Long Hairstyles for Men

Top 20 Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair

When you think of men you usually do not think of long hair instantly. Although many guys are rocking shorter hair styles such as fades, taper cuts, and even going completely bald many guys enjoy sporting their long locs. The main reasons for guys letting go of their hair is because of maintenance and the fear of looking feminine. In reality there is nothing better than seeing a man with a healthy head full of hair. Some of the most popular styles include blow outs, beach waves, braids, dread locs, and ponytails. Just like women men also experiment with colors, textures, and even extensions. We want to show all of you men that it is okay to rock you lush locs and still be masculine. That is why we searched for 20 Long hairstyles for men that we think you will enjoy. We hope this list of guys hairstyles will change a few minds out there.


1Long braids

Here we have these beautiful long brown locks. This hair is in a natural state without being too overly done. Two loose braids were added to the ends which are simple and pretty stylish.

2Silk press

Can we give it up for his amazing mane of hair? This is a simple press out or silk press out. We love how his hair is flowing in the wind and looks super healthy. One tip is if you’re pressing out your hair always use a heat protectant to build a barrier between your hair and the heat. Chi silk infusion is great to get a long lasting straight look if your hair has a natural curl texture.

3A half ponytail for men

Who said half ponytails were only for women? We love how his hair falls perfectly in line with his jawline. The beard gives the look the rough around the edges look that a lot of men are looking for when wearing lengthy hair.

4Simple and layered

Here we have a more typical style. This is a shoulder length straight style with layers. This look is sleek with a hint of personality. He has natural tone highlights with hues of red and blonde. If you’re a laid back guy who lives in your favorite jean jacket then give this simple look a try.

5Undercut with long french braids

This is a unique take on your typical undercut. This is cut more on the sides and around the nape area. The center is braided into three french braid cornrows that are then tied into one long ponytail.

6Low bun

This low bun is great for those day that you really want to get up and go. Let’s face it we do not want to be bothered with our hair every day so being able to rock a low bun and still be fashionable is a win-win in our book. this will look great if you have long hair and also medium length hair.

7Middle knot bun

Here we have a sleek knot bun. It is one of the most popular cool haircuts we see on the red carpet and on the runway. We are use to seeing women rocking the top knot on the red carpet, in magazines, and of course Instagram. On the flip side men have been killing the knot bun and we are not afraid to say it.

8Tapered cut Afro

If you want a more shaped cut consider getting a diva cut. This cut not only shapes your curls but also makes your hair look a lot fuller and healthier. This is also a great way to manipulate your hair to grow in the shape you desire.

9The normal puff

Here is a curly and simple puff. Yes men can rock a puff as well. We love how the look is unruly but still looks put together. This simple style really shapes his face and allows his beard to standout as well.

10Editorial Mohawk

This may not be every guy’s cup of tea but if you’re a model or even a guy that likes to push the limit what better way to get inspiration than an editorial styled shot. This is not your average Mohawk it is completed with two cornrows that transition into the Mohawk. The center of the mohawk is spiked and a little messy to give the wild look. The makeup also ties the whole look together by thickening the eyebrows and creating lid to bone smokey eye.

11Twisted low dread ponytail

Here is a quick and simple dread style. It is is low ponytail that is twisted on each side. You can loc jewels which have been really popular this year or things such as shells and beads that people have been putting on their hair as accessories for ages. This style requires little to no manageability. This is also work appropriate and perfect for nights out with the boys.

12The dread bun

Here we have the infamous dread bun. Men have been wearing this style for years now but it really been popular and mainstream in the last couple of years. You may see many men wearing their hair line in a fade like the one pictured. If you have the ends of your hair dyed wearing it in a bun will give a layered ombre effect.

13High and Middle Ponytails – David Beckham hair

Here we have one of David Beckham’s signature hairstyles- Sleek high and middle ponytails. The stylish star has rocked almost every hairstyle imaginable and this one is a sexy option and at the same time super sophisticated.

14Simple cornrows

Sean paul is known for his very well maintained cornrows with the tapered sides. Cornrows will never go out of style. We know people say at a certain age you should cut them but if you keep them well maintained then why not keep them? Sometimes it is better to dismiss trends because there are certain styles that will forever be IN.

15French Braid undercut

It seems that the undercut is a popular trend among men. It is the perfect cross between a haircut and having some hair to try out different styles. This is called an invisible braid and is the perfect casual style for any guy.

16Slick fishtail hair braid

Here we have a slick fishtail braid. This style is perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up or dressed down. The best part is that it can last for days meaning you won’t be spending extra time on your hair. This can be done with any texture of hair.

17Naturally curly Afro

Sometimes you may just want to rock your hair in its natural state. We love this large curly fro with light brown color on the top. Maintain this style by spritzing with a water, conditioner, and oil mixture. This will moisturize your hair and takes about 30 seconds of your day.

18Blonde Goldie

Who knew the caveman look could be super sexy and flattering? This hair has a natural curly wavy texture that is dark at the root and a light golden blonde at the ends. The thick moustache and beard really add to the look. The golden blonde really play up his eyes well.

19Crazy colored long bang

Do you like to sport a bang look? We are so loving this crazy color combination. It is a royal blue base that is tapered and forms into a curled bang with pink and purple tips. This style and color is not for your typical everyday person.

20Long Ombre wavy Locks

As you can see ombre is not only in style for women. Men can rock it just as well. Check out this gorgeous shoulder length hair. It is completed with light waves and is is a dark brown at the root fading to a honey brown with red undertones and finally a blonde. This coordinates with his reddish/brown facial hair and really makes his blue eyes pop.

21Tapered puff

Tired of the boring old natural puff? Try a fade. This gives you the ability to wear your hair up with a little personality or down in a longer afro if you choose. You can add design if you choose and even add color to it if you wish.