hairstyles for men with receding hairlines


35 Hairstyles For Men With Receding Hairlines | Receding Hairline Haircuts Guide

Some men take their receding hairlines in stride, while for others it’s one of the most stressful changes that could happen to them. Either way, a receding hairline doesn’t have to mean the end of looking and feeling good. Whether your hairline is just slightly receded or you consider yourself among the ranks of balding men, there are hairstyles for receding hairlines that can help to make you look stylish and feel confident. From buzz cuts to tapers and fades, these hairstyles for men with receding hairlines provide options to help any guy look and feel his best.


1Close Shave With Beard

A full beard can help to take focus away from a receding hairline and makes for an interesting contrast with this closely shaved faded style.

2Buzzed Butch Haircut for Receding hairline

A longer buzz cut, the butch cut uses anywhere from a #3–#5 guard to clip hair evenly all over. Not only does is this a stylish and modern way to wear your hair with a receding hairline, but it’s easy enough to cut and maintain on your own.

3Ivy League Receding Hairline Haircut

A receding hairline doesn’t mean you have to go for an ultra-short buzzed style. This ivy league haircut leaves enough hair on top to style, but isn’t so long that it ends up looking stringy.

4Buzzed Burr Cut for Receding Hairlines

Clean and simple, this short buzz cut is one of the best ways to embrace your receding hairline, and makes for an ultra-easy haircut that requires no styling and is easy to maintain.

5High And Tight Crew Cut

Not only is this high and tight crew cut super trendy, its simple look will appeal to minimalist men who aren’t interested in trying to use elaborate hairstyles to disguise their receding hairline.

6Tapered Butch Cut

This buzzed cut is a little bit more complicated, as it features hair that’s one or two guards longer on top. If you like a buzzed style with some length variation, this tapered butch cut is a great option.

7Stylish Taper Cut for Receding Hairline

Justin Theroux’s stylish tapered cut is long enough to give you plenty of styling options, making it a great choice for guys who have a receding hairline, but still sport plenty of hair on the top of their head.

8Faded Burr Cut

If you want something a little more interesting than a uniform length cut, but prefer to wear a buzzed style with your receding hairline, try incorporating a fade into your shorter hairstyle. This burr cut combines with a skin fade to make for a clean look that won’t take any time to style in the morning.

9Short Brushed Caesar Haircut

Guys in the beginning stages of a receding hairline can pull off a wide variety of hairstyles, including this short caesar style that’s worn brushed up at the front.

10Razor Shave Receding Hairline Haircut

If you aren’t into the look of a stubbly head, you can take your shaved style right down to the scalp by using a razor. If you’re used to wearing a longer hairstyle, we’d recommend trying out a butch or burr cut before you go for this razor shaved look.

11Long Crew Cut for Slightly Receding Hairline

An incredibly versatile hairstyle for men of almost any hair type, the crew cut is a great choice for men with receding hairlines. This longer version worn by Josh Duhamel is a good option for guys with a slightly receding hairline, but you may want to go for a shorter option if your hairline continues to recede.

12High And Tight Buzz Cut

For some guys, clinging to a longer hairstyle is a way to pretend your hairline isn’t receding, but they don’t realize how good super short styles can look! Tom Hardy’s high and tight buzz cut is shaved very close around the back and sides, leaving a small section of slightly longer hair at the very top of the head.

13Tousled Taper Cut

This tousled taper cut is a fairly uniform length throughout the top section of hair, but gradually tapers to a slightly shorter length around the back and sides. It’s a clean, easy style that looks great on just about any occasion.

14Close Buzz With Stubble

When your receding hairline has progressed to leaving you with little to no hair on top of your head, a close buzz cut with some rugged stubble is the best way to look sharp and masculine.

15Brushed Up Crew Cut

While a crew cut is generally left long enough on top to allow for some styling, that doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm hair with a bunch of product. For many receding hairline haircuts, less is more in terms of styling and product, making this simple brushed up crew cut an excellent choice.

