male Bob

For guys with longer or shaggy hair, a bob may be the best cut for you. Gentle, feathered layers form a nice frame for your face without being too girly; styling is easy as you only need to blow dry and brush to achieve your desired look. If you’re feeling particularly daring, ombre your ends for a bit of a Johnny Depp vibe.

13Lengthening Layers

This ‘do is good for a variety of textures. Starting from the crown of your head down, have your stylist cut your layers consecutively longer. The pieces at the very top of your head should be short while your fringe is long. Style with a quick combing in the mornings and head out the door.

14Side Swept Bangs

Long bangs swept to the side portray “epitome of cool”. Best for straight hair, have your bangs cut at an angle so that when your sweep them to your preferred side, they don’t inhibit your vision. A low-hold gel and simple combing should do the trick in the mornings! This style is a great choice for thin hair, as its lightweight and doesn’t rely much on volume to add that extra ‘oomph’.

15Chops and Angles

This messy look is all about a variety of angles and layers. Get your hair cut into varying, uneven layers and style it forward with low-hold gel and combing. If it looks a bit messy, that’s all the better! This ‘do is best for straight or wavy hair and the thicker your hair, the more volume your style will have.

16Side Braids

For longer, thicker hair of any wave or curl, side braids are sure to be a hit. Pin the top of your hair out of the way and take the sides of your hair (beginning with the part closest to your face) and french braid to the back of your head. Secure with an elastic and release the top of your hair or keep it pulled back for more ‘wow’.

17Spiked Perfection

This 90s throwback style is versatile and can be done on on thick or thin straight hair. Incredibly short, choppy layers over shaved sides can be styled easily with gel or mousse. If you are looking for a cool cut that’s not much upkeep, this choppy ‘do is perfect for you. Extra credit for frosted tips (the Backstreet Boys would be proud!)

18Long hairstyles for men: Beach Curls

A medium-to-long hairstyle that works best for naturally curly hair, beach curls are a fun style that is reminiscent of summer and salt water. To copy this look, use a mousse or texturizer and run your fingers through your hair in the mornings after you shower; let your hair air dry.

19Short and Simple

A lot can be said for the classic–after all, they’re classic for a reason! A cool and classic style, short layers and angles work well for any hair type. Run your fingers through your hair in the mornings to style and go in for routine trims to keep your cool ‘do. For even more flare, grow out your sideburns and framing pieces for better effect.

20Sleek Style

This prim and proper cut is a great match for those who have more professional work environments. Any hair type would work well with this slick style; keep your side short and your top trim but longer than the rest of your hair. Slick back with a medium-hold gel in the mornings and carry on your day!

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next hairstyle in our list of cool haircuts for men!