Faux Hawk Haircut

30 Faux Hawk Haircuts For Men

If you’re looking for an edgier, more interesting haircut than the basic crew, you might want to consider a faux hawk for your next style. A fairly broad style category, a faux hawk style has the same silhouette as a mohawk without as much of a dramatic contrast between shaved sides and long, spiked hair on top. Some faux hawk styles have longer hair running all the way down the middle of the head, while others only have a mohawk shape on the top of the head, and hair at the nape of the neck is all the same length. Because they create height at the top of the head, faux hawk styles usually have a slimming effect on the face, making them flattering on almost everyone. If you’ve been thinking about getting a faux hawk, take a look at these 30 faux hawk haircuts to see which one is right for you.


1Spiky Faux Hawk

Channing Tatum’s softly spiked faux hawk is more about styling than how it’s cut, making it easy to recreate with a fairly classic short haircut. If you don’t have a chiseled face like Channing, styling your hair like this will help to elongate and open up your face.

2Sporty Faux Hawk

David Beckham popularized the faux hawk style in the early ’00s, and since then it’s been seen all over the place. Becks’ version features a longer strip of hair down the middle of the head all the way from the forehead to the nape of the neck, while hair on the sides is shorter, but not so much that scalp is visible.

3Burst Fade Faux Hawk

If you love your hair’s natural texture but also appreciate the clean lines of a precise fade cut, this faux hawk brings both into one look. The burst fade helps to create a mohawk shape, and line details in the sideburns add an extra dose of style.

4Barely There Faux Hawk

Adam Levine’s super short style has a hint of faux hawk shape, as it gradually tapers in length from the middle of the head outwards. This is a great way to add a tiny bit of pizzazz to a very short haircut.

5Tapered Faux Hawk

A certified hair icon since his teen years, Zac Efron’s turn with the faux hawk showed off his young, fun personality, and did a nice job of complimenting his face shape. With tapered sides similar to a classic crew cut, this is one of the most approachable ways to wear a faux hawk.

6Messy Faux Hawk

This geek-chic style comes from a haircut that’s close to a uniform length all around. Hair is styled up and together in the middle, while hair at the sides is messily tousled instead of being slicked down.

7Slicked Faux Hawk

Cristiano Ronaldo wore his faux hawk slicked into place, more reminiscent of a punky cut than the softer faux hawk style. Although he’s moved on from the look, this edgy style is still closely associated with the Portugese football star.

8Side Sweep Faux Hawk

With hair that’s at least four inches long on top, this faux hawk is styled with minimal product by sweeping hair over to one side. The strip of longer hair in the back requires minimal styling as it’s kept shorter than up top, but is still long enough to create a mohawk shape.

9Subtle Faux Hawk Fade

Zayn Malik’s faux hawk is created by styling hair on top in an upward motion, while a drop fade around the back creates the same shape as a traditional mohawk, without actually having a longer piece running down the back of the head.

10Ivy League Faux Hawk

If you’re only looking for a little taste of mohawk, style your classic ivy league cut upwards in the middle, and comb hair downwards at the sides. You can keep this styling trick in your repertoire for special occasions, or make it your daily go-to look.

11Faux Hawk Fade With Nape Design

Looking fairly close to a traditional mohawk, this style is faded at the sides instead of being uniformly shaved down to the scalp. Designs shaved into the nape of the neck help accentuate the mohawk shape without looking distracting or overwhelming.

12Textured Faux Hawk Fade

Longer hair on top has been cut with lots of texture, allowing it to be styled upwards without weighing itself down. When combined with drop faded sides, this textured faux hawk is one of the most refreshing styles on our list.

13Swept Back Faux Hawk

This haircut has the same basic elements as the popular undercut style: longer hair on top with dramatically shorter hair at the back and sides. Because the long hair on top doesn’t taper in length from front to back, it creates a subtle mohawk shape when styled swept backwards.

14Dramatic Faux Hawk Fade

These natural curls have been cut to create a mohawk shape down the middle of the head, with the longest pieces of hair being styled straight for maximum effect, and setting this style apart from other curly faux hawks.

15Softly Brushed Faux Hawk

Another faux hawk look from Adam Levine, this style looks as though it’s been softly brushed into place, and was probably styled with some artful blowdrying and sparing use of styling cream or texturizing paste.

16Spiky Faux Hawk

Styled into spiky perfection, this faux hawk looks a lot like a classic mohawk except for its lack of shaved sides. This haircut takes more of a commitment than some of the other looks, as it has an obvious mohawk silhouette even when not styled upwards.

17Slicked Back Faux Hawk

Leaving hair much longer on top allows it to be styled into a mohawk shape when slicked backwards. This cut offers lots of versatility, and is great if you only want a faux hawk style for a few days of the week.

18Hollywood Faux Hawk

Known for his Hollywood styles that are always perfectly in place, even Ryan Seacrest’s faux hawk haircut looks polished and camera ready.

19Long Curls Faux Hawk

With longer natural curls styled up into a mohawk shape, this look proves a faux hawk can work with any texture of hair, and doesn’t require losing tons of length at the sides.

20Slick Faux Hawk Undercut

This dramatic styling brings hair to a sharp point in the middle of the head, making it a bold choice that doesn’t suit every circumstance. It’s fun to try out, but we’d suggest choosing another style for your wedding day.

21Curly Faux Hawk Fade

With a fairly wide section of hair being left longer on top, this style only creates a minimal mohawk shape, making it a good choice for your first try wearing the style.

22Sculpted Faux Hawk

Once natural hair with tight curls is cut into a faux hawk style like this one, it requires little to no styling effort, making it a great choice for men who don’t want to deal with the maintenance involved with growing their hair longer.

23Pompadour Faux Hawk

Adam Lambert’s haircut mixes the pompadour and faux hawk together, creating a glam rock style that requires style knowledge and a big personality to pull off.

24Spiky Faux Hawk Fade

Styled into crisp spikes on top and with a drop fade at the back, this faux hawk style accentuates the longer hair at the front while featuring only a minimalistic mohawk shape in the back.

25High Drama Faux Hawk

Between the high styled hair in the front and longer pieces in front of the ears, this faux hawk style looks like it belongs to a character in a graphic novel. You can use a lighter touch when styling this cut if you’re worried about pulling it off in the real world.

26Euro Faux Hawk

With a pronounced longer section at the top and back of hair, this faux hawk style has become one of the trendiest hairstyles in Europe, probably due to its popularity amongst football players.

27Low Key Faux Hawk

This haircut isn’t styled into a dramatic faux hawk shape, but its burst fade pattern creates a low key mohawk silhouette, making it a great choice for your everyday style.

28Faux Hawk Quiff

This style is cut into a faux hawk shape with some fading around the ears, then styled upwards into a dramatic quiff. If you want your faux hawk to turn heads (and make you look several inches taller) this is the cut for you.

29Bleached Blonde Faux Hawk

K-Pop star T.O.P’s bleached blonde faux hawk worn in a pompadour is pop-star style at its finest. If you love this look but aren’t sure where to begin, try out just the cut or color before committing to both.

30Faux Hawk Fade With Line Detail

This style is fairly subtle when it comes to the mohawk shape, but has the added style elements of a skin fade and shaved line detail to keep things interesting.