Drop Fade Haircut Styles

25 Drop Fade Haircut Styles

Adding a fade around the back and sides of the head is a great way to make any haircut look clean and modern. Where a drop fade haircut differs from the rest is that it angles downwards (or drops down) around the back of the head. You can use a drop fade in place of any other faded look, but it’s most commonly seen in low or mid fade styles. Drop fade haircuts are perfect for guys who want to add a little something different to their look, any help to camouflage irregularities in the shape of your head that make you self-conscious when wearing a higher faded style. To see all the different this cut can be worn, check out 25 of our favorite modern drop fade haircut styles.


1Modern Quiff With Shape-Up & Drop Fade

This modern quiff haircut has lots of structure and is a great choice for men with naturally thick hair. A shape-up at the hairline and drop fade in the back help to add some extra detail that separates this style from other quiff haircuts.

2Slicked Back Drop Fade

If you’re partial to slicking your hair back, adding a drop fade to your haircut matches with the natural silhouette created by pushing longer hair back. Another hidden detail in this style is the angle of the hair where the beard meets the skin fade, which helps this transition area look smooth instead of awkward.

3Curls On Top Drop Fade

Keep your curls from stopping abruptly at the crown of your head by incorporating a drop fade into your haircut. You’ll have more hair on top to style and play with, but the skin faded hairline will keep your cut looking fresh.

4Casual Slick

If you’re going for a less aggressive slicked back style, you might want to pair your style with something less edgy than a high disconnected undercut. A drop fade is the perfect companion to this trendy yet low-key look, helping your style to stand out in all the right ways.

5Defined Curls Drop Fade

With a subtle drop fade that gently follows the natural curvature of the head, it’s obvious this faded cut was executed by a seasoned pro. Top off your drop faded style with textured and defined curls by using a curl sponge, an inexpensive hair styling tool that’s very popular and incredibly easy to use!

6Flat Top Drop Fade

With a flat top that’s squared off in front but curved in the back, and a fade that’s high and the sides and drops down low at the back, this haircut is a geometric marvel masquerading as an everyday hairstyle.

7Quiff With Drop Skin Fade

This drop fade haircut uses the extra hair at the back of the head to balance out a fairly high volume quiff in the front. The lined up hairline almost disappears with the skin fade before returning in the beard, making this one of the most suave looking drop fade styles on our list.

8Parted Drop Fade Style

This parted haircut has a vintage style side fringe created by the faded sides, but a drop fade keeps this fringe from awkwardly extending all the way around the back of the head, instead of letting it gracefully blend out. The side fringe seen here will require more styling time than a haircut with shorter hair at the sides, making this style an easier choice for guys with naturally straight hair.

9Brushed Up Drop Fade

With brushed up spiky styling in the front and a dropped fade in the back, this cool cut takes on a subtle mohawk silhouette without looking too over-the-top edgy. The shorter portions at the temples look more like a disconnected undercut than a gradual fade, helping to contribute to the unique look of this drop fade style.

10Drop Faded Curls

A modern classic style for guys with natural curls, this drop fade haircut looks clean and stylish without requiring much styling upkeep on your part. Regular trips to the barber are essential to keep the lined-up hairline looking at its best, but once your barber’s work is done you’ll be set for a few weeks.

11Drop Fade Butch Cut

If you’re a fan of longer buzz cuts like the butch cut, but don’t want your style to look fuzzy or like a DIY home job, head to a barbershop to have a line-up and rounded drop fade added to your butch cut style.

12Perfect Point Drop Fade

If you plan on wearing your hair longer on top and softly styled away from your face, this perfect point haircut is a great way to accentuate your favorite styling technique. Without a drop fade, this pushed back hair will hang over the fade line, which can look sloppy instead of slick.

13High Volume Curls Drop Fade

Growing your natural curls longer on top allows for more texture and room to play with different styling techniques, but a regular high fade can make this haircut look a little juvenile and awkward. Adding in a drop fade allows more room for the longer hair on top to be gradually tapered down in length, with the end result being this modern, mature style.

14French Crop

Similar to a caesar haircut, the french crop features a fringe in front that’s much longer than the hair on the rest of the head. Combining this longer fringe with a crisp drop fade helps to provide contrast and balance in this high fashion mens hairstyle.

15Vintage Hard Part Haircut

With a hard part, pronounced comb over, and dropped skin fade, this haircut is full of vintage charm, but some guys find it tough to pull off in a modern world. We don’t recommend choosing this drop fade haircut style unless you’re prepared to style your hair every day.

16High Drop Faded Caesar

An edgy high skin fade mixes well with this straight fringe, and a subtle drop fade in the back just adds a few more style points to your scorecard.

17Man Bun With Drop Fade

Dropped fades are a great choice for guys with finely textured hair who want to try growing it long since more hair is left on top than with a more standard disconnected undercut. If you’ve got a full head of hair that’s starting to get long and irritating, this haircut will bring you the best of both worlds, as a long hairstyle that gives your scalp a little bit more room to breathe.

18Casual Tousled Cut

A tousled haircut with some texture on top makes for easy styling and a low-key look. Add a fade or drop fade to this style if you’re trying to get a little more hip with your hair game, or looking to make daily styling even easier.

19Straight Fringe Low Drop Fade

The faded sides of this haircut line up perfectly with the straight fringe, but a little drop fade helps to keep this from looking like a straight-up bowl cut. Try this haircut if you’ve got a bit of natural texture in your hair that will play nicely against the ultra straight line of the fringe across your forehead.

20Long On Top Mini Drop Fade

With hair on top long enough to style in a big, sweeping motion across the hair, skin faded sides make for a nice contrast. The little drop fade here is quite subtle and helps to nicely balance the back of the head with the long hair that’s been styled forward.

21Drop Fade With Wild Curls

Mix wild curls with a clean fade to bring your lumberjack aesthetic out of the woods. We love this look for guys who choose to rough it outdoors on the weekends but need to clean up their style from 9–5 on weekdays.

22Side Sweep Drop Fade

Looking like a classic side-swept businessman’s style on top, the drop fade in this haircut provides a nice twist that makes it look more modern, but no less appropriate for the workplace.

23Shaped-Up Caesar

From a perfectly precise straight fringe and shape-up to the curved razor line, this haircut has a lot of different elements happening at once. Luckily, the subtle drop fade doesn’t distract from the rest of the cut, and feels like a natural extension of the curve of the razor line.

24Drop Fade Pompadour

The best way to wear today’s pompadour is with faded hair at the back and sides that make styling easier and help the style look more modern. A drop fade allows your pomp enough room to be perfectly styled, and helps to balance out the height added to the front of your style.

25Thick Brush Up With Drop Fade

Faded sides are a great way to help reduce some of the bulk that comes along with having thick hair, and makes coarse hair types easier and quicker to style. This brushed up haircut features a fairly simple styling technique, and hair gradually tapers in length from front to back, finishing in a stylish but simple drop fade.