Low Maintenance Mens Haircuts

Low Maintenance Men’s Haircuts

This one is for the guys! While we talk about women’s hair and beauty trends a lot around here, we don’t want the men feeling left out – we know you want to look and feel great too. For a lot of men, low maintenance is most important when it comes to hair. Sound familiar? Perfect because we took some time to research some of the most modern, low-maintenance men’s haircuts this year and we think you are going to be pleasantly surprised and just how many options exist.


1Short Fade – Spiked Top

Looking for a low-maintenance cut that still has some style? This is a great option. The short fade on the sides makes it really easy to maintain, leaving just a little extra length on top. Style the top portion with some styling product to get this spiked look.

2Short Fading

Similar, yet different, to the previous haircut. This one is different in that the top is left quite short – but still longer than the sides and back of the hair. If you like the extra length on top, but don’t want to worry about any styling this may be a better option for you.

3Longer on Top

Notice a theme of shorter hair around the sides and back with a varying length on top for low-maintenance haircuts. This is significantly longer but if your hair is naturally quite straight, the maintenance won’t be difficult and you can let the hair fall naturally.

4Brushed Up Cut

Another example of longer length that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. To style the hair just brush up and use a small amount of hair care product to hold it in place. It gives a little volume boost to the hair to make it appear thicker too.

5Adam Levine Style

Adam Levine has always had his own style, but we loved this haircut for a modern low maintenance look. For the guy that wants a little extra rocker aesthetic, the spiked up top and longer side burns helps to achieve that.

6Zac Efron Inspired

Can’t go wrong with a short cut all over the hair. This is a great summer cut if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. No fuss or maintenance needed here. What adds some dimension to the hair is the fading on the sides.

7Low Maintenance for Curls

Do you have naturally curly hair? No worries you can still rock a low maintenance haircut. This is a great example of a cut that works well for curly hair. It allows the curls to be in their natural state, while making it easy to style and manage on a day to day basis.

8Super Short + Easy

Another cut that makes life super easy and simple. Great option for guys with naturally straight or wavy hair. This is definitely a wash and go type of hairstyle – easy!

9Sharpened Front

A short cut that has some contrast to it. The extra short fading on the sides is what really gives the hair on top the added contrast. Ask your barber for a cut that’s straight and blunt across the front for added shape and edge.

10Easy Faux Hawk

The ever popular faux hawk is always a great haircut choice when you want something easy to maintain. Of course, there is a little more styling involved compared to some of the other cuts – its still not overly complicated.

11Pushed Back in Style

If all you want to do to style your hair is push it back: look no further. This is a great cut for the guy who likes the effortless ‘push back’ style, and wants a little more length than some of the really short cuts.

12Gosling Cut

Ryan Gosling went super low maintenance with this particular haircut. It’s a really short length all over the head, with the top ever so slightly longer. It’s very minimal in the added length, but enough to give some extra depth.

13Jake’s Longer Locks

Ah, Jake – doesn’t his hair look great? We wanted to make sure to show you a variety of haircut lengths because super short hair isn’t for everyone. This is a great example of hair that’s left a little longer that still doesn’t require a lot of added styling steps.

14JT’s Hair Inspiration

It’s no secret Justin Timberlake is a style icon. As he’s grown in his career and in life, his hair has pretty much consisted of epic low maintenance haircuts. This is just another example of a cut he nailed in style and function.

15Low Tapered Cut

Tapered cuts are awesome when you don’t want to have to fuss around with your hair much. We thought this cut in particular was really fun, fresh and modern. The sharp edges, detailed fade…it’s all spot on.

16Modern Short Cut

Whether your hair is wavy or straight, this cut is an awesome option to consider. The extra length on top of the head gives more transition between the lengths of the hair as it fades down towards the ears and neck.

17Slicked and Parted

This is for the guys who like their hair to be sophisticated, modern and professional. It’s the slicked back simplistic feel of the hair that really encompasses all these things in the hair. Don’t you think? The defined side part really highlights the slicked back styling, too.

18Sharp Line

We’re into this cut. The super defined line splitting the faded portion of hair and the longer length on top gives this even more edge and style. Do you agree? It’s amazing what just that thin line does to transform a haircut.

19Modern and Short

Keep short and fresh this spring and summer with a haircut similar to this. It’s modern and so simple – great for guys with short or slightly wavy hair. It doesn’t get much more classic than this haircut.

20Buzz Fade

Another really classic go-to cut you can always count on is definitely the buzz cut. It doesn’t get a whole lot more low maintenance than this, to be honest. No daily hairstyling required! To add a little dimension and style to the hair just make sure to ask your barber to fade out the sides.

21Longer Top Cut

We know not everyone has straight or wavy hair, so we loved this cut for the guys with wavy or even curly hair. The good news is you can rock this minimal styling required cut even with your natural hair texture and not have to worry about added steps to your morning routine.

22Short Cut with Facial Hair

This cut is quite short and happens to look awesome when paired with facial hair. If you’re looking for inspiration to match your facial hair look no further. This cut will keep you cool in the summer heat and not be overwhelmed by too much hair.

23Slicked Back Hair

We love a slicked back hairstyle for men. This is a classic cut that never goes out of style. The shortened sides give the slicked back style that added boost. All you need is some great styling product to hold the hair in place all day.

24Spiked and Easy

Spiked hair done right – and low maintenance. Bring this in to your barber to get a similar hairstyle that works with your hair texture. Make sure to ask for defined fading on the sides!

25Curly Cut

This is for the curly haired fellas. Ask for a cut that embraces your natural curls to make it easier to style and maintain on a daily basis. You’ll thank yourself, and your barber, later.

26Swooshed Fade

27Thick Hair Cut Idea

28Trendy Short Cut

29Volume on Top

30Wavy Fringe and Fade