Goatee Styles


Goatee Beards and Mustache Goatee Styles

Looking for more facial hair than a mustache but less than a full beard? Goatees hit the perfect space in between, giving you the option to perfectly tailor your facial hair to suit your face shape and personal style. If you’re going for a very specific goatee style, you’ll need to trim your facial hair often and with a high amount of precision. For the best results, you’ll want to invest in both a high quality razor and electric trimmer, so you can keep your goatee and mustache defined and at the perfect length. To help you choose the goatee that fits both your tastes and your face shape, we’ve compiled 30 goatee beards and mustache goatee styles for you to choose from.


1Classic Goatee

Today the term goatee is often used to describe a beard and mustache around the chin area, but the classic goatee refers to hair only below the lips, with mustache and cheeks left clean shaven. This goatee style is ideal for men with round faces, as it creates an optical illusion of length at the bottom of the face.

2Full Goatee

The full goatee is what most people today think of when they hear the word goatee. This style features a mustache that’s connected to a full beard underneath the chin, while the cheeks are clean shaven. This goatee style helps to put emphasis on your chin and make it appear more prominent, making it a good choice for men with a heart or diamond shaped face.

3Goatee and Mustache

This simple style is a more simplified version of a full goatee, featuring a mustache and hair on the chin that aren’t quite connected. Men who don’t have super full facial hair might find their goatee and mustache will naturally grow in this way, while others will have to use a trimmer to achieve the look. Try this style out if you’ve got a wide face with a square jaw, as it can add some length at the chin without making your face appear even wider.

4Anchor Goatee

Named after it’s signature shape, the anchor mixes a relatively thin mustache with a soul patch and a wider beard across the chin that extends partway across the jawline. An anchor goatee will help to lengthen the look of a rounder face, and can also help to define your jawline.

5Extended Goatee

An extended goatee is a full goatee that extends farther across the jawline and lower portion of the cheeks, making it closer to a full beard but without sideburns or hair covering the whole cheeks. Go for an extended goatee if you want to add some width to your long, thin face and help beef up the appearance of your jawline.

6Chin Strap with Mustache

A chin strap is any goatee or beard that extends along the chin and jawline, usually connecting to the sideburns. This style will help to make oblong faces appear wider, and can help to make your jawline look more chiseled.

7Thick Chin Strap Goatee

If you like the look of a full goatee but you’re also trying to add some definition to the lower half of your face, try adding a thicker chin strap onto your facial hair style.

8Handlebar Mustache Goatee

Handlebar mustaches are a favorite facial hair style of men who enjoy going all out when it comes to their grooming routines. Unlike more standard facial hair styles, a handlebar requires you to invest in mustache wax to do the look justice. We like this style for men with long, thin faces, as the handlebars help width to balance out the goatee.

9Goat Patch

The goat patch features hair between the lower lip and bottom of the chin that’s larger than a soul patch but narrower than a classic goatee. This style puts some emphasis on your chin without completely covering it up, making it a nice choice for men whose face is slightly narrower at the lower half.

10Scruffy Goatee

This stubbly goatee features a mixture of different hair lengths for a scruffy style that’s masculine and casual. With hair quite evenly distributed at the mustache and chin, this goatee style looks great on men with oval shaped faces.

11Stubble Goatee

The barely there stubble of this goatee is perfect for guys who have trouble growing thicker facial hair or anyone who can’t commit to the growing out period required for a more full goatee or mustache style. Stubble has never looked so dapper!

12Handlebar with Disconnected Goatee

This slightly different version of the handlebar with a goatee features a disconnect between the two pieces of facial hair, making it a good choice for guys who like pulling off a very precise trimming routine.

13Balbo Goatee

The balbo style combines a mustache with a chin beard that’s attached to the soul patch area rather than being separated. It’s a good middle ground look for guys who don’t mind doing some trimming but don’t want their facial hair routine to be too complicated. This style helps to emphasize a point at the chin, making it a good choice for men with square shaped faces.

14Scruffy Square Goatee

A full goatee that’s been trimmed into an emphasized square shape can help to lengthen and strengthen a round or diamond shaped face. When allowed to get a little scruffy this facial hair style doesn’t look too fancy or overdone.

15Professional Goatee

This ultra professional version of the full goatee makes use of a pencil mustache and clean lines to create an ultra crisp look. Businessmen with round or diamond shaped faces will love how this impressive facial hair style ties their look together.

16Van Dyke Goatee

With an exaggerated mustache that extends below the corners of the lips and unattached hair on the chin, the Van Dyke is a retro style goatee that’s enjoying renewed popularity.

17Circle Beard Goatee

A full goatee that’s been trimmed into a circular shape, the circle beard goatee helps to round out the appearance of a pointed chin and can make thin faces appear more full.

18Squared Up Goatee

Another version of the full goatee, this style takes an especially square shape that’s great for creating more emphasis on your chin and making the lower half of a diamond shaped face appear wider.

19Low Key Goatee

With a little bit less length than a typical goatee, this low-key facial hair style is great for young guys who want to try out a more casual look.

20Painters Brush Goatee

Using a thick, full mustache like the painter’s brush can help to add some width to your face, while a connected goatee also puts emphasis on the chin. Men with oval or diamond shaped faces look best in this style.

21Slim Stubble Goatee

With a medium stubble length and slim profile, this goatee is flattering for most face shapes and doesn’t drastically alter your proportions in any particular way.

22Handlebar with Soul Patch

If you want to add just a touch of hair on the chin to balance out your handlebar mustache, try adding a soul patch instead of a full goatee. We like this style for guys with longer faces but with a strong chin that they don’t want to cover up.

23Box Shaped Goatee

With scrupulous trimming to create exceptionally clean lines, this box shaped goatee is one particular version of the full goatee. This is another good look for men with round or diamond shaped faces, and the pristine lines make it a nice option for men in professions where looking clean and crisp is a must.

24Handlebar Van Dyke

With a very full handlebar mustache and hair that extends well below the chin, this version of the Van Dyke is sure to get you noticed. Because this style adds both width and length to your face, it’s best pulled off by men with oval shaped faces.

25Pencil Thin Goatee

Pencil thin and trimmed to perfection, this subtle goatee is a nice way to subtly slim a round shaped face.

26Salt and Pepper Goatee

Growing out greying facial hair can add a new distinguished touch to your style, and looks great on just about any man.

27Pencil Mustache Goatee

This pencil mustache is thick enough to be substantial but thin enough to still look clean and neat. Combined with a slim goatee, we like this style for men with long, thin faces.

28Extended Full Goatee

This version of the extended goatee features a very full face of hair, and is a bold style that will emphasize your chin and make your jaw appear more square.

29Full Van Dyke

This version of the Van Dyke features connected hair at the mustache and chin areas. An ultra pointed shape makes this an excellent choice for lengthening a round face or counteracting a square jaw.

30Chevron Mustache Goatee

This classic chevron mustache combined with a slim patch of hair at the chin is a masculine looking style that’s great for adding some width to a slim or oblong face.