16Brushed Up Quiff for Receding Hairlines

If you still want to put some spunk in your hairstyle despite a receding hairline, we recommend opting for styles that brush hair up compared to harshly slicking it back. To get this softly brushed quiff, use a blow dryer to position your hair, then finish with a light touch of product once it’s completely dry.

17Induction Cut With Beard

If you’re missing your hair after deciding a buzz cut looks best with your receding hairline, growing out a beard can help give you a new, bold look.

18Mid Fade With Subtle Waves

A receding hairline doesn’t mean the death of your hair’s natural texture. This style plays up some subtle waves at the front of the hair, but keeps things short and neat everywhere else with a mid fade.

19Brush Haircut for Receding Hairline

Another great example of styling hair up instead of back, this military grade brush cut is super simple, and can help to make your face look slimmer.

20Side Styled Crew Cut

The epitome of composure and style under pressure, Anderson Cooper’s signature side styled crew cut is an excellent choice for men with hairlines that are beginning to recede.

21Modern Induction Cut

This modern induction cut features some very subtle fading at the sides that helps to distinguish it from at-home haircuts. Men with receding hairlines might be nervous about plunging into a haircut this short, but most find the experience liberating once they’ve made the change.

22Tapered Mid Length Cut

This mid length cut styes hair back and away from the face, but uses softer styling in the front to help partially camouflage a receding hairline.

23Vintage Side Parted Style

This vintage side parted style is a great special occasion style for almost any man, including those whose hairlines are beginning to recede.

24Low Fade Butch Cut

Combine your standard butch but with a smart line-up at the sides and a low fade that turns an everyday buzz cut into a stylish option.

25Tousled Crew Cut

Use a light touch with a product to style your crew cut up and away from the face with tousled texture.

26Pushed Back Mid Length Cut

Slicked back hairstyles can tend to accentuate the shape that comes with a receding hairline, but Leonardo Dicaprio’s look has been done with enough of a light touch that he makes it work. Instead of applying product to your wet hair (which can make it look crusty and thinned out once dried), blow dry your hair before finishing it with product.

27Close Sides Crew Haircut for Receding Hairline

A classic crew cut option, this style keeps the sides closely trimmed while leaving hair long enough on top to be combed to one side.

28Buzzed Faux Hawk Cut

The faux hawk might feel young and trendy, but it’s also a surprisingly good option for men with receding hairlines. Keep the sides closely buzzed and leave hair on top only a few guard lengths longer to avoid looking immature or unprofessional.

29Drop Skin Fade For Receding Hairline

In this drop faded style, hair at the top of the head is slightly teased to create added volume without looking like a camouflaging comb over.

30Gradual Taper Cut

One of the most standard men’s hairstyles, this gradual taper cut is an excellent way to look professional and stylish without trying to draw too much attention to your hair and receding hairline .

31Brushed Forward High Fade

Brushing your hair forward can help disguise a receding hairline, and mixing this look with a high fade at the sides helps to keep it looking neat.

32Regular Receding Hairline Haircut

The regular cut is a tapered hairstyle that’s been around forever, and you can confidently wear this style with a receding hairline.

33Side Combed With Razor Lines

With not one but two razor lines, this side combed style proves that you can still wear a hairstyle that has visual interest if your hairline is receding. Notice how the side combed styling is done softly and deliberately, so it doesn’t expose or attempt to cover the fact that the hairline is receding.

34Butch Cut Shadow Fade

if you like short and simple hairstyles that still look neat and professional, try incorporating a very gradual shadow fade into your butch cut.

35Brushed Pomp With Mid Fade

This high volume pompadour style is the ultimate in masculine sophistication, and gives hair some vertical volume that can distract from a receding hairline.

36Pompadour Undercut

A gorgeous haircut for those of you whose hairlines are beginning to recede. This pompadour undercut hairstyle is stylish and sophisticated and requires a bit of length.