28 Disconnected Undercuts For Men

As a style that mixes edgy, fashion-forward choices with easy styling and upkeep, the disconnected undercut has been one of the trendiest haircuts for men over the past several years. Unlike tapered and faded haircuts where hair gets gradually shorter in length, a disconnected undercut usually doesn’t have any fading, making it easy to do upkeep on your own as long as you’ve got a set of clippers and you’re handy with a mirror. Whether it’s your first time with an undercut or you’re looking to make an update to your favorite style, these disconnected undercuts will give you plenty of inspiration.


1Textured Waves Undercut

This disconnected undercut leaves hair long enough on top to let its natural waves show, but the dramatically shorter sides mean you won’t have to worry about your textured hair cooperating at the back and sides.

2Quiff Style With Side Fringe Undercut

Danielle Radcliffe’s trendy haircut has a few interesting textural elements working for it. First, the longer hair on top allows for a very playful, high volume quiff styling, where hair is styled towards the face and upwards. The haircut then begins like a classically tapered style at the back and sides but features a low disconnected undercut for an extra stylish and edgy detail.

3Long Curls With Razor Line And Undercut

With long, natural curls swept over to one side, this haircut stands out with its razor line detail placed lower on the head than a natural part would usually fall. Clean fading on the other side of the razor line creates a unique look that’s rich with details.

4Modern Bowl Cut

This shorter version of a mop top haircut gets a dose of an edgy trend with a low disconnected undercut that turns it into a modern bowl cut. Perfect for avant-garde men who work in creative fields and want their haircut to reflect their quirky style.

5Long Side Flipped Style

Quite a simple haircut, this disconnected undercut features longer hair on top that’s been flipped to one side with a uniform length undercut around the back and sides. For guys with straight hair that’s not too thick, this is a low maintenance cut both in terms of styling and trimming.

6Mid Height Disconnected Cut

This disconnected undercut occurs at a mid-level height, creating an interesting side fringe with a unique silhouette. We love this style for guys who like the undercut look but want something that will stand out from similar undercut hairstyles.

7Disconnected Caesar Undercut

With an ultra-long fringe hanging over the brow and a sharp disconnected undercut around the back and sides, this haircut shows how even a haircut as old as Julius Caesar’s can be updated for the 21st century.

8Thick Textured Undercut

A disconnected undercut helps to eliminate bulk from longer hairstyles, but guys with thicker hair will also benefit from having some texture cut into their hair when it’s left longer on top. This haircut is a great example of how that added texture helps to create a modern silhouette instead of a shapeless mop perched on top of shaved sides.

9Soft Disconnected Undercut

This disconnected undercut comes across as very soft and natural looking thanks to its perfect placement at the crown of the head where the hair growth changes direction. We love this haircut for any guy who’s interested in the undercut trend but doesn’t want to look like he’s just stepped out of a fashion editorial.

10Low Disconnected Cut With Curls

The long cascade of curls falling in front of the face definitely steals the show in this style, but a low disconnected undercut makes for an interesting secondary detail.

11Long Pushed Back Undercut

If you’re not a fan of the comb over styling that’s popular with many undercut styles, try this pushed back look instead. Unlike a slicked hairstyle that relies on the liberal use of product to keep hair firmly in place, this style gives your hair more freedom throughout the day, and you can touch your hair without having to run to a mirror to fix any stray hairs.

12Disconnected Super Quiff

Use pumped-up quiff styling to get a fun look that makes the most of your thick head of hair, and combine the look with an undercut that’s trendy and reduces your styling time significantly.

13Long On Top With Hard Part

The hard part detail in this haircut helps to distinguish it from the more basic versions of the long-on-top undercut style that’s become quite popular recently. If you’re planning to grow the hard part out, reversing the direction you flip your hair offers an easy solution for covering it up.

14Soft Side Flip

This soft side-flip hairstyle is perfect for guys who want to look youthful and dreamy but with the added edge of a disconnected undercut.

15High Disconnected Cut

The undercut on this long, flipped back style begins very high up on the head, serving not only as a dramatic detail but helping to make this precise styling easier by eliminating some of the heavy hair on top of the head.

16Choppy Cut With Disconnected Side Fringe

The positioning of this disconnected undercut creates an interesting side fringe on an otherwise standard taper cut. Choppy texture throughout the hair on top helps to make messy styling look intentional instead of sloppy.

17Slicked Back Style

Want to cut down on styling time without giving up your love of slicked back hairstyles? Any guy who has tried to slick his hair back at both the top and sides of his head will rejoice at how much a disconnected undercut is easier to style, and it has the added benefit of modernizing your entire look.

18Long Hair With Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut can make long hair more comfortable in warmer climates, while allowing you to keep the choice between wearing your hair down or tied back.

19Sculpted Quiff With Disconnected Undercut

Not all disconnected undercuts need to look edgy or rugged. If you’re into high-drama hairstyles that take serious time and effort, try pairing a sculpted quiff with a disconnected undercut instead of more typically tapered sides.

20Wild Curls With Mid Height Undercut

Give your wild curls a little bit more room to play by framing them with a mid-height disconnected undercut. This style lets the longer hair dip down in the back, making it easier to pull off messy styling, and creating a softer mohawk silhouette.

21Basic Disconnected Undercut

This haircut is basic in the best possible way. With a simple cut on top that tapers in length towards the back and enough texture that you can look great with minimal styling, the disconnected undercut adds a little extra something without taking this look into a super trendy territory.

22Burly Disconnected Undercut

If you think that having a thick, bushy beard and long hair is a little bit too burly for your modern day life, remove some of that hair by adding a disconnected undercut. The negative space created in this look helps to make your face look slim and less hidden, and will help you stay cool if you plan on keeping your beard when the weather gets warmer.

23High Disconnected Undercut With Hard Part

For a combed over style that doesn’t require too much work, consider adding a high disconnected undercut to your style. You won’t have to fight to keep your hair combed over to one side, and you can enjoy the added bonus of gaining an extra stylish edge.

24Loose Pompadour With Disconnected Undercut

Make the pompadour more modern by ditching the extra strong hold product and setting it more loosely in place. Combined with a disconnected undercut that makes styling quicker and easier, this is one pompadour that doesn’t look like it belongs in the past.

25Vintage Comb Over With Disconnected Undercut

If you love keeping a strong vintage vibe in your hairstyle, try this side parted comb over style with a disconnected undercut that starts slightly below the part. The side fringe and slick styling will have you look like you just stepped out of a speakeasy, whether or not you’re sporting a similar mustache.

26Mid Length Disconnected Cut

With medium length hair on top of your disconnected undercut, you’ll have lots of choice with how you style your haircut. Use a small amount of styling cream to get a casual, brushed back style as pictured, or take it up a notch with pomade and a comb for a side-slicked style.

27Mini Mohawk

With a disconnected undercut that’s high at the sides but dips down lower at the back of the head, this style has a miniature mohawk look that you can play up depending on how you style your hair.

28Disconnected Crew Cut

Give your standard issue crew cut a stylish upgrade by combining it with a disconnected undercut, and you’ll love how much longer you can go in between trims. This disconnected crew cut is surprisingly versatile, and it can look clean and professional or tough and edgy depending on your personal style.