Undercut Hairstyles For Men

30 Undercut Hairstyles For Men

Men’s haircuts are beginning to enjoy as much variety as women’s styles, and today it’s not uncommon to see men with shaved heads, crew cuts, or long hair that falls past their shoulders. One of the current trendiest styles in men’s hair is the undercut, featuring long hair on top and much shorter sides that are often shaved. Echoing 1920s style, the undercut revival began in hipster culture but has exploded in popularity and is now seen on men of all age groups and professions. We’ve collected 30 undercut hairstyles to give you ideas on how to make a shaved side style work in your life.


1The Grown Out Undercut

Whether you’ve intentionally left the sides of your undercut on the longer side, or you’re growing out a no guard buzz, an in between length on the sides doesn’t have to be awkward. This cut is long enough on the top to give lots of contrast between the top and sides, while not requiring as much product on top.

2Long Dreadlock Undercut

This all around undercut adds some edge to a long dreadlock style, while also making hair lighter and more manageable without losing the dreadlocks completely. If you’ve had dreads for a long time and are considering a change, this style is a good starting point.

3Military Undercut

While maintaining a contrast between top and sides, the military undercut features relatively short hair on top. Although it’s named after and modelled on the haircut popularized by military personnel, this haircut has gained popularity amongst short haired men who want to try out the undercut trend.

4Wavy Caesar Undercut

Along with a host of other 90s trends, the Caesar haircut for men is regaining popularity. In this particular version, the Caesar’s short, horizontal fringe is given lots of texture with product and naturally wavy hair, while an undercut makes the whole style look very modern.

5Subtle Pompadour Undercut

If you’re into rockabilly style without being too over the top, try this lower maintenance version of a pompadour cut.

6Businessman Undercut

An edgier version of the businessman’s taper cut, this style features long hair on top that’s artfully styled without being aggressively slicked back, for a haircut that’s acceptable at the office but not out of place when you put on a muscle tee and jeans to head to a dive bar after work.

7Long On Top

As a general rule, the longer hair is on top, the edgier an undercut hairstyle will look. This blonde hair is chin length in front, but tapers slightly in length towards the back, for a style that has lots of modern edge without being too difficult or time consuming to style. If you’re finding your long hair hot and annoying during the summer months, consider this lighter haircut that won’t take all your length away.

8Color Contrast Dreadlock Undercut

This very edgy style relies on the contrast between dark dreadlocks and a very light side undercut.

9Comb Over Undercut

If you’d love to look like a prohibition era smuggler, try this undercut style that’s combed over and slicked in place with a pomade that has lots of hold but doesn’t lock hair up the same was that a gel does. If you don’t have a beard this impressive, you can still rock a comb over undercut, and people won’t be as quick to call you a hipster.

10Curly On Top

While straight hair makes for some very sleek, sophisticated hairstyles, undercuts with curly hair offer up some fun alternatives. Depending on how tight your natural curls are, keep hair long enough on top to show them off, and choose products specifically for your hair type. While a strong, tacky pomade is great for slicked straight styles, curly hair usually requires the softer touch of a curl enhancing product that brings definition without smashing curls into submission.

11Heartthrob Caesar

If your girlfriend is still crushing on boy band heartthrobs of the 90s, consider trying out this dreamy Caesar cut with short sides. Like any haircut that features a fringe, your facial features and eyes become the focus, while shaved sides help to slim the face and show off the structure of your cheek and jaw bones.

12Tom Hardy Style 

Although Tom Hardy would look handsome with any haircut imaginable, this short spiky undercut is particularly well suited to his face shape and strong bone structure.

13Modified Disconnected Undercut

A classic disconnected undercut features hair that’s shorter on sides with little to no fading between various lengths, while this interesting haircut worn by Daniel Radcliffe looks like a classic taper cut featuring a low, disconnected undercut. The end result is something very fashion forward for guys getting tired of the standard undercut’s popularity.

14Disconnected Caesar

The most dramatic of our Caesar styles, hair is clipped very short with no fade for an edgy style that’s fairly low maintenance. The fringe is the only part you’ll have to worry about styling.

15Modern Bowl Cut

This haircut adds more texture to the classic bowl cut, while a fairly straight line delineates where the undercut begins. Not for anyone who wants to blend in, this rather avant garde look is perfect for men in creative professions that allow for more freedom in terms of personal appearance and expression.

16High Pompadour

Featuring a medium fade, this high pompadour is great for men who enjoy spending time on getting their hair just right. To get this look for yourself, you’ll need the proper styling tools including blow dryer, round brush, and pomade.

17Long Hair Undercut

Unlike most side shaves in long hair that run along a straight part, this undercut area creeps towards the centre of the forehead, making it easier to sweep thick hair over to expose your edgy shaved style. One of the advantages of an undercut on one side of the head with long hair is that you can sweep hair in the other direction to hide this shaved area.

18Side Part With Front Roll

Featuring a low undercut and classic side part, this style is full of old school class. Similar to the pompadour styles, the front of hair is swept upwards and styled in place using a strong hold pomade.

19Military Slick Back

With this cut, hair is kept longer on top than in the classic military style, but still looks neat and orderly in a slicked back fashion, while the back and sides feature a high fade and close clip.

20Man Bun With Grown Out Sides

An example of how to grow out short shaved sides, this style features enough of a contrast between long hair tied in a bun and shorter sides that the difference looks deliberate rather than messy.

21High Disconnect

Rapper Macklemore’s signature hairstyle features a very high undercut with no fade, and longer hair on top that’s usually in some sort of quiff style.

22Edgy Dapper Style

This interesting combination of side slicked hair with a defined part and closely shaved sides is becoming very popular with young men who are changing the rules about what hairstyles are acceptable in professional settings.

2350s Style With Undercut

Unlike the classic 50s cut that features a gradual taper from top to bottom, this style has a modern undercut around the back and sides, making it the perfect fusion of timeless and hipster styles.

24Side Swept Curls With Undercut Design

The undercut in this style is enhanced by precision cut lines, and long curly hair is brushed over to one side to show off the work of a skilled barber. If you only want to show off a style like this on some occasions, keep one side evenly shaved and switch the direction you sweep your hair depending on your mood.

25Brush Up With Undercut

The ultimate in hip and modern hair for men, this brush up is styled with a soft product like a styling cream that gives a medium amount of hold. A handlebar moustache and nose ring make this a hipster’s dream style, but you can wear this hairstyle with or without the extra accessories.

26Mohawk Style

While many men are wearing mohawk fade hairstyles, this cut takes a more straight up approach to the mohawk style, featuring evenly and close shaved sides.

27Textured Curls Undercut

This thick, curly hair is in a brushed up style and features a low undercut that adds just a touch of edge to a fairly classic men’s hairstyle.

28Peaked Undercut

The peaked style is typically tapered all over, but can easily be modified to include sides that are undercut instead of gradually tapered. This look is young and edgy but won’t look out of place in a professional setting.

29Military Combover

This clean cut style features short hair on top that’s slightly combed over, while sides are kept very short in a high faded style.

30Undercut Quiff

This quiff style is set off with closely shaved back and sides, making it a great style choice for artistic men who want to wear a unique haircut.