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Soccer Haircuts: 30 Awesome Soccer Player’s Haircuts

Besides intense rivalries, massive crowds singing anthems, and some of the most competitive athletics in the world, there’s one thing the beautiful game is known for: haircuts. From Ronaldo’s unique shaved head with bangs to David Beckham’s trendsetting looks, there isn’t another sport where personal style and haircuts are shown off in this way. From handsome classic to unconventional rule-breakers, there’s a soccer haircut to make anyone feel like a world class athlete. Check out our favorite soccer player’s haircuts!


1Angular Undercut

James Rodriguez’s thick hair is usually styled in some sort of high-volume quiff look. This particular haircut features a unique angle in the undercut, creating a triangular shape where hair comes to the point at the front of the head. If you’ve got lots of hair that’s hard to make stay in place, this angular undercut could make styling a lot easier.

2Curly Taper Cut

Although soccer players are loving undercuts and styled comb overs lately, Italy’s Claudio Marchisio looks like a classic work of art with his simple tapered haircut. Strands on top are just long enough to let his natural curls show, but short enough to look clean and neat around the sides.

3Buzz Cut

Chicharito’s buzz cut is a simple, masculine style that’s perfect for guys in active careers, especially ones that require regularly wearing a helmet. If you want a buzz that’s not so short your scalp is showing, copy this longer buzzed look, often called a butch cut.

4Quiff Haircut

Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique isn’t just famous for his football skills, but for his relationship with superstar singer Shakira. With his chiseled good looks and incredible hair, it’s not too hard to see how Pique landed the Colombian songstress. This haircut features longer strands on top and tight tapering at the sides. Quiff styling gives some volume and playful texture that’s styled messily instead of perfectly in place.

5Mohawk Style

Another man who’s known for his ever-changing and always intriguing haircuts, Neymar Jr’s mohawk blends style and edge to create the perfect soccer haircut. Blonde highlight throughout help to make this look stand out even on a pitch full of other star players, and it will absolutely make you stand out in whatever your daily life brings.

6Tapered Pompadour

Spain’s Marc Barta has been breaking hearts all over the world with his soccer skills and piercing blue eyes. He’s a big fan of a tapered pompadour haircut that keeps hair very short and the sides but leaves things long and thick on top. This styling keeps hair in place but doesn’t leave it looking slick or shiny, suggesting he uses something flexible like a styling cream to keep it in place.

7Tapered Mohawk

Stephan el Shaarawy, also known as “The Pharaoh”, has been singled out for his iconic haircut, which is tough to do in a sea of show-stopping styles. This differs from a regular mohawk thanks to hair that’s tapered at the front and back, creating an interesting shape that’s accentuated by the two razor lines.

8Comb Over Undercut

Oliver Giroud’s comb over style is a perfect example of the modern trend in sculpted men’s hair. Combining the textures of shaved sides and a comb over on top, this haircut is stylish and still totally wearable in a regular guy’s life.

9Hard Part Spiked Cut

The reigning king of soccer haircuts, Cristiano Ronaldo has won’s “Salon D’or” title three years in a row. At this point, his angled hard part and stiffly spiked or combed over looks have become synonymous with the player, and he lags only behind Beckham as having the most trendsetting soccer hair of all time.

10Long Bangs Undercut

Paulo Dybala puts a slight spin on the popular long-on-top undercut. His haircut features much longer hair in the bangs and then tapers down towards the back of the head. For regular men, this will create a look that’s easier to style, and is a good beginning point for guys who are trying to get more into their hair.

11Wavy Tapered Haircut

This more subdued style from Sergio Ramos features minimal styling that lets a natural wave show, and is a nice contrast from some of the more popular soccer looks that are stiffly styled into place.

12Comb Over Crew Cut

This no-fuss crew cut is understated, stylish, and easy for any guy to copy for everyday wear.

13Textured Curls

Fabian Johnson’s curls are the perfect length to benefit from some subtle highlighting, but not so long that they would impede his ability to play.

14Gravity Defying Pompadour

With perhaps the most intimidatingly handsome look in all of soccer, Greece’s Panagiotis Kone accentuates his dark, brooding good looks with a gravity-defying pompadour style. A dark and scruffy beard helps to ground this highly styled haircut, proving you can look incredibly masculine with an impeccable pompadour.

15Textured Wavy Cut

South Korea’s Park Chu-Young bucks the trend of ultra-styled soccer haircuts by wearing his mane in a mid-length tousled style. This soft silhouette is perfect for practical men who want to look stylish without spending an hour on their hair every morning.

16Mid Length Curly Cut

These flowing, mid-length curls make Omar Gonzalez look like a Hollywood star. For any guy who’s questioned growing his locks a bit longer, this casual haircut should serve as perfect inspiration.

17Sculpted Comb Over Pompadour

Not to be outdone by the other pompadours on the pitch, Graziano Pelle styles his haircut into a perfect comb over with just the right amount of height.

18Leopard Print Mohawk

Paul Pogba loves dressing up his haircut in a variety of crazy themes and styles. This leopard print look is one of our favorites, but he’s got a ton of others to choose from.

19Messy Curls

Both on and off the pitch, Mats Hummels is known for wearing his mid-length curly haircut with just the right amount of messy tousled texture. For curly-haired guys who think they have to keep their hair short, Hummels is the perfect inspiration to let your locks get a little longer.

20Blonde Spiky Cut

With blonde spikes styled straight up, this is a head-turning haircut both on and off the soccer pitch. To get maximum height without a super strong gel, blow drying hair in an upwards direction is a helpful styling technique.

21Parted Comb Over

Granit Xhaka’s parted comb over is the perfect mixture of vintage and modern styles, and a haircut that looks dapper and presentable for men in all sorts of different professions.

22Mohawk Fade

The mohawk fade is a great haircut for showing off natural curly texture while still keeping hair manageable and not needing a ton of styling time. A razor line detail helps to define and streamline the look, but you can go without it for a softer mohawk fade look.

23Pompadour Fade

With a high fade that drops around the back of the head, Yannick Ferreira Carrasco’s pompadour haircut mixes a vintage silhouette with modern hair techniques. If you’ve been wearing a softer pompadour style for a while, this soccer-inspired haircut will take your look to the next level.

24Blonde Hair Design

Deandre Yedlin is another hair chameleon who’s worn a ton of out-there haircuts during his career. While there’s so many to choose from, the mixed use of color and geometrics in this blonde look is probably our favorite Yedlin look.

25Spiked Taper Cut

Andrea Barzagli’s spiked taper cut plays with form and silhouette by being styled to the side instead of straight up in the air. If you like sculpted haircuts but don’t want something as time consuming as a pompadour, this is the soccer haircut for you.

26Dapper Ivy League

French player Antoine Griezmann has been seen wearing a wide variety of haircuts, including platinum blonde undercuts and longer styles. The dapper ivy league haircut he sported in this GQ spread shows off a more classic style that’s feels a little more unique in the flashy world of football.

27Blonde Swoop

Bakayoko’s been seen wearing his head in a fully blonde look, but we love how this blonde swoop accents his classic fade haircut.

28Tight Sides Crew Cut

Jack Wilshere looks like a proper English lad with this stylish crew haircut. Stepping things up from a basic crew, this look features tightly tapered sides and a bit of back swept styling, creating a look that’s the epitome of dapper simplicity.

29Soft Parted Comb Over

If you’re over the bold undercuts that have been popular in men’s hair for the last few years, go for this softer haircut that features a deep side-parted comb over and is styled with a more flexible hold product.

30Beckham Faux Hawk

Last but not least is David Beckham’s iconic faux hawk. Although he’s worn tons of different trendsetting haircuts, this one takes the cake for spawning the most copies and defining a generation of men’s haircuts. Beckham’s faux hawk haircut is shorter on top than many of the modern pompadour undercut styles, making it easier to style and maintain